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11-15-2007, 05:10 PM
Breif explanation in english, french will follow after.
Im putting up a guild CHAMPIONS OF KARNATH mainly aimed at french speaking peoples, we are a couple, because it would be great to get togheter and lets face it... some of us are not that good in english ;)

My main goal is not to set french-canadians or other french based peoples appart but only to give any of these a fair chance to get in touch with others like them and grow as a guild. It as nothing to do with hate, bad feelings towards other culture or whatever.. its just to get togheter for language and "time window" purpose.

So if your a (guildless or not) 20 years old and over french speaking gamer you are welcome to join with us.

Salut * tous,
Je démare une guilde de francophones pour tout ceux et celles qui désirent se regrouper avec des gens qui parle votre langue et qui ont les mêmes fuseaux horraires. J`ai été officier dans 2 guildes jusqu`* maintenant et je jous depuis Beta alors je sais ce que je fais...

Je suis * meme de completter un cite web sur guildportal alors bientot nous pourrons organiser des soirées de facon plus structurés.

==> Tu es francophone?
==> Tu es agé de 20 ans ou plus?
==> Tu as de la difficulté * communiquer avec les autres joueurs?

CHAMPOINS OF KARNATH c`est maintenant ta maison ;)

11-16-2007, 05:55 AM
Paris, peugeot renault? Bon voyage citroen marseille.. eiffel vin cannes!

Just funnin' :D
This is a great idea, I've encountered a lot of French speaking people in the game. Too bad most of them are already in guilds :(

And no, despite my fluent French above, I'm not a native speaker :o