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10-26-2007, 05:41 AM
I am not a programmer and not sure how hard it would be to set this up, but make it so whenever a player receives a tell or mail from a spammer all they need to do is right click the message or mail and an option to send to an option to send message/mail to DDO official pops up for quick, simple and accurate reporting of spammers.

Only five servers now, have 24 hour live coverage of reported spamming, that station gets set-up so that all reports are received there. They have software that quickly tracks character name to players account and pulls up accounts e-mail address, all accounts associated with that e-mail address are frozen. And follow up further by having an automated letter sent to the server asking they freeze said accounts for violating DDO's TOS (most likely a free e-mail account server like yahoo, aol or something similiar that require an existing e-mail account to get an e-mail account; yes, I know these could be made from bogus info last year, but maybe things are getting better). This may not stop spammers, but if DDO is as committed as they have claimed in the past, these efforts should greatly slow them down if not stopping them. Also assign a person to research the addresses these spammers are giving and if inside a country that supports protecting copyright material, file a claim within that country to have the servers shut down.

1.---spammer sends me tell or mail

2.---I right click tell or mail and it is sent to a DDO admin

3.---DDO admin types name from tell or mail into master account server
-----(I hope it is a seperate system)

4.---account info is obtained, mainly looking for e-mail address and all accounts using said
-----e-mail address and freezes them all immediately

5.---Admin forwards simple report of banning to man who goes nuts because he is assigned
-----task of looking up each internet address and finding it's IP address and country of
-----origin and trying to initiate legal action to shut down the services for violating DDO
-----TOS and facilitating others to break the DDO TOS.

I personnally have no problem with them sending me mail, but others do. I also have no problem with them selling items or platinum to people that have the cash and can afford it, other people do, Turbine says it is a problem also and isn't allowed and therefore should do all that is necesary to stop it.

It might be costly to set up, but would be usable in all future MMOs operated by Turbine and other MMO operators might be willing to help share the cost if the coding is shared so they can stop spammers on there MMOs.

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People can flame me and this idea if they want, but I think it would be better if Turbine required plat farmers to obtain rights to send mail, but not tells, and limit mails they can send a week and then insist to qualify for those rights to sell plat that all farming must be done by living people, not bots and that those people are fairly compensated for the sale of the platinum they earn. Part of obtaining rights could be submitting business licensing if required in their country of operation and DDO recommends* the price that plat can be sold for and how much of that price should be paid to the people actually farming the plat.

In some countries this could provide a nice income for some people while were I am at, if Turbine went this route to control plat farming instead of trying to stop it, it might help even help someone like me in the United States keep my second account going if my finances keep getting worse. Arizona Medicaid already informed me my out of pocket co-pays for medication are doubling next year and haven't heard what, if any, raise may be expected for my disability so next year I might not be able to play because of finances.

*recommends; actually dictating the price in some municipalities is indicitive of an employer/employee relationship, but showing favortism towards companies that are shown to treat their employees better isn't usually illegal and far more likely to be benificial to low income areas with computer and internet resources.