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11-09-2007, 12:20 PM
Why do project plans for technology projects (web sites, data feeds, content editing interfaces, tracking systems, accounting systems, etc. etc. etc.) never include the supermega-unbelievably important step:

Fix bugs and issues that are not discovered until after launch.

Seriously. Why are development resources not allocated to be ready to fix the sometimes very very serious issues that arise after launch??

I work in a fairly big company and see these project launches (either for internal use or for customers) every couple of months, and 100% of them have bugs at launch and 80% of them have serious bugs at launch. Just like with the DDO modules and updates.

I'm not criticizing the development teams for launching with bugs. I've never seen a test environment that really matched a live environment, so I understand you just can't catch all the problems pre-launch.

But it drives me totally nuts that the project launches and everyone acts like they can walk away, go on business trips, stop checking e-mail, take a vacation, start the next project, etc. etc. etc. It's like you bought a car, drove it off the lot, broke down 1/2 block away, walk back to the car dealer and they are either closed or pretend not to know who you are.

There should be people standing by, expecting bug reports, and then having it be their top priority to fix this stuff.

Instead, what I usually see is:

Product launches.
Users start finding and reporting bugs.
Developers and project managers disappear, don't return calls, don't answer e-mail, etc.
Users escalate problems to their manager.
Manager wastes time being ingored by developers and project manager.
Manager gets annoyed and escalates problems to the developers' manager.
The manager of the developers then tries to put off the manager of the users by suggesting the problems are with the users and not the system.
The manager of the users then has to waste time carefully documenting what are clearly system bugs.
The manager of the developers finally admits there is a problem but declares all his people are too busy to do anything about it.
The new system chugs along working badly or not all. Wasting staff time and possibly losing real $$$ in the case of customer facing systems.
The manager of the developers doesn't care because his group is a support group and doesn't have any revenue responsibility and no efficiency responsibilities outside his own group (and his group is more efficient if they don't fix bugs!).
The manager of the users gets annoyed and decides to complain about it on a message board as he clearly can't do anything productive at a company populated by such useless idiots and starts considering ways to convince senior management to outsource some of this technology work to India.

11-09-2007, 01:03 PM
Because your IT people lie. ;)

My projects always include "Live testing" and then "Upkeep" phases.

Upkeep translates to "Oh, bugger, we missed that."

11-09-2007, 01:08 PM
Because your IT people lie. ;)

lol, probably the right answer.

But then why do they get so irate when I complain to their manager's manager who then gets annoyed that I'm bugging him with stuff so he yells at the manager who then gets all freaked out and yells at the developers??

I mean, if the developers just helped me when I first asked, it would have been much much easier for all concerned...