View Full Version : Death Incarnate - Argo

12-10-2007, 11:33 AM
We're a small guild on the Argo server.

We're currently looking for Experienced players to join our ranks.

Our main goal of this recruiting is to be able to schedule GUILD only events.

We're mainly looking for patient players, because we are setting this guild up, it may take a couple weeks, maybe a month before we reach our goal.

Please send me a PM by copying this and answering the questions:

1) What are the names, class and levels of the toon(s) you want to be in the guild?
2) Are you currently in a guild? If yes, which one?
3) What are you expecting of our guild?
4) How many hours per day/week you play DDO?
5) Do you play any other MMORPG?
6) Why do you think we should take you in our guild?