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11-23-2007, 02:53 PM
Knowing that the next mod will include a cap increase, i have been thinking about how to enhance my WF paladin( currently 12/2 PAL/FTR ) with the extra levels. I currently see three options, and would like to see some opinions from the forums. To start, ill give you the current stats.

Str 30 (18 base +3 level +2 tome +1 enhancment +6 item)
Dex 17 (10 base +4 item +3 tome)
Con 22 (16 +3 item +1 tome +2 enhancement)
Int 10 (8 base +2 tome)
Wis 16 (8 base +2 tome +6 item)
Cha 22 (12 base +3 tome +6 item +1 enhancment)


31 fort
21 reflex
22 will

Sans greater hero

Ac unbuffed

10 base
+8 addy body
+3 dex <I wear the daggertooth belt for both con and armor mastery>
+6 docent <silver flame>
+4 aura
+2 choasguard
+3 chattering ring
+5 protection
41, 50 with madstone shield

320 hitpoints, 175 SP

Feats are: Toughness, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Khopesh, Improved Crit: Slashing, Addy Body

UMD is: 8 ranks +6 cha +3-5(golden or 7FG) +4 GH +2 HoGF=23-25, Enough for most weapons, some scrolls, though anything arcane is iffy with 35% failure after UMD.

Now the 3 options i see for the next 2 levels is either:

+2 paladin levels
+2 fighter levels
+2 rogue levels

__________________________________________________ ______________________

The paladin levels would give me 4th level spells, keep full BaB going, and increase Smite//LoH abilities. After that, nothing else really happens. SO the build stays basically the same, gaining a little, without making any sacrifices from what it already has.

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The Fighter levels would give me an extra feat, which would probably just free up an earlier feat. I would use the lvl 15 feat for Skill focus UMD, switch greatcleave in for the new feat that gives you your charisma bonus to will saves in place of wisdom, and then take greatcleave as my lvl 4 fighter feat. Also, i get access to fighter AM I, so i can use my belt for something else, though i would lose 1 point of AC. UMD would end up at 27-29.

__________________________________________________ ______________________

The rogue levels. Now thats interesting. I would have to change addy body in for mithral, which means i would also have to use a +6 dex item instead of just my madstone boots. So a +6 dex ring. no biggie. The problem is that my AC will go from a 41 standing to a 40, and only 47 with a shield(still 50 with a bark pot). BUUUT. If i do this, my reflex save goes up 5,and i gain evasion. With that and the cha/wis swap feat, i can lower my action points in saves, and ramp my charisma to a 24. I could also max my umd, It would end up 35-37= 19 ranks +7 cha +3-5 item +2 HoGF +4 GH . This option is pretty, though it would be a little weird on the item switching( daggertooth belt for a titan belt, +6 str gloves for +6 dex gloves, that kind of thing)

So what i would like is to hear what some of you think would be a good way to go. I know i didnt mention every little thing, like advancing fighter haste boost or SA or that kind of thing. So feel free to nitpick or point things out. One thing i would like to say though is that i am not overly concerned about paladin casting, I usually only give myself the resists and a DF every so often, so switching my wisdom necklace out for something else post buffing is fine with me.

11-23-2007, 03:55 PM
For Fighter, there is also WS at fighter level 4!

11-23-2007, 04:14 PM
Given your info, hands down go Fighter 4.

Too bad u can't get Combat Expertise....u'd be close to uber.

Rogue levels best when taken at character start.

11-23-2007, 04:37 PM
For Fighter, there is also WS at fighter level 4!

That was a thought, but i would have to take focus too. Which is better? +3 UMD, Cha to will saves twice, or +1 to-hit? hard choice lol.

Rogue levels would have been best at creation, though what i would gain from them now would still be nice without the skills.

Combat expertise wouldnt be too useful, as it would shut down my PA, which runs nearly 24/7.