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Good Day stormreach players.
This will be the first month of my new feature that I will be supplying to the community.
I will call it CC's quest design of the month.
Every month I will design and release a quest design that I would like to see added to DDO.
I am an aspiring game designer that is learning how to build and design different aspects in games and I am going to school to learn this.
To help with me with this cause I felt it would be good to use the knowledge i have gained and build some quests for DDO. Now whether they actually are made into quests is not my point. Its only to give me some practice in doing this and maybe give the DDO design team some new ideas for DDO quests.
These first few will be quest designs only. It takes a different kind of design plan for something like an adventure area but I want to focus on quests for the time being.
Note: Some aspects may not be Canon with eberron simply because I may not know a name or place. I felt it best just to get it on paper and corrections to bring it in line with eberron can be made at another time. This is only draft designs and this should be remembered when reading them.

Each design I produce will have the following aspects.
- Design document: This basically lays out what the quest consists of, storyline, a short description of the quest, and lists any objectives or special notes.

- Monster Manual: This will list out the different enemies that the player will fight and will include the stats, CR rating, and detailed aspects such as weaponry or special abilities.

- StoryBoard: This will be a series of pictures to show the landscape, storyline, and some important scenes of the quest.

- Technical Document: Will include scripting locations, sound requirements, size measurements, etc..

I am open to feedback and Loremaster Myth, you are more than welcome to comment on some eberron specific aspects that I can correct.

So without Further delay is my first design project
"Defend the Castle of Evetgan Gap"

12-13-2007, 10:30 AM
Quest – Defend the Castle of Evetgan
Lvl – CR16


The basics of this quest is to defend the castle and follow the orders of the commander. In short there is only one requirement, stay alive. The castle of Eventgan is on the outskirts of stormreach, it is the main safe haven into the central continent of Xen-drik and defends the Marring gap that leads to the frontal gates of the city. If it falls then the enemies of Stormreach will have an open access to the city to lay it siege. For reasons not yet known an army of orcs and Giants has formed and is now threatening the castle. The Captain Darrel has been sent to the city to search for recruits, he needs 12 able bodied officers to help defend the castle against the raid and has hired you as one of his officers. Gather your other 11 fighters and prepare for battle.

Starting Notes and Thoughts -
It should be made overly clear that you MUST follow the captains orders otherwise the battle will be much tougher. There is no single fail aspect other than that the full party must survive. If the mobs reach the courtyard then they must fight them back out of the courtyard, so on and so forth. I want this quest to utilize the abilities of all classes from Bards to rougues however this aspect will be optional so that class requirements are not necessary.

Map, landscape, and setting on zone in –
On zone in the player will be inside a large courtyard. Two trebuchets, a pile of rocks next to them, one large gate, stairs leading up to the walkway on top of the wall and two to three guard towers. There will also be one large wooden lookout tower in the courtyard that is for the captain to view the battlefield and give orders. There will be a res and rest shrine inside the courtyard that is re-usable by the players. The captain will be standing in front of the players at zone in. Outside the gates there will be shouts and drums beating as the army approaches.

Objectives, requirements, optionals –
Requirement 1 - Your entire party must survive through the entire fight
: If your entire party wipes and cannot recover the quest is failed. After the last party member dies the party will have 2 minutes to attempt to use the res shrine and/or recover. If the time passes and the entire party is dead for more than 2 minutes the quest is failed.
Requirement 2 – Beat back the waves of the orcish and giant army.
: Same as above but added to the objections menu to trigger completion of the quest. There will be 5 – 6 waves that come and each must be handled differently. Listen to the captain for his orders.
Optionals -
- Rig the orcish siege wagons to explode.
- Assasinate the orcish mages
- Fortify the Door with the stone columns
- Kill the giants who are pushing the siege engines.
- Launch 10 volleys with rocks from the trebuchet to scatter the armies line.
- Kill more than 50 army members from the top of the catwalks with ranged attacks or ranged spells.
- Heal more than 50 of the captains men.

Sequence of events and quest –

Part 1 -
After zone in the captain begins to speak the following dialogue. This should be spoken through the DM or in a dialogue box whichever is better used to communicate the orders. The following orders set up the optionals for the party. They do not have to complete them but the final fight will be much harder without utilizing these tools.
There will also be a timer that counts down the different waves.

