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11-13-2007, 06:26 PM
Had some time on my hands so I thought I might throw these out for the forum to look at

After years (or weeks in ddo time) the fighter has taken the path of discipline and constant foresight in battle, allowing him to become one with his weapon. With a long sword, rapier, or katana the fighter is able to strike with less errors and parry incoming attacks. This extra focus and maneuverability however forces the fighter to forgo the use of any shield (buckler maybe) or second weapon.

+ 2 to hit with a long sword, rapier, or katana
+ 2 to dodge

Prereq: fighter level 4, dex 16, dodge, weapon focus: slashing/peirce for rapier use, weapon specialty: slashing/peirce for rapier use

After enough bar fights with out weapons this warrior is more than capable of dealing with threats with or without his metal weapons. With fist and foot he can render opponents stunned and helpless as his onslaught reigns his victims pummeled to the ground.

All unarmed attacks count as stunning attacks even if Stunning Blow has not been selected.

Prereqs: Barbarian level 3/Fighter level 4, Power Attack

This heroic warrior knows how to manage a fight, as a front line combatant or behind the lines of battle, he has seen enough battles to know that the orchestration of a battle is more important than its individual fights. While a wizard can know more about the world it is in the doing that these brave few learn to lead fellow warriors into battle effectively.

Aura: +1 to hit, increases every five levels

Prereq: Cleric 6/Fighter 4/Paladin 3

11-13-2007, 06:40 PM
Oooh every punch a stunning blow? Only if I get a Chuck Norris Roundhouse kick graphic! I would totally rock a bludgeon spec WF for that! I will need the Devs to grant my WF a red beard as well.