View Full Version : Best Weapon Combo's?

12-22-2007, 11:19 AM
Here are my thoughts.

For Soloing i use

+3 Bodyfeeding Kopesh of PG and a +2 Para Hand Axe of Maming(Wish i could find a PG)

The Constant crits from the kopesh keeps me full of 15 temp life while the para keeps me from getting hit too often.

For straight Dmg

+3 Holy Burst D axe of Maming and a +2 holy Burst Hand axe of PG

I took Kopesh so when i finnaly do get the Kopesh from DQ i'll let you know how that works over the Body Feeder.

Let me know what you guys are useing.

I'm a 11 Ranger/3 Pally Dwarf

Merry Xmas