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11-26-2007, 09:40 PM
All is speculation at this time but right now in my game making escapades a byproduct was gaining some good skills in anime movie creation. Because of that I decided to put some small shorts into motion. I will base this off of the Tchurvul line and my darkness rising short story I wrote.
Pending any shutdowns by Turbine I think this may happen.
I will be using a couple of different pieces of media software
Manga studio and Anime Maker.
I have tried out both and they seem to be pretty good.
I scribbled some anime looking models for fun and because I am designing a small fighting game in Corel draw I then imported them into the programs above and started animating them. The process was much easier than I thought so I decided to put some development into it. After about an hour or so I put together a nice 5 minute movie.
I am not releasing it because I have to verify with turbine that its ok to do. Should be all-right as I am not making any money off of it.
Like I said this is only a few scribbles and may never come to anything so don't get your hopes too high. Afterall, movie making is not my intended career path. But I thought I would make my intentions official and announce this is in development. I've written some of the script already and I have the general plot all set. If I have the time I will make this happen if not it will only be words on a page.
If anyone has any suggestions on software I should use I would appreciate it.

Title -
Stormreach The darkness within

Intention -
To have some fun and maybe make some entertaining movies for people to view.

Storyline/Plot -
Terrah has been suspecting a darkness descending upon stormreach. She at first suspects that it is only the threat of Tchurvul until she meets his powers first hand. After viewing his massive abilities she suspects something else is aiding his powers. She investigates with some of her Drow tribal elders and finds that there is an ancient artifact buried deep under the city of stormreach called the Dark Pillar. It was created by the ancient giant empire to bring the Giant's greatest dreams to reality but they soon came to realize while the machine produced great power it also breaded their deepest evil thoughts into a physical manifestation that nearly destroyed them. The giants buried the ancient artifact deep in the earth and the evil subsided. Terrah fears that Tchurvul is tapping into the powers of the pillar without realizing it and as he draws on more power the stronger the darkness becomes until it once again manifests itself into a shadowy creature and begins to terrorize the citizens of stormreach.
Terrah must now convince the city to declare an all out war and destroy tchurvul or somehow contact the evil mage and convince him to end his crusade before he destroys the whole city and him with it.
The darkness rises and suddenly adventurers and citizens begin to turn up missing. Everyone suspects Tchurvul but only Terrah and a few of her Drow brethren know the truth, will they be able to stop the darkness before it consumes the city. Or will all fall to the darkness within and in the end a surprise hero arises in one of the most shocking endings ever...

Medium -
Animated ( anime ) cartoon

I am loosely basing this on the story "The Tempest" afterall no need to re-invent the wheel. A good plotline never dies.

As I said this is just in my free time.

11-27-2007, 06:21 PM
i can set-up a streaming service for ya to help distribute this, should it ever come around. Depending on the video format of course... WM is fine, QT is fine, Flash is a pain and I'm not touching RM :)

Also, there would need to be a dwarf featured in a prominent roel of some sort :D

11-30-2007, 11:00 AM
Thanks. I've story boarded it some and like I said just playing with it.
I have to get authorization from turbine as I am not using in game action but actually making an Anime movie.
I think it will be ok to do at this point. As long as I do not profit from it.

07-18-2008, 10:47 PM
I cancelled this project as it was turned into the new raid that was introduced with the new mod. Pillar and all.

Great minds think alike or just coincidence, regardless I changed this to another plot and story to avoid any conflict with the new raid and story behind it.