View Full Version : Taverns Suggestions

12-16-2007, 08:26 AM
This is just something i was thinking off when i was kinda bored and couldnt find a group. But i was sitting in a tavern and relizeing how dull it is, people just sitting and standing no fun at all. So i though of a few things to make taverns better

1) Be able to sit in chairs
2) Maybe at a table of 4 you can play a dice game or something that is organized and made so you just join and bet money(cool way to earn or lose money)
3) Have some funny NPC's just like falling down or running around and stuff for fun to get a laugh
4) Have live bands like the Phoniex tavern to play music and it could be different music in different tavern

This are just a little out their but just suggestions to make the game better becasue if i didnt own D&D and i heard about this i would diffently buy this. This also makes the game more social as well as being able to do more not questing things.