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11-28-2007, 12:05 PM
I'm sure it's been done before, in many games by many guilds, but it's new to me and if it happened last year, I wasn't invited :P

So, before posting, find someone with an open character slot, or a toon with an empty inventory that can handle the weekly trades.

The basics I picked out are as follows:

"I'm looking for a few good halflings...and the rest of you whatevers... for a round of secret santa. It's a chance to dump off gear that you know is good but don't have the right class toon for. it's a chance to get to know your guildies a little better. It's a chance to make some other dwarf wear that polka-dotted mithril full plate that you pulled but are afraid to wear. You could even set it up to match people across two relatively unconnected guilds to build some new camaraderie.

Here's how it works

First, post on here that you want in for this event, and in your message, write what toon you want things mailed to.

You'll get a message from "xxxxx", an alt I've made just for this. It's not even a halfling, but if you have a nice red robe or hat, he'd love it!
xxxxx will tell you who you're giving to on Wednesday, November 28.
Think about what that toon needs- shop around, do some loot runs, look in the bank, and mail it by 6am Friday to xxxxx each week. Write a little fact in the message part (yes- writing messages is not just for plat sellers!) about either your character or RL self that isn't common knowledge or in your bio to keep your person guessing- it will be included in the message from xxxxx to your special someone. Bonus points are awarded for bad poetry.
Every Friday, your toon will get and give two things:- I'd recommend something nice for twinking a mid-level toon and then something for the level 13-14 character. Stacks of scrolls and pots are nice too!
Be creative, and limit the amount of blood pudding mailed. I shouldn't have to say this, but plat is a weaaaak gift.
Delivery can also be done in person if you're on the same time as me- let me know and xxxxx can do a hand delivery.

1. Sign up by Wednesday. By your toon's name, maybe put a few things that would help you out specific to your build, or even post your build to see if someone comes up with a new idea.
2. Get your name on Wednesday from xxxxx
3. Mail 1 midlevel and 1 l13-14 item by Friday 6am with a sneaky clue about your toons or you.
4. Your toon will get a delivery on Friday fo two items!
5. Look forward to opening your mail again!

The end of this game is December 28- The last gift will have your name attached."

Someone organizes for guild (who isn't participating) to find out who is interested and what toons they are going to use. To try it out, I had our participants pick one toon per person for mailing.

Feel free to post suggestions on how to do this better. I've got more than a dozen guildmates from Face Stabbing Misfits and our allied guilds whoa re going to give it a try- it should be a fun diversion and a neat way to start the weekend. Haven't you ever pulled something really nice but know you're just not going to build a toon around it? I can still feel Lurya's eyes on that repeating disruptor...

So.... try it out, or post suggestions (or flame it, I don't care) here on how this could be improved. All I know is I'm looking forward to logging on my secret delivery person and running around the Market giving presents!

11-28-2007, 12:08 PM
This is a repost from the General forum, since it's a Ghllanda guild I'm on.
Also, Buzzsaw of teh Forgotten Legion added this note:
I did that last year for my guild.

I created a character (Dwarf) called Sinter Klaas and through out the day would go collecting EVERYTHING I could find as well as combed the AH for bargains, and each day he would send 1 item to each guildy who had signed on for that day along with a fun Christmas Fact like the origin of the Yule Log, Santa's First Appearance, etc...

IT WAS FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! Nobody knew it was me and every day when I signed on the guild was all a twitter about who had gotten what for that day. By near the end, He was getting e-mail from the guild asking for feather fall boots, etc.

It was great great fun.

One of the best ways to build guild unity if you ask me.

For those 12 days of X-mas, it was indeed a magical time in Stormreach