View Full Version : Wishlist: The simple stuff

12-17-2007, 10:59 AM
We know everyone wants new class, race, content etc. That will take a while.

What about a list of simple to moderate things.

My list:

-On the character selection screen, give us option to re-order the chars. I like to group often used chars together, and put less often used chars on the bottom of the list.

-Fast logout everywhere in town, not just in tavern.

-Teleport points in desert like those in gianthold.

-Guild alliance chat. If a guild is 'allied' with each other, have extra chat to talk between guilds.

-Random NPC events. Stormreach is boring. Maybe once in a while, in that theater, NPC's will perform a short plays. NPC's brawling in the taverns. Something to make it more lively.