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10-29-2007, 10:20 AM
This is a guide for newbies to spell casting and its use in a party setting. It can also be a help to experienced players.

This guide is intended to help a caster make the adventure fun for everyone.

************under construction**************

Why this guide? A dungeon can be boring if a caster charms or fogs/kills everything. A dungeon can take a long time if melees are not strong enough to complete it. One way is a bore, one way is a chore. Hopefully this guide will allow you to make the dungeon a fun experience, not a chore or a bore.

The first thing I will address is also the most powerful, charm. This comes in many flavors from command undead to symbol of persuasion and everything inbetween.

Charming everything in a dungeon is fun and easy for the caster, but the rest of the party (other than the cleric) will just be bored.

Example of boredom run versus fun run with a sorcorer specced for DC check type spells......

Prison of the planes, elite, loot run - a great example of making the dungeon fun for all is the first part of this dungeon, the run up to the skeleton.

My sorc can easily run up there, almost non stop, charming fighters along the way, stoning casters (that the charmed fighters will kill), and have the whole mob army fight and beat the skeleton at the end. Yea, great fun for my caster, complete bore for the party. Or...he can just Finger of death, pk, stone, or hold monster (and puncture to death) everything asap.

Alternate party inclusion style- Ok, so the party buffs up and instead of just running up you want to make it fun but still alllow speed to get to the skeleton. Using spells that hold like Hold monster or person, flesh to stone, stunning, etc., can make it a great run for your melees and still keep the cleric happy.
Simply stone the casters and rangers to keep party from getting cast on or ranged and stun the fighters when you can. This leaves the melees getting great crits all the time, taking out mobs like ubermen, allows two handers to have a good time, clerics save mana, and everyone feels it is a party effort.
If things get ugly, you can switch to death spells or charms.

To take out a cleric in the POP run, it takes one spell....FoD, PK, and charm are good...but a flesh to stone allows party involvement. Still one spell, but the difference is a yawner of a run or a slug fest for your melees.