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11-09-2007, 02:50 PM
Wednesday Night Static Group

Server: Thelanis
Time: 10 PM EST (typically we run about 2 hours)

After a year + of running characters to capped status and grinding favor for no apparent reason, a few friends and I have found the “static” or dedicated group to be a fun alternative to twinking yet another re-rolled alt and climbing the ladder to 14 again. With a full retinue of characters on our home server (Ghallanda) we have stretched out and run our static groups on Thelanis. A couple weeks into this teams’ formation we have encountered an opening in the group.

As per most dedicated groups, our group runs together and only together. We do not twink characters. Since we are from a different server we are utilizing 28 pt builds. (Not a requirement, just a disclaimer.) We do draw a distinction between the AH and brokers. The AH is not used. Brokers, when we can finally afford items will be free game. Mostly, we just try to have a good time.

The “static” group format is one that can be fun to try new builds with. Our groups work to “blend” together and play off each others strengths and weaknesses. If you are interested in this type of game play give us a shout on this thread or PM me on the forums.

Our current group is hovering at Lvl. 3.2 and consists of the following characters….

Airk- Human TWF fighter
Larean- Halfling Rogue
Puto- Human Sorc (necro based)
Nematode- Halfling Cleric
Meecrob- Dwarf Barbarian
Maurin- Human Ranger

11-16-2007, 08:58 AM

Still one opening available for any character class.
The party has progressed to around level 4 so there is still time to easily bridge the gap in levels.
We take quests at a steady pace (when our Sorc. isn't primping :D). Most of us know the quests well but stop and take the time for the optionals to remember all the extras that have been put in by the devs.

New players welcome as well as experienced hands that just are looking for somewhere to enjoy the game.

Drop me a PM or post here if interested. In-game mail gets checked the day of the group.(Nematode)

11-16-2007, 11:13 AM
Primping Sorc here.:o

Just an additional plug. These groups are a blast, and can really make tired old quests all shiny and new again. The teamwork, sharing, and play-your-part-knowing-full-well-what-other's-parts-are (hehe) is totally throwback to PnP with a "static" group of friends on Saturday mornings (or whatever worked for you).

It's just a fresh perspective on the game, when sometimes frankly we need it.

Pop that chest and see who needs/wants what. What's that?!?!?...a +1 Flaming Greataxe in House D....cool!...how much gold does everyone have?...chip in so that crazy Barb can beat them down even better. Stuff like that.

On the roles tip, as an example, I currently play the Necro-based Sorc in the group. I still do some of the standard DPS spells, but it's fun knowing that I can specialize (so far at least) in some off-the-wall (at least to me) stuff that I just never tried before due to knowing that in general, as a Sorc, you are expected to have certain spells and do certain things....in general. We intially had a Bard in the group who, along with our trusty Cleric, handled most if not all of the buffing and CC, so I could forgo those spells and go with some fun Necro stuff. Not that Cause Fear, Chill Touch, Ray of Enfeeblement, or Blindness aren't CC...they sure are...(and they certainly can be *de-buffing* to the foes) but a bit more specific in the "crowd" to which they are controlling, eh?

Sadly, we have lost our Bard to RL (which everyone has, so we all understand that), so his spot is freed up, and in need of filling in our group. Thus this posting.

Ah well, enough fluff. Join up! It's really a good time, and it is a nice vacation from the typical grind to which you too may have fallen prey.

The current roster is listed in "The Saint's" initial post here, so see what might work for ya, but really I think we could run with any additional personnel, regardless of class. Just take a look, and hit Nematode up in-game or reply/PM here.


11-28-2007, 12:33 PM
I sent a PM, but thought i would try an alternative route to figuring out if you guys are full... Well... Are you? :) I am going to create a Cha on Thelanis for tonight anyways, so i will keep an eye out and keep checking this thread. Specifically i am looking for a group to run with between 6PM-10PM one or two nights during the regular work week (Monday thru Friday; pacific time zone). Lemme know if you still need one more... :)

11-28-2007, 04:04 PM
Sorry Mad, kinda went afk from the thread for a couple days. PM's have been exchanged. Look forward to meeting you tonight.

11-28-2007, 04:08 PM
Hey Madhatter:

We have that open spot still, so it looks like it's yours for the taking, if you can swing it.

Got a mail message forwarded to me from "The Saint" (*Nematode* in this static group), that discussed your interest as well, so it sounds like a go!

Maybe that email means that it's all been covered between you too, but just in case, here ya go:

We will be on tonight (Wed) from 10pm to 12 midnight or so...sometimes later if it's rollin....earlier if RL calls....but usually 10-12 is a good plan. Please look up one of us online, and send us a tell tonight, cool?..cool.

Again, here's a rundown of the current roster:

Nematode- Halfling Cleric [The Saint here]
Puto- Human Sorc (necro based) [me]
Airk- Human TWF fighter
Lanear - Halfling Rogue
Meecrob- Dwarf Barbarian

If you lose this list, just look for anyone in the "Eutopia" guild. This is a sister-guild on this server (Thelanis) for our static grouping, to make things easy as far as hooking up for these static nights, chatting, etc....once we see one of us log on...the group takes form...cool?...cool.

Hopefully we'll see ya tonight!

11-29-2007, 12:13 PM
With the addition of our newest member, Maurin- Human Ranger this dedicated group is once again full.

Ya' know it's fun to see how group dynamics change as individuals level or a new member joins. We lament not having the huge DPS available when our Barbarian is absent but don't notice it with the addition of a well played ranger that ticks away the HP of the incoming mobs. Both of them working in combination makes a difficult encounter smooth as if the party was fully twinked.

Anyway, Maurin, welcome to the group. Very good to meet you and I hope that a fun time was had by all.