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12-13-2007, 05:10 AM
Anyone else saving their last 10 levels for Monk ? Not a strength based character either. My current stats are ( with items) : 16 STR , 28 DEX, 14 CON , 10 INT, 20 WIS, 20 CHA
The plan is to be similar to a Fist of Hextor. I forsee a phenomenal AC ( what with monks adding wisdom and all ) , moderate hit points , and a very high base attack for a monk type. If monks get evasion as in PnP, then even better. Am I alone in this planning or is anyone else thinking along these lines as well?

12-13-2007, 07:15 AM
Yes, I have. Haven't started toon yet as there are too many possible alterations to enhancement system and class feats, and so rather spend my time building up my other characters. How they implement will really make a difference as to proper level split.

I wouldn't go with your split though. Pally saves aren't needed IMO, and you have to get to Pally 8 to get resists. You really only need fighter for any bonus feats your build requires. I think your build is going to have a tough time outputting damage with this split. You really need good reason to go anything besides Monk 20.

Personally, I will probably be DEX based and go Ranger 7 (20 pt resists, 2WF feats for free, Tempest enhancement)/Fighter 1/Monk 12 or R7/F2/M11. Depending on how they implement Flurry of Blows, you could be up to 10 or 11 attacks per round. You can do something similar with your class split, just don't see it as that optimal IMO. Or Monk 20...

12-13-2007, 10:24 AM
I dont know, a monks high level fist(of fury:D) attacks are going to be pretty crazy im thinking. I know im going to want my monk to be mostly monk. They imo are the most pure oriented class imo in PnP, this is of course not saying they are the most powerful pureclass in PnP. Will definitely be interesting to see how they impliment and entire new class though, no evolution, just a here it is.

12-13-2007, 06:58 PM
The reason the current character is split Paladin 6 / Fighter 4 is for specialization, LOH ( which monks should get their self heal also ) , high saves , it's a drow ( maxed SR ) , has finesse , two weapon fighting ( will respec if gained for free with monk weapons) , smite evil 3/day , remove disease , ect. This is only because I run in very small groups with no real healer. If I ran in a full balanced party, then yep most definitely I would go pure monk. But, I suppose I need to see what sort of enhancement chains will be available before I make the transition. ( And we may have a while to wait on that ! ) My current build may just be unplayable if Monk is too far different from PnP. I am planning on my first 32 point character being a pure class human monk though. :) I am very curious how the issue of AC will be addressed with monks..they aren't known for having high hit points. Any ideas or guesses how it will be dealt with?

12-14-2007, 07:27 AM
Sorry, Nevthial... wasn't questioning the build, just the synergy of the various pieces. My thoughts were:

Saves? Monk's have highest saves in the game as it is. So why Paladin or furthering lowering your key stats -- monks suffer MAD -- by devoting points to CHA?
LoH? Monks have their own version.
Remove disease? Monks are immune to disease at lvl 5.
AC? Paladin 6 will get you +2. Tempest Ranger (coming in Mod6) gets the same and has more synergy with 2 weapons. Might be difficult to fit in feat req for Tempest tho depending on Mk bonus feats.
Smite Evil? Don't see that as all that helpful for Paladins in this game.
DEX? None of your classes -- besides Monk which is only a possibility -- have DEX enhancements. So, you're missing out on anywhere from +3 to +5 depending on race, and +1-+2 additional to hit. Ranger 6 will be +1 to hit higher and +2 DEX.
Feats? Depends on how monk is implemented on how many you need. Monks get bonus feats on 1, 2, and 6. Not sure what they will be, but it may not be necessary to take fighter levels at all.
Monk bonus abilities? Monk 11 is a key level due to the extra attack from flurry of blows with no penalty and immunity to poision. Monk 12 gives 2d6 on unarmed vs. 1d10, add'l 10 ft of movement speed, and +1 to all saves. I was just trying to think about that versus Paladin 5 & 6 or Fighter 3 & 4. Again, dependant on how implementation goes.

Hope this helps as you think about your build. I think everyone should play what will make you enjoy the game. I was just looking at the synergies involved as IMO that's the reason to multi-class.

12-14-2007, 07:19 PM
Well...I am a roleplayer, so my characters may seem "out of whack" sometimes LOL. The reason for the LOH is to heal others, a monk may only heal themselves. The remove disease for the same reason. As I play in a very small group ( 2-4 of us maximum , and usually just 2 of us) , the smite evil has been real effective for "boss" monsters when I really want to guarantee some hits. The fighter 4 for the bonus feats ( will be specialized possibly, hvy repeater user, finesse ) . Has dodge & is actually going for spring attack. ( I have a fighter with it and havenot seen the "ghost swing" effect with him while chasing 'em down, it really impressed me) He does use the elven dex enhancements and puts every point into dex as well. Oh and has used a +1 tome on every stat but INT. ( so my stats will be higher than average for sure) Right now he is only a Paladin 6 / Fighter 3 and I'm purposefully not leveling up until monk comes out because as you pointed out, Monk 11 can be important. Also though, depending on how average damage will look , I may just specialize and be a fighter 4. I figure my hit points will be higher this way and in our tiny group I fill more of a combat medic role anyway. I probably won't run PUG's with him or any unfamiliar group if I go that route as it will take alot of teamwork. Honestly, I wonder how Turbine is going to enable a Monk to stand toe to toe with the ogres in GH without getting smashed to bits. ( 8 hp/ level & Monks aren't known for having good CON ) ......Hmmm you know, human may be the only way to with a Monk.
Hehe , I do have an alternate plan if it looks like it won't be feasable! Oh, and I take no offence at your critique, I welcome it and thank you!

12-17-2007, 04:56 PM
I dont see any chance that monks will put in any times soon with mod 6, all the bugs(nothing against you turbine I know you're working on it)in the orchard, and a mutlitude of other thing. but hey not stopping you from making the toons