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11-12-2007, 03:26 PM
As I've played with my spell caster lately I have begun to grow interested in having a magic community (beyond House P and J). I can imagine this as a place where casters can discover lore, test on creatures, create unique spells, or even learn new spells beyond those which are normally listed for Sorcerers/Wizards.

In my mind I can see these arcane 'universities' having seven functions available to those who can cast. These are;

Alternate Schools - This would allow casters to not just learn spells from all the schools, but rather a few, or even one. Schools of Necromancy, Shadow, and others for casters to focus in. Maybe instead of wall of fire, a caster learns Wall of Shadow Fire (which only affects living beings).

I'm not familiar enough with the various schools of magic as to provide complete lists of what could be placed in. I just don't have the time to spend hours and hundreds of dollars to find the material and provide complete spell lists. This would probably take some major developer work to add all the other school spells and make sure that they work.

(However, if a group would like to get together on Thelanis to discuss what schools are available, and how spells might work in game as to be effective/not overpowering, I'd would certainly be interested. Send me a pm)

Communication - This gives casters a way to travel between the 13 realms (Thanks for the information MysticTheurge) to speak with the beings there, learn about the realms, or even learn new abilities from each.

Daanvi, the Perfect Order.
Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams.
Dolurhh, the Realm of the Dead.
Fernia, the Sea of Fire.
Irian, the Eternal Day.
Kythri, the Churning Chaos.
Lammania, the Twilight Forest.
Mabar, the Endless Night.
Risia, the Plain of Ice.
Shavarath, the Battleground.
Syrania, the Azure Sky.
Thenalis, the Faerie Court.
Xoriat, the Realm of Madness.

As an example if someone traveled to Fernia they might be able to learn about it's lore. They might manage to gain new enhancements to summon fire, use fire like abilities, or control fire (Think Dragonmark style). These new abilities would make casters focused to one realm (stronger while in one, weaker in others).

Creation - This would allow casters to create scrolls, wands, or trinkets with spells they would like for a more personalized touch. Perhaps you like the look of Scorching Ray but think it should be acid instead. Then you spend in game money and research/create 'Alexio's Acid Ray'. Once these spells are created we can 'submit' them to GMs or developers for review, and eventually have them added in game. Someone wants to use Alexio's Acid Ray? They have to find instructions or Alexio (or wait for the new shipment at stores), and then go to the trainer/inn to learn it. The magic community becomes alive with activity as people try to create spells for fame and profit. This could even extend to Clerics, Rangers, and Bards.

Enchanting Forges/Labs - A caster can access one of the in game areas to create, transform, or even recharge in game magical items. Maybe they have a fireball wand and want to recharge it. Perhaps prepare manna potions for the future. Perhaps someone has agreed to changing a spell on a piece of equipment.

Formula would involve a process and skill in order to create or transform items. Casters would experiment until they found out what worked and started to detail the processes in books. Great use for inscribe besides just learning spells. Everyone else would have to write it out in game (allows in game writing/journals/tools).

This might involve clicking on potions, magical flames, books, and other lab equipment to get it to work. There could be six elements involved in creating or altering items, the more you do it, the better you get at it.

Analyzing the Item (for weaknesses, or if the item can even hold such magic)
Releasing Stored Energy (draining a spell or charges out of an item) [if to replace it with something else]
Transferring Spells (Enchanting wands or items to cast spells)
Transferring Energy (Enchanting wands/items to hold charges)
Altering the Item (changing a non-wand/non-trinket item to a different color, appearance weight, or durability) [Possibly even getting a chance to repair permanent damage]
Sealing the Item (making sure it holds the charges and doesn't explode)

This could be a great way of introducing skills, as the casters could be attempting to transform items color, material, or even spells on items, all dependent on their skill (in game stats/enhancements/equipment). In game results could occur due to extreme failure. Someone tries to make a suit of armour pink for one of their clients. With a phoosh, and a bang the entire room is turned pink, including the person, the armour, and the client. Their face, skin, and clothing have been transformed to pink for a few days. Other clothing wouldn't be changed, but walking around in game with a pink face could be rather funny.

Housing - Every caster likes their own place of solitude. Somewhere where they can communicate with their servants, invite friends over to, or even just write and relax. The 'university' would allow casters to create 'dungeons' they can decorate, fill with servants, or even just store their belongings. The higher the level of the caster, the bigger the space they get to create.

Relaxing - A series of magical places with gorgeous landscapes, interesting familiars, magical servants, and mini-games (prismatic spray paintball) to allow a caster to unwind at the end of a hard day of questing. We could have things like magical firework displays, magic artwork, magic duels (with a huge variety of options), mini-powers (flight, teleport, ice-skating, sking) in different environments, or magic based emotes (turning to stone, transforming, changing into animals). A place to enjoy the appearance of magic and casters to enjoy the company of other casters.

Researching - Allowing casters to create/summon forth 'dummies' of various in game monsters they've encountered to test spells on. The enemies then exhibit various programmed actions to test on. You can set the level, resistance, health/status of the enemies before you start. Perhaps even mini-games available where casters fight within a realm with certain spells to see how fast they can clear it.

Now before I finish up this plan, this writing, let me say I already can see this costing hundreds of hours of work, lots of money out of game, and possibly the sanity of one or two developers (I probably just cursed myself with that comment. I'll end up saying "I don't know why every monster in the game wants to kill me so badly, why my spells never work, and why I only get starter clubs in chests")

That being said I believe that the culture of dungeons and dragons has always been that those with magic are unique from those who do not have it. Magic has defined the very world, allowing all manner of events to happen. Currently our in game world is very mundane friendly. Those whom can cast spells have only a few that they can use within the actual town. Even after having defeated dragons, giants, and undead lords (oh my).

I'm not asking for the city itself to change to be more magic friendly (that's going to be a post next year), only that casters get their own area (besides the portable hole) to really have fun with it. So casters can feel as if they can add something to in game, and be a caster in the game, role-playing as such.

I however, believe in putting up or shutting up. So I am willing to offer the following on my behalf for wanting the following. A special bank deposit where in game characters can donate gold/platinum to, to work towards having the houses/coin lords build such a structure. I'm willing to go one step further to say in addition to this I am willing to spend an extra $50 per month towards getting the developer resources to getting it created.

I'm a college student. I don't have many spare resources, but I enjoy DDO so much that I want to see it become more vibrant and alive. I have a huge list of things I would love to see in game, but an area such as this is my new priority. Imagine, that a caster of yours writes a journal entry that gets circulated in game. Ten years from now it becomes like treasure. I like my games to let players influence the world around them. I see such a possibility here.

11-12-2007, 04:12 PM
i would also like to see it used as an FAQ for people to continuously use when they cant find a quest, remember which spells do what, forgot whether or not the get a level increase or feat next level, etc.

bardic colleges, thieves guilds, libraries and so forth could be used as a place to put user written game guides on these forums within the game itself! and only the ones approved by the devs would be in there and would get updated regularly with votes from us like we are currently doing now with these contests.

this would be a place that u could go back to within the game instead of having to ask on the forums and hope someone answers or join a grp and hope u dont annoy everyone.

11-16-2007, 07:17 PM
This would be an interesting idea, and there is the area for The Twelve marked off by the marketplace that has no purpose as far as I can tell.