View Full Version : Duo's please post highlights here.

12-22-2007, 05:43 PM
Let's hear some of your duo's achievement's,and for that matter (for the comedy factor)
your failures.I know there have been some posts on this forum seeking build advice for
the optimal duo team builds.
How did you make out in the long run?
What quests do you avoid like the plague?
What is the worst name you called your partner when he pulls his 3rd leeeeeroy of the quest?

I'd like to hear about real stories from the duo teams out there, especially if it's your first time through.
My friend and I have a team of 10.4 fighter and 10.4 cleric/pally (retired).
and a 10.4 ranger/rogue and 10.4 bard.

Thanks and happy holidays