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11-15-2007, 01:42 AM
Hi all. After getting my main, a certain sorceror, for a certain guild, to lvl 14 and 1750, I now have access to 32 pt builds for the first time since I've played this game, and can now branch out to the other types of characters.

I'm in an all-caster guild, but I'd like to have a toy tank on the side, because I've always been envious of those toons for being able to smash things in a very simple-minded manner lol

It's been suggested by me that I could have fun as a warforged warchanter. But I'm always weary (despite its uberness with all the stacking effects) of anything "situational". As a sorceror, I have a limited amount of spells that I use to best effect (as far as I can comprehend at the moment of play) to maximize my contributions to my party. That, and I might "have" to be a thf type to be effective later on with the types of weapons I'd be (as a person who ideally is playing for fun). I don't like the idea of "having" to use a certain type of weapon in order to optimize a class type.

So, if the peanut gallery would be so kind, would you be able to discuss for/with me the styles/pros/cons of fighters vs barbarians vs warchanters?

What I want is something that uses blunt weps (ESPECIALLY with the rarely appreciated "thundering" prefix) that smashes things to its heart's content. Like a warforged still stuck in the "war" mindset, only happy when making things crash and thunder, and drawn to it as well (hence all the thundering weapons).

Was thinking dual-wielding warhammers, if that's even feasible, because of the 3x crit and the blunt aspect. Though if I'm going purely for the mechanics side of things, thundering picks might make sense, though I'd lose the satisfaction of hitting something with a blunt weapon. I could go the "traditional" route of a two-hander (sticking to clubs and mauls because of my preference), but then I face being just like every other wf barb dps junkie out there, which I don't want to be (well, maybe I do, but I want to at least "feel" different...).

Everything has pros, but the cons I see are:

-Ftrs lack the str that barbs have (less feeling of really "smashing" something), also possibly forcing me to take a load of enhancements if I want to try a hand at the Stunning Blow feat effectively

-Barbs lack feat versatility to make twf easily (if I wanted to get all of the line, which I ideally would for all those extra chances at thundering crits. Mmm... noise...)

-Bards are a finesse class and require VERY careful stat allocations/feat choices ect, plus... I would hate to be invited to join a group as its healer, which I know (too) many bards have to deal with

At the moment, I'm thinking barb, but I have little or no exp playing them, and really like the idea of dual-wielding warhammers (awesome imagery). I'd very much like imput on how to get what I want to work. Also, assume NO raid loot, +6 items (atm), or +2 tomes, though I do have ONE +1 tome (I have a +1 wis tome I can perhaps trade for another type of +1 if I need to).

Thanks in advance.

11-15-2007, 02:33 PM
If you want to dual wield I would suggest taking fighter or ranger because of the feats. And as a forged (right?) you could even get some dr which doesnt stack with barb dr. However, I dont even know what a warchanter is.

Ive got a wf on Thelanis. A fighter with intimidate, slashing focus and as many dr feats as possible. So far its a fun build and Im just building as I go along :).

The character planner somewhere around here helps alot with this sort of planning.

11-15-2007, 02:39 PM
The Warforged Bard doesn't have to be THAT careful with the stat and feat planning. Just look up the Warforgedchanter build already posted on the Bard list. The build is straightforward if you read the posts and the replies by the OP.

Although I must ask - why haven't you considered a Warforged Rogue? One Rogue weakness is the lack of Fortitude and inability to survive things like Poison or Energy drain. A Warforged with Mithril Body can make an excellent template for a Rogue. You can go with two-weapon fighting light hammers and still make use of the stunning attacks. In fact, stunning and sneak attack offer some nice synergy.

11-15-2007, 09:57 PM
@ Sleepy

A warchanter is a type of bard. It focuses on buffs rather than cc/healing. Has an enhancement line that boosts its combat abilities relating to songs, including its own song (Stoneskin Chant) that provides a passive dr 5/-. Given that wf take a hit to cha, making its cc difficult to begin with, many wf bards find themselves making good warchanters.

@ MysticRhythms

I don't like (playing) rogues. Too squishy. At least as a "squishy" wf caster, it's possible to just min/max with [casting stat] and con, and be fairly capable. A rogue has a lot of stats that need attention to be good at more than just trap smithing. That's also a reason I'm weary of bards. They need cha, dex (if I do twf), int for skills, and the staple con that's ALWAYS good to keep fairly high. A ftr or barb primarily looks at the str and con stats to be generally effective in what they do. Another reason I wouldn't want to go rogue (assuming you also meant finesse fighting) with the light hammers, is, well, light hammers suck. They're 1d4 dmg with a crit of x2. They're worse than shuriken IMO, and shuriken seem bad enough as it is. I don't want to go "clink clink", I want to go "BASH BASH".