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11-06-2007, 10:51 AM
So I was fumbling through a forum thread on skill points...
And the discussion about cross class came up.
Bard--Rogue skills; is 1/2 &1/2 feasable.

Since I usually breed my characters pure, expecting more power/abilities for less versatility and usually not being right, I decided once again to test out a combo toon.

~First level Rogue~
You know this is the way to go, skill wise of not SP wise.
Start your skill points high as possible and flesh out the skills I will need later.

~Second level Bard~
pick up some spell points..
Went kind of selfish with my one spell--focusing chant (I can change it later!)

I was trying to balance the two with what I wanted...and since this is a test on a new--ish server I only have access to 28 point builds.


I know...strength is a pain that low on a new character who solos a lot...(new to the server)
The low WIZ in respect to will saves will fix itself if I later take the feat that choses the higher of WIZ or CHA...

And it is balanced...sort of. Definately somewhere between min/max and total balance.
But I have to think of survivability as I cannot twink, have no big brother to fight my battles etc.

So far, my skill point experiment is working. If I alternate between Bard and Rogue I will be able to use my skill points frugally and achieve high ranks with little waste.

I was hoping to save the bardness for drow..(but then rogue does not fare as well...If I use ranged weapons)

My main issue with crossing the classes like this was the fact that I have yet to achieve a BAB of +1...
Perhaps I should have done 2 and 2 to lessen the gimp ness I have created...

Any suggestions?
Should I have tried this...not being a class dabbler?

I plan on all my level up increases to be INT...good bad?

I still do not know where to go with this...
But after my rude hate behavior yesterday...I need to redeem.


11-06-2007, 11:03 AM
Yvonne, what's the overall goal; Solo or team play? Low STR, medium DEX might not work so well for solo unless you play ranged/pull 1 at a time style.

As far as "deep multiclass" characters go, we know all the class abilities from PnP. So, I think we'll have to see how enhancements improve in Mod6. If enhancements keep getting better or new high level ones are introduced, you lose all that by deep multiclassing. Additionally, you lose out on the strongest/best class abilities for Bard and Rogue. Bards get their song increases at 8/9, then 14/15 and 20. Rogues get special feats at 10, then 13,16,19.

If you want to be a trapsmithing Bard, you don't need more than 2 levels of Rogue. If you want to be a Roguish Crooner, 10/10 could work. You'll eventually have access to medium strength/duration songs and Improved Evasion. But, I wouldn't expect the build to excel in any one thing.

P.S. I love the Barogue class name. I thought it doubly punny to change the spelling to Baroque and make it a WF. The thought of having a Baroque Warforged makes me giddy with punny glee. :D

11-06-2007, 12:02 PM
I have tried this, although not beyond level 6 when I deleted by brogueish mistake. It was severely gimped at that level, although likely due to my skill choices. I went 2 rogue then 4 bard. I found that as I don't twink my toons with items from higher level alts there was always a 'batman' build that could rogue better than me, and running as a level 4 bard with level 6-9 toons wasn't overly useful. If there was a batman build and a bard or a buffing arcane in the group I was relegated to breaking boxes and ranging somewhat ineffectively. At one point in a group I was asked to stop wasting manna on buffs as they were much shorter duration than the real bards, and advised to stay back, range, break boxes, and have my cure light ready in case the cleric was incapped.

I also went with a high intel for the skill points, and a high dex for ranging. Mine was also a 28 point build so strength was low and wisdom too. I was forever failing consecutive will saves and being held until after the battle was over. I eventually just deleted her.

That being said, I think you have some really good ideas for making this combo work. Could you keep us posted on how it works out as you level up? I would love to make a similar toon, minus all the gimpiness that I built into my attempt.

11-06-2007, 01:50 PM
For what it's worth, I recently decided to try something similar: multi-classed 10Bard/3Rogue/1Fighter. Not an even mix like you have, but my original idea was 8 bard/6 rogue and changed many times. I actually have a thread about it in the Class General forum. Now, I've unlocked both Drow and 32 point, and had a bit of trouble deciding between Halfling and Drow, but with a few compromises, you could run it as a 28 point, too. Plus, if you've made it to level 4, you may not be too far from the 400 favor mark. To take the advice of some smarter folks than myself, and to see what I came up with (finally), click here --> http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=126034 <-- here

Fewer rogue levels will probably be your friend; take just enough to get your skills up, and perhaps spaced farther apart. For bard skills, try to hit 3 ranks perform at level 1, 6 at level 3, 9 at 6, and 12 at 9. Possibly double check that, but I believe that's the minimum to use the various songs you'll get. Though most suggest only two rogue levels, I took three rogue because I just couldn't give up so many skills, but that's a compromise to account for. I'm at level 3 and finding myself a little squishy for soloing content at Hard or Elite, but that's to be expected. I also have one fighter level for the bonus feat and BaB.

Anyway, I feel I've managed to take advantage of what each class has to offer, so maybe it can be an inspiration for what you want. And maybe you'll appreciate some of the advice I didn't take, too.

11-09-2007, 04:06 PM
I have a drow wiz/rog/bard, I started with 18 int 18 dex and whatever it let me for con, dumped my extras into str, two 2 levels of rog to start to get +1 bab and used heavy repeaters, worked well for me