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11-02-2007, 11:56 AM
Well I want to start off by stating I don't currently have access to that nice char builder that most people are using, but I wanted something to do so I wanted to look at doing one of these builds. The requestor was looking for a non-dwarf, pure support cleric, who's main job is to heal and buff team members. Did not want to be doing any damage.

well for this I choose 13/1 cleric/sorcerer. I choose to split into the sorc for extra sp, a nice bonus off wizardry items. Access to lvl 1 and 2 wizard buffs, i.e.blur.

Class:cleric/sorc 13/1
Alignment: Lawful Good

Starting Stats Final Stats at 14
Str:10 Str:10
Dex:10 Dex:10
Con:11 Con:12
Int:10 Int:10
Wis:17 Wis:24
Cha:17 Cha:18

+1 Wisdom tome used (just to even out final stats)
+1 Con tome used (Just to even out final stats)

While leveling all skills would be dropped into Concentration, so starting you would have 4 ranks of concentration, and every level there after, also as you lvl drop a point into heal.
This will leave you with a final concentration of 18 naked and a heal of 19.5 again naked.

Enhancement choices are as follows:
Energy of the Zealot I-IV
Life Magic I-IV
Divine Vitality I-III
Extra Turning I-III
Wisdom I-III
Improved Empowered Healing I
Wand and Scroll Mastery I-III
Prayer of Life I
Charisma I

This will level off your stats, give you very good scroll and wand usage, a ton of very strong DV's(14 total) to help a fellow teammate. And nice potent heals. prayer of life was choosen to fill in a gap to get to next enhancements as was imp emp healing.

For feats I would go with
Mental Toughness
Improved Mental Toughness
Extra Turning
Empower Healing
Extend Spell

you can swap extend for whichever you want, if you dropped in empower spell you healing spells would go through the roof (**Heal is not affected by Empower Spell), I personally like quicken, your not really going to need it with the concentration, but the increased casting speed will certainly be a boon.

For leveling purposes go cleric 13 and the final lvl toss on the sorcerer and you'll be fine.
I'm guessing you going to be toting all heal spells plus all the preventative spells, I would suggest using a lot of your crowd control spells (i.e.soundburst,greater command) with your Wisdom you'll be stopping a lot mobs in there tracks and helping to prevent a nice bit of damage.

In final, your going to have:

Very high DC's for your spells, i.e very effective crowd control

a high amount of sp so you can cast a lot of spells

access to more buffs then regular clerics with the lvl of sorcerer via wands and scrolls

able to give out 14 DV's at max strength, 17 if you get a +6 charisma item

Your AC will not be uber, but your not putting out damage, to generate a lot of aggro, if anything comes after you, command them, destroy them, harm them, soundburst them, they won't bother you for long. Worse comes to Worse, divine favor yourself and smash it.

Your HP is going to be fairly low, I will suggest a heavy fort item, as a crit will put you out pretty fast, some Greater False Life clicky would be nice as well, and a nice con item will put you in a fair safety zone.

Your will save will be very impressive, go toe to toe with a mind flayer and he won't stand a chance, don't run through traps though as you will be lacking in the reflex department, but that usually goes for every cleric. Naked saves at 14 = 8/4/17

You can have a maxed concentration as well, biggest item out there for con is probably +15 I still suggest quicken for clerics as you can get interrupted and you cast faster, but you will easily be able to cast your spells without it.

I'm sorry I don't have all the numbers for your totals, as I don't know all the buffs that would fully apply to each, but this is the skeleton of the build, fully buffed, you will be the ultimate healer. If anyone wants to add in the fully buffed geared numbers, please feel free.