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12-20-2007, 12:49 PM
A quick topic for discussion.

Was wondering if there is currently, at any phase of planning, intent to include anything for repairing items in quest?

My curiousity and thinking was if anything similar as follows might be considered?

All IN Quest:

During a rest period at a Shrine, a character chooses a Repair icon which has determined that he will be not only getting his health and any mana back while resting, but that he will be performing a certain task during that period also. During the rest period, the first part of resting is the usual, he regains some health (Based on his Heal/Repair ability), Regains his Mana (Should he have any), and the second part of the resting would be allocated to allow him to perform a repair task. At each shrine, there is already a Blue Flame that could be used as a party repair location.

My thoughts go along this, each class would have certain items that they are able to repair to some level, based on how many points they sunk into the ability/enhancement. Just as an example, a Barbarian could repair, if he sunk enough points into it, Equipment that he is proficient with, AND any items that may be race specific. So a WF would ALWAYS be able to repair, to some extent, a Docent.

A Wizard or Sorc could be more proficient at say Wands, Robes, Scepters and such.
A Ranger, naturaly, would be Ranged weapons, Robes, Light Armor, and such.

I think the general idea has been shown here, so I wont try to put other example up.

A rest period indicator bar, along the lines of what we currently see would indicatrre when the players rest cycle has ended, say the first portion of the indicator bar, and when the repairing portion of his rest period has begun. The amount of repairs he has performed could be based on how much time he spent repairing, and if he was interupted, or if he interupted himself. So, he decides to just break his repairing time halfway through, the items he was repairing would be only repaired a portion of what his maximum repair ability would have allowed.

Another thing, I am fully aware of some distrust players have when it comes to, here, hold this item and repair it for me, which is fully understandable, as it is impossible to prove said player didn't originaly have said item. BUT, instead of someone handing, say a robe to another player for him to repair during his rest period, it might be feasable to instead, when each player is resting and has chosen to use his repairing abiltiy, to select the firepit at each shrine, and select items that he has on him. So, even though I have the Ventelated Bracers, and they are bound, so can't be given to another player for him to repair, I can select the firepit, select my items, place them into the pit, and if a Fighter rests at the same time I rest, and if he selects his repair ability, during the second portion of his shrine usage he would be able to repair a certain amount of damage to the items.

I think this would remove, or reduce a few issues some seem to have with the game, that Zerging Fighter that ran off while everyone else was shrining. The Fighters who rarely use shrines, because they just get a final heal by the Cleric before he shrines, The idea I believe has been conveyed.

It may be possible, given this, if the Devs felt it good for the community to then include new feats, of certain levels, and end up with repair specialists that could, to some degree, repair even permanent damage down the road. Maybe not all of it, but perhaps some. Say call the ability Smithing or something. Rogues, with their delicate hands, would be good at jewelry, Necklaces, Rings and such.

Just a question I was curious if there had been any thought put into for the Down-The-Road time period?

Thank you for reading. :)