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10-28-2007, 12:07 PM
I am at heart one of those strange fellows. I like Halloween as much as most young kids like Christmas. There is no holiday I really enjoy more then this one coming up.

I'd like to take this time to request some non-powered items in game for costuming and to have maybe an area designed to be a Hall for a masquerade ball for next year.


Beholder Mask (Headgear) - A mask complete with large center eye and mouth, and eye-stalks.
Feathered Mask (Headgear) - A masquerade style mask with large feathers making the person look like a peacock.
Giant Head (Headgear) - Over-sized race-looking (like Halfling, etc.) giant helmets {Think Mad Max beyond the thunder-dome}
Ghoulish Mask (Headgear) - Gives players the same face as a ghoul.
Masquerade Mask (Headgear) - Black cloth masks (with or without sticks) to cover your true identity.
Phantom Mask (Headgear) - Think phantom of the opera mask.
Skull Mask (Headgear) - Unlike the skull helmet, this half-mask just covers the face.
Wolf Mask (Headgear) - Large wolf like head to hide identities.

Coyle Mask (Trinket) - Character appears as the most evil of all, Coyle.
Flenser Gem (Trinket) - Lets the characters appear as mini versions of the Ice-Flensers.
Marut Armor (Trinket) - Lets players look like mini-versions of the Marut.
Marlith Tail (Trinket) - Lets players slither along the ground on a smaller scale.
Vampire Teeth (Trinket) - Lets players appears like the vampires.

Butcher Knife (Left Hand) - Of Psycho fame.
Hangman's Noose (Both Hands) - Hang em High.
Monster Claws (Both Hands) - Of Nightmare on Elm Street fame.
Monster Machete (Left Hand) - Of Friday the 13th fame.
Pitchfork (Left Hand) - Quarterstaff with pointy end.
Thing Webbed Hands - Of The Thing from the Black Lagoon fame.
Torch (Right Hand) - Iron holder full of fire.
Wolf Claws (Both Hands) - Werewolf.

Marut 'Thundershock' Cookie - temporarily blinds characters and slows them for a short while.
Franky the Fleshgolem Cookie - Makes characters appear as Frankenstein for a short while..
Gummy Mouse - Shrinks the eater into a black house cat.
Jack-o-lantern Cookie - Makes characters appear as a pumpkin-head for a short while.
Mouse Cheese - Shines the eater into a small mouse.
Rocky Road Ice Cream - Makes characters appear as a earth golem for a short while.
Skeleton Cookie - Makes characters appear as a blackbone skeleton knight for a short while.
Toad Cookie - Shrinks the eater into a small frog.
Vampire Cookie - Shrinks the eater into a small bat.
Witch's Brew - Random effect of any of the above.

We also need a wide variety of actual costumes to wear in game. Monsters, Npcs, and cool/sexy clothing for events. Maybe even jewelry that people can see, or cloaks.

What I love is random in town role-playing events. What I hate is questing for items that are random. What I would like to see is random boxes scattered around town with different Halloween gifts, along with in game scary shops.

Mini-games are required as well. Bottle-throw, Mazes (without monsters/traps), Horse-back/dragon riding, Archery Ranges, and puzzles.

It'd be even nicer if for the mini-games you could win 'prizes' that have special actions for the players to manipulate.

Yes, I know I'm asking for a lot. I'm sure the graphic design developers have just added my name to the Blackball list. I'm sure that twenty pictures of me are printing out so that I can be the target of many darts/axes/arrows.

However, as I said. This is my favorite holiday. I'd love something big and lavish, and exciting in-character that involves role-playing.

Please Tolero?

10-28-2007, 12:10 PM
I require a +3 high-powered toilet paper launcher. :p

10-28-2007, 04:04 PM
i could dig this. maybe everyone gets something random in their pack, and they disappear a couple days after halloween or something. I'd enjoy fighting all those undead if i got to dress up AS one, :P

10-29-2007, 09:24 AM
Nice costume list, though some are simply not possible due to liscencing.

Universal studios is a *bleep* when it comes to the classic monsters. Dimension and New Line are too but not as brutal.

But the rest are definitely workable and if they made them a permanent item, I'd have to roll up a new mule to just hold saved costumes.

10-29-2007, 09:38 AM
I would like to see eggs that can be thrown at other players in town.

No damage, just a mess that wears off in a couple minutes.