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12-14-2007, 12:21 AM
I'm just coming back to DDO and I'm looking for a new build to use. I intend to level this one up until I get to my 32 point. I'm going to be starting on a new server, so even though I have a drow unlock I won't have one here (good seeing I don't like the idea of being a drow!). As a general started note, I stopped playing before the rework for enhancement (I got the term right, right? those things you get between levels, it's been a long time!) so I'm not sure what you can do with those now.

I'm generally partial to the following classes:
Sorcerer (played one through alpha/beta, was easier to solo when I could run backwards with a bow :))
Bard (last character I was playing was a battle bard (bard/fighter, mostly bard))
Paladin (... anyone else seeing the pattern of CHA based classes?)
Rogue (I love being sneaky and a trap removing scout)

I've often wanted to play but never have really played:
Ranger (I like the idea of just shooting things at a distance and still being able to throw down in a fray)
Druid (Oh wait... no in game that's why :)... okay then just ranger I guess!)

I'm fine with multi-class builds and I'm generally interested in any race (well, except maybe dwarfs, I don't like being short and stocky. I can be short (halfling) I can be stocky (warforged kinda) but I can't be both, no way no how!... okay I can be both and have played Dwarves in the past so I'm not 100% against it).

I'm most interested in Warforged at this point, but as an alt-aholic I can't say what I'll be interested in in a week.

Based off my previous statement about being an alt-aholic it'd be great to play a setup that does as much as possible and is at least slightly self reliant so I can solo if I feel like it instead of going and rolling another alt like I normally do.

Point me to some threads, throw some builds at me. Do your worst!... err best.


12-16-2007, 05:18 AM
Last month it was Battlebards or warchanting bards, this month its all flavors of rangers now that there are going to be releasing the Specialities for bards in the next module (like January).

There are some nice warforged warchanting bard builds over in the bards section. You can check out some of the ranger builds, heck there are even some players that will write a build just for you if you post in thier thread with your basic requirements.

Welcome back and enjoy,

12-16-2007, 10:12 PM

Right now I've build a character who's working towards 12 Barb/2 Rogue who'll finish with max disable device/umd/lockpick. Something like 16/15/14/14/6/6 to start. I'm taking some Construct Thinking to handle the awful will saves. It's been fun so far, I like swinging around my 2h and the fact that I'm going to have something around 9 DR base when I'm done.