View Full Version : 12sorc/2paly anyone?

12-11-2007, 09:05 AM
So what would be the downside to a 12sorc/2paly (besides the loss of a spell or 2)? Your saves would be out of this world! and a sorc with a nice hp boost as well.

12-11-2007, 09:42 AM
Sorc X/Pally 2 is a pretty solid build. The downside is pretty much what you said -- fulfilling the 'caster' role, you're going to be 2 levels behind for the duration. This is *definitely* a penalty, and is one I've felt many times with my Sorc/Pally. It's a matter of opinion whether the benefits (+12 hp, armor and weapon proficiencies, and great saves) make up for it, but I can tell you I've had a *lot* of fun with my Sorc/Pally -- being able to play a secondary role in combat while twiddling my thumbs in between CC is great, and it's possible to acheive *decent* AC, if not truly tank-like. And I have better saves than most Paladins, to boot :).

Another nice thing is the attack sequence of "swing, swing, Maximized/Empowered Shocking Grasp, swing, swing, Maximized/Empowered Shocking Grasp,..." is actually DPS that's competitive with a DPS Fighter or Barb. Having an auto-hit 100+ damage every third swing helps :). So, what the build lacks in true end-game min-maxing, it makes up for in flexibility; I've filled the caster role, and also been able to fill in in parties advertising that they were looking for a Fighter/Barb/Pally melee, with a high-30's/low-40's AC and competitive melee-range DPS. (Of course, like other DPS builds, you'll probably be looking for other damage mitigation options in the end-game, sometimes switching to Fearsome+DR+Displacement for high-to-hit mobs like the Gianthold Orcs, or wights and ghosts in the Orchard.

12-13-2007, 05:00 AM
Same here. My drow 4 sor / 2 pal is fealing some growing pains ATM. It's nice to be able to lay down some web now (web is still useful until high level content). I have some nice +4 mith chainshirt and a +4 mith buckler. ATM I'm using a +5 handaxe, but that' only because it's RR drow. I plan on weilding a rapier with the drow rapier enhancments. The ability to use a 1 time strong LoH right now has also saved me and my capanions a couple times.

The only real problem is hp. I'm considering taking toughness somewhere to help with the hp. With paladin toughness 1 that will give me ATM 14 more hp, which is nice right now. Might respec it out somewhere down the road, when giants attack for too high damage for an unenhanced toughness to do much, but by then I'll have other defensive buffs.

12-13-2007, 09:31 PM
I have a 12/2 Sorc/Pally and, in additions to Remo's point of lack of tanking hp (198 atm), the biggest obstacle you'll face is your party's expectation of your role. Missing out on the top-level spells is a significant set back (like being L13 and not having disintegrate in the Orchard or L14 and no 'Dancing Ball' in GH). Not a big deal level 1-9 - most folks just want haste and for you to nuke the end boss. However many (or almost all) parties end-game/raid focused come to expect very specific things from casters, and you'll have to be inventive enough to find a work around. The build is definitely solid and viable - you just need to have a solid grip on the game and some decent equipment.

Just one more point that I've learned in multiple feat/skill respects and this may sound obvious - but play to your strengths. Leverage your melee-side when it makes sense to so. Conserve your raw sorcerer's power (and sp) for when you really need to pack a punch.

12-13-2007, 10:32 PM
I've been a long time proponent of the Sorc / Pally (even got hsinclair to comment on me way back when :) ). It is an amazing solo or small group character, but you will feel somewhat gimpy in a group setting if you try to compare yourself to pure sorcs. The lack of the upper tier spells only really hurts in a group setting when people expect you to be able to cast certain spells. You can have above average hitpoints (I'm at 212) and more than enough spell points...also, as you noticed, your saves will be through the roof (and you'll have a nice LoH in emergency situations due to the cha bonus).

Depending on how you build you can fair decently in melee in a pinch. When I swap around my gear I can get up to a 48 AC and use a divine power or tenser's to get to full BaB. It's a hugely fun build, though, in my opinion.