View Full Version : Idea for Devs

11-06-2007, 11:18 AM
I was just thinking of something as i was was trotting around Stormreach today. There are no workers in this town. Everybody is just standing around. Sure theres the odd juggler and pole dancer in rhe Market, but no construction crews, armed guard patrols, rock concerts, thieves slinking around picking pockets etc. You know the stuff that goes on in a city, especially one that has as much happening as this one. I suggest to the developers to includes some actionthat may help with atmospheric content ie. a contruction crew that instructs people on what is in store for the next mod or maps and plans, (hints) for upcoming content.
I know this may be far down the list of wants and needs in the community, but there is a need to properly disseminate infromation to the masses, why not in game through the NPC population.
Just a thought, now back to my stroll through Stormreach "waiting for something to happen".