View Full Version : Lost Xp: Crucible

12-03-2007, 12:30 PM
I don't normally get upset, but this upset me badly.

30 minutes before server downtime I was on Wessley on Ghallanda running Crucible. We completed the quest in plenty of time.

Quest objective said completed. I was given the xp for it.

But could not leave the dungeon.

Two other party members /death to get out.

I tried the front door. Still could not exit.

Ended up logging out since time was up.

When servers returned on line,

I was in gianthold, NO XP for the quest, NO end reward. NO credit for the quest.

I filed two help tickets both of which got closed with no response.

Is there NOTHING that can be done about this?

Or am I simply going to have to rerun it?

(Finding a party at lvl 10 in gianthold is very hard to come by. Hence, why I am upset LOL).