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10-24-2007, 05:33 PM
We are pleased to present the transcript of the Town Hall, which occurred on Risia on Wednesday, October 17th, 2007.

From far and wide, residents of Stormreach came to Risia to voice their thoughts, feelings, and opinions concerning the game. For greater ease of reading, conversation related to those speakers who had the floor appear in blue text. There was a large crowd, and a few surprises for those in attendance. Additionally, gathering in the Harbor Master's plaza proved to have some bonuses beyond merely voicing concerns. Players from across the servers united, new players and old learned a few new tricks, some well known player personalities were among the crowd, and players who don't frequent the forums had their chance to offer commentary as well. We thank all who came out for their time, cooperation, and willingness to share!


Global Broadcast: We'll be starting the Town Hall in just a few minutes. Please join is in Instance 2 of the Harbor! -Quarion

Dagazulf casts a wary glance at the kobold 'spectators', then doublechecks his coinpurse...

Lineer hugs Kobold Spectator.


Littlefuzzy sits.

Cribs sheathes his weapons.

Global Broadcast: For those of you just joining us, we'll be starting the Town Hall in about 5 minutes. Please be sure to join us in Instance 2 of The Harbor!

Lessah bows deeply.

Wizzly says, 'theyre herding us up to have their own version of kobold assault'

Dirtydeeds-Fernia grabs Quiszio and begins to dance.

Lothior sheathes his weapons.

Surmasr sits.

Kalina says, 'too bad we cant set incoming text box only for dev'

Totmacher says, 'Kobolds will remember this injustice devs!! Especially when you implement a kobold race!!!!'

[+Quarion] Greetings!

[+Quarion] Welcome to the first of what we hope to be many Stormreach Town Hall meetings!

Hiicks waves to +Quarion.

Rowanheal waves to +Tolero.

[+Quarion] We're trying out this event as a way for you, our community, to let your voices be heard, and communicate directly with us here at Turbine. We'd like this to be a casual discussion amongst the community, but in order to let as many people talk

Kiwee waves to +Quarion.

Kraldor salutes +Tolero.

Kraldor waves to +Quarion.

+Tolero claps.

[+Quarion] We'd like this to be a casual discussion amongst the community, but in order to let as many people talk as possible, we still need to take turns.

[+Tolero] Easy now folks.

[+Quarion] You're probably wondering how to get a turn? You'll want to send a PM to +Tolero, with and type "/me raises hand." We will allow you to have the floor in the order in which we received your tell.

[+Quarion] While we can't guarantee we'll get to you by the end of the event, we'll certainly do our best.

[+Tolero] If you're just joining us, here are a few reminders:

[+Quarion] You will only need to send ONE tell. Please do not spam +Tolero with tells, as it will only result in a swift squelch, I'