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11-22-2007, 01:54 PM
So, there I was last night, just made level 14 on my sorc and get into a PUG. I like PUGs, I like running with my Guild, I just plain like running quests. This was a pretty good group, I was the only caster, we had a good cleric, and a great (I mean spectacular great) rogue. I was doing the dancing ball/firewall combo thing, it was great.

I started to notice, however, that one of the tanks were not what you could call 'uber'. In the interests of saving some manna, when there wasn't a group of mobs I was kinda watching while the rogue paralysed them and the tankies beat them to the ground. Slowly. I mean there were the four of them whaling away on one mob and it took almost as long as when they were whaling on 5 or 6 mobs who were dancing in the fire. I also noticed that the others would finish their mobs off and come help this one fighter finish his. Every time. It honestly felt like we were five manning it. Oh well, PUGs are great anyways, and different fighter types are different calibre, live and let live. I mean I am definitely not what most would call 'Uber', and I even keep my gimped barbarian (not to play him but to remind me of what it was like not knowing how to build a toon).

Of importance to the story is one particular tank who was always asking stupid questions, always the last one 'into the breach', always asking what weapon to use on these guys, what weapon to use on those guys, and the cleric was over him in the kill count if you know what I mean. I checked him in the focus orb to see if he was a ftr/rogue or ftr/bard or if there was some reason why he was tanking in that particular style, but nothing. However, I was having fun, and thats what its all about.

Until near the end of the quest, when yours truly enters the end fight just as the party leader says to gather for fresh buffs. Of course, the fact that I have entered the end fight means that it is about to start, and we wipe. My bad, nobody elses. Of course, the UberTank starts to whine and cry about how we are all going to die, and it is all my fault, and how I should know what I am doing. So I disconnect, turn off the computer, and go watch the end of 'Dodgeball' with my wife.

Where the sorry to some part comes in is here. If you were that fighter that obviously has some other idea of what it means to be a good fighter than I do, don't be surprised if I never group with you again. I mean, you have the right to build your toon however you want and to play your toon however you want too. I have the right to avoid you, and I intend to. To you, I am not sorry, as I did NOT say a word about how you played and you felt that it was something that you could do to me. I value constructive feedback, and seek it out, from my guildies and others I run with who play well. I do not tolerate somebody whining at me, especially if that someone has just been carried through a challenging quest by the rest of the party.

If you are one of the other toons in that particular party, then I am sorry that I logged off without explanation and prior to the end of a quest, and I hope that you found another caster to come help finish it off. It is not my usual behaviour at all, however when the party carries a gimped tank through a long quest and then someone OTHER than the gimped tank makes a mistake, I feel it is highly inappropriate for the gimped tank to start whining like a jet engine. That, however, does NOT excuse my own rude behaviour, so, sorry to some.



11-23-2007, 09:43 AM
That is one bad thing about in game voice is you have to listen to people be idiots and they don't even have to take time to type it. When someone makes a mistake especially one that wipes a party they usually feel bad enough about it that they shouldn't have to hear about it from anyone in the group.

11-23-2007, 10:48 AM
Just kidding, it was not me... honest.... really.....

and I only moaned about bad Karma for 15 or 20 hours...... just kidding again

I was in a group last night that was doing titan and it was obvious 7 or 8 of them had never done it and they had come in on elite so it was pretty interesting. Looked like one of the play once a week guilds and they had finally got to the titan.

I listened to them try to figure the forge out on their own and they got more fun out of it than I normally do (I fly thru every 3 days on my toons looking for the gloves or a tome with 2 or 3 of my guildies). So I and the other guy from my guild went to the right with 2 of their guild and 2 more guys from another guild. We did not try and rush them thru but let then figure it on their own.

Our side wiped but for the other guy from my guide (who went running) when someone dropped the barrier I was cooking some monster stew on the other side of. No complaints from me or my guildies, part of learning for folks new to the forge :} however the guys from the 3rd guild dropped group immediately with no warning.

We got that side back up and picked up 2 more who we raised thru to that side and continued on but I have noticed the tendency of some folks to drop without warning when ever stuff goes south and of late it has been other guilds who have forgotten how difficult, and fun, it is the first time.

It was fun to listen to them try to figure the forge out on their own and they got more fun out of it than I normally do.

My comment to end this is that that guild will be back to try the Forge again, the party did not complete, but they have a lot of fun finally getting as far as they did, something many of us have forgotten about in our daily grind for the 20 counter. Lets not give these once a week guides a hard time just because we have got this stuff down pat.

Everyone goofs up on occassion except me (Lets forget about my running into VON 6 by myself, I just hit the wrong key and I did stay alive for 2 minutes of running around excitment for the party). The trick is to be gracious about your goofs as well as others.

{This is not an endorsement for the Bishop raid, any similarity of toughness between the Titan and the Bishop raid is purely accidental and one should not mistake novelty for a well built raid one enters for the first time and the Revenge of the crazy Dev Mario Brothers adventure that is the latest form of the Bishop Raid.}

11-23-2007, 12:12 PM
Now that I have had some time to reflect, I think that it would be good karma to say thanks to all those I have met in PUG's by listing some private tells that I have gotten. These are pointers and hints that people have given me privately so that I didn't look like a tool in front of the whole group. (Or in the alternative, the whole group knew I was a tool but they refrained from rubbing my nose in it) Also should point out that all of these things were extremely useful to me at the time.

'Are you buying food and drink from the bartender? It will help your hp and manna come back faster' (Ah, my first toon......)

'To cast a cure light wounds spell on someone specific faster, use the F1-6 keys to target them, its quicker than the mouse, prolly keep the barb targeted all the time especially if he keeps zerging like that' (My first cleric)

'I always put my clickies on my hotbars, it makes them easier to activate, that way you don't have to open your backpack'

'After the quest, stay in the party and when its just us left I can walk you through setting up two weapon sets on your hotbar' (my first fighter)

'To get to Gianthold, go to the marketplace and talk to Cydonie, she will teleport you there'

'These guys are kind of uber, if you don't know how to find Tangleroot send me a tell and I will give you directions, don't ask in party chat'

And, my all time number one most grateful for the private advice: 'Dude don't cast firewall on that golem anymore, if the damage is coming up green that means that its actually healing him :)' That one was from a dead tank who had been beating the **** out of the golem while, unknowingly, I was healing it. And he sent me a tell rather than point out my obvious screwup in group chat and make me feel worse.

So, if you were one of those who helped me out without making me look like a tool, thanks a lot.

Sincerely Again,


11-23-2007, 06:11 PM
You did the right thing.

Dodgeball is an awesome movie!


11-23-2007, 07:14 PM
You're a guy who named his character Kittinn? As in a bastardized spelling of kitten?

11-23-2007, 07:25 PM
I am just trying to understand your logic.

you are impling that one figher in the group may not be uber? like it matters.

you start end fight early and cause party wipe. :eek:

one complains and you disconnect:confused:

and it's someone elses fault? wow i would not like to group with you. FO SHO:D

11-24-2007, 04:16 PM
I am just trying to understand your logic.

you are impling that one figher in the group may not be uber? like it matters.

you start end fight early and cause party wipe. :eek:

one complains and you disconnect:confused:

and it's someone elses fault? wow i would not like to group with you. FO SHO:D

You missed his point. He takes blame for the wipe at the end, but stated that when the person that was being carried through the quest began to berate him he disconnected. He is apologizing to 4 out of 5 of the others in the quest, and saying that being verbally attacked for a mistake was not called for. Something I support him on 100%.