“The army is closing in, listen to my orders when I give them and prepare to battle.”
“The trebuchets need rocks from the piles for ammo. Only the strongest in your party can lift those. Put them in the trebujets and the soliders will launch them into the army lines. If you get 10 good volleys off that should scatter them.”
“My scouts have reported that the army will use siege wagons full of explosive to attempt to break the door down or crumble our walls. If you have someone here that is stealthy enough they could sneak out to the army camp and sabotage them.”
“My scouts also reported the location of the orcish mages that will most certainly be used to reign fire down upon the castle. Here I will mark it on your map. If you can send a party out to kill them it would give us a good chance against them.”
“There are siege engines out there as well being pushed by giants. Have the archers in your party kill them before the engines reach the walls.”
“There are some stone columns that can be used to fortify the gates. I don’t think they will deter them forever but the columns will slow them down at least.”
“I have men outside the walls fighting the army directly, they will be brought in for healing. Get your healers to mend them and send them back into battle.”
“Listen to my orders and I will command you to victory. It is very important you follow my commands at the times I say them. Understood? Good then fight well”

Optional descriptions –

The trebuchets:
A pile of rocks will be next to the trebuchets. A player with a DC 25 str check can pick up the rocks and put them in the trebuchets when they are ready to launch. Launch at least 10 volleys to complete this optional.

Rig the siege engines:
A player can sneak out of the castle walls and into the army camp and rig the 5 orcish siege wagons to blow. They will need to sneak into camp, click on the siege engines and sneak back out unnoticed. If the player is spotted this optional will fail.

Assassinate the Orcish mages:
A party of one or more players can venture out east of the castle and take a secret route behind the enemy lines to get at 10 orcish mages who are launching magical volleys of comet-fall into the castle. Kill them all and return to the castle to complete this optional.

Kill the giant pushers:
During one of the waves massive siege engines pushed by giants will attempt to push the engines to the walls. The players should kill off the giants with ranged attacks to stop the engines from reaching the walls to complete this optional.

Fortify the door with columns:
At some point in the fight the captain will call for the door to be fortified with stone columns. A dc 28 str check will be able to move the columns into place at the door and will complete this optional.

Kill more than 50 army with ranged attacks from the catwalks:
Ranged attacks from the catwalks could push a major wedge into the enemies attacks. Casters or rangers should stand on the catwalks above the wall and try to kill as many as they can before the major rush at the castle begins. Kill more than 50 to complete this optional.

Heal the wounded:
During the battle and while the gates are still closed a cleric or other healer must heal the soldiers that appear in the walls to send them back into battle. Heal more than 50 to complete this optional.

Once the optional quests are given out the fight begins.
Dm text –
“The captain rushes into his watch tower and begins to scream out his orders. Listen carefully to his commands.”

Then the captains words begin to play.
DM Text -
The captain screams “Here they come!! Stand hardy and fight well!!! Comon soldiers get those stones into the launchers and the columns up to the door. Casters and archers to the walls and await my order to fire. Hurry!!”

After the first minute the captain screams his first order.
“Put your back into it down there, Hurry the line is approaching!! You up on the walls, ready your bows on my mark. AIM…..ARROW!!”
The first wave approaches the walls and the archers and casters unleash a torrent of arrows and magic into the line. The battle continues for another 6 – 7 minutes or so with every so often a volley of arrows returns from the orcish and giant army and until the enemy mages are killed a volley of comet- fall hits at random parts in the castle. There will also be random volleys of stones and flaming tarballs that will rain down from over the castle wall causing damage. The players must keep themselves alive.
During this first part the players can complete the following optionals.
- Rig the orcish siege wagons to explode.
- Assassinate the orcish mages
- Launch 10 volleys with rocks from the trebujet to scatter the armies line.
- Kill more than 50 army members from the top of the catwalks with ranged or ranged spells.
- Heal more than 50 of the captains men.

Part 2 –
The battle rages but then subsides and the captain screams.
“Allright, they are beaten back but we must meet them headlong. Grab your weapons and move out into the battle field and fight them.”

