View Full Version : It's 2 days before Halloween...do you know where your candy is at?

10-29-2007, 11:06 AM
Here ye, here ye! The neighborhoods are awake with the sound of buzzing, much like locus, but something something far worse is at hand.

Yes, that's right. I hope you're prepared. Kids and adults are starting to make maps, costumes, and things for those who don't get candy and prefer tricks.

Stores are quickly selling out of the good candy, leaving only the bitter candy corn that few can tolerate in high amounts. So I ask you...do you know where your candy is?

I'm curious to see how our forum goers are preparing themselves for halloween, my favorite holiday. To me, this one exceeds Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter combined.

So I've prepared a little poll for those who which to participate. No stress, just curious.

For halloween

I've got enough candy for six armies, enough beer for all weekend, my fridge is stocked, I've been wearing my costume for 2 days already, my porch is designed with non-stick telfon, my car has been locked in the garage, Halloween music has been blaring from my windows loud enough to wake the dead, and the inside of my house/apartment is so decorated that even people who know me are too afraid to enter.

I have my candy, beer, fridge ready, and costume ready...
I have my candy, but I'm not dressing up this year...
I don't pass out candy in my neighborhood, it's all mine!
It's halloween already?
Eeek!! I'm not ready yet!...but thanks for reminding me...I still have to get a few things from the store...
Dude could you be more obsessed with this creepy day?
I don't celebrate because....