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12-02-2007, 01:03 PM
I'm making this post because I want to show the group I was in last night what I was talking about.

I joined a group that was advertised as Fast Marketplace quests N/H/E. They were starting Redfang on hard at the time I joined. Now fast to me means... well it means fast. Smashing every box and killing every mob is not fast. Looting every chest full of masterwork half plate is not fast. A 32 minute Redfang run on hard is not fast. I understand you get bonuses to XP for conquest and ransack, but don't advertise as fast if that's how you want to approach the quests.

I tried to explain that you can just get all the switches and run to the end a kill Redfang and the quest will be over in a few minutes. I also tried explaining that you can get bonus XP for not killing any mobs except for the necessary ones. They just would not buy it. Here is the screenshot from me soloing this quest on elite right after our half hour run on hard.


See? A 7 minute elite run complete with bonus XP for killing only Redfang. Had I not had to stop and answer the phone it would have been 5 minutes or less.

This is not a brag post, or a post showing how uber I am, because I'm not. Just showing that in the time it took running it on hard, I could have run it on normal, hard, elite, and been in another quest already. I told these guys to come to the forums and check out my screenshot, so that they could see for themselves that you do get bonus XP for killing only a few or less mobs. I'm sorry I had to leave your group, but I hate that quest, and being in there for 30+ minutes was very painful to me.:)

I am not a zerger by heart, but I do like to zerg through the lowbie quests that I've done 101 times before.


12-02-2007, 02:05 PM
A fast run means zerging.

An XP run means breaking every box and disabling traps and all that boring ****.

Truth in advertising, people... please.