The gates open and the party must fight the next wave outside the gates.
- If they did not rig the siege wagons they will come barreling out of the bushes and towards the gates exploding into massive fireballs that cause considerable damage.
- If the party did not launch the stones from the trebujet the next wave will have double the amount of mobs in them.
- If the party did not kill the mages, they will rain down comet falls and fireballs.
- If the healers did not heal the entire 50 of the soldiers then they will not be in this fight to help them.

This next fight is a wave of orcs and giants that will appear and fight the party at the gates. The party can retreat to the courtyard if need be but they must survive the wave.
The next wave is a constant wave after wave of orcs and giants and depending on what optionals the players completed will determine how difficult this fight is.
Once the players survive this part of the battle the captain will scream again.

“Back into the castle, they are bringing their siege engines. Hurry!!”

Part 3 –
Once the party is back inside they will then begin to hear the war drums from outside.
The captain shouts again.
“Up on the walls, shoot those siege towers and prevent them from making it to the wall.”

The party now has to help disable the siege towers by shooting the 10 giants that are pushing them. If they fail, the engines reach the walls and the party must deal with the constant re-spawns of orcs inside the castle. Depending on how many make it to the walls will determine how often the re-spawns are.
The captain will then shout again.
“Fortify that door!! Push those stone columns into the wall, they are coming with a battering ram. HURRY!”

The next optional takes place where the columns must be moved into position. The player can click on the columns and then on the door to move them into place. If they fail the battering ram will be successful on its first hit and destroy the door.
If they succeed then the battering ram will take several hits at the door, during which time the player can move up on to the walls and range attack the mobs outside so as to thin the numbers that will be bursting inside the castle.

Eventually the battering ram bursts the door down and at this point it is a flat out fight to defend the castle.
- Again depending on the players accomplishments or failures during the battle will determine the difficulty with this last battle.

After a few minutes of fighting wave after wave of Orcs and Giants there will be the sounding of a horn.
- Upon that sound there will be a wave of 10 – 12 orange named mini-bosses who are the captains of the army and will have varying abilities during the battle.
- The following mini-bosses should be included in the battle.
Orc Captain
Giant Captain
Giant champion
Orc Arcane Master
Giant Shaman Adept

Should the players survive and the next part starts that signals the final wave and battle consisting of the named bosses and the main Boss of the quest.

Part 4 -

This part begins with the DM text.
DM Text -
The leader of the army looks frustrated and screams. “Officers, charge and finish off this battle. Return with their heads or not at all!!” Before your eyes you see 4 of the toughest foes you have ever witnessed.

The Named –
This part gets a little tougher now with 4 named bosses appearing and rushing through the gates at the party. The following come forth.

Argan –
The giant shaman famous among the local barbarian giant tribes as one of the most powerful conjurers around.

Duloth –
The Orc champion of the fist clan Bloodletters.

Tyrk –
A giant champion of massive strength and gaul, he wields a large club with spikes of fire.

Bamen –
The Half –Orc barbarian, wiled eyed and insane, he looks to shed your blood in the name of his leader.

The battle ensues and the party must slay these champions. If they survive and the champions fall, it is on to the next wave.

DM Text –
The leader laughs as the last of his army falls and then screams. “Think the battle is over ehh? I have one last surprise for you. Say hello to an old friend of yours.” Your blood turns cold as out from behind the lines steps and old enemy that you wished had stayed dead.

The walls of the castle shatter before you and behold it’s the TITAN. In recent history, especially in the last war, the warforged Titans were used in battle to turn the tide in one side or the others favor. Destroy the Titan.

Part 5 - Finale
Should the party survive the next part is the main boss and its no easy fight.
Dm Text –
The leader screams. “Well!! If you want to do something right, do it yourself!”

Army Leader Sol’mek –
A giant of unknown origin and power.

What appears is a Giant leader similar to abilities as the stormreaver, able to call forth lighting and swing and do massive damage with his sword. Defeat him or the battle will still be lost.

Should the party survive the leader falls.
Dm Text –
With a last gurgling breath Sol’mek speaks. “This is not the last you shall see of our forces… there is another” He then collapses for the last time.

( Quest complete )

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(Monster Manual) - Coming soon

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(Tech document) Coming soon

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(storyboard) - Coming Soon

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Hah i like it. Ive always thought that they should throw some raid bosses into random quests. without the loot of course.


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O your asking for trouble. I am not a easy customer to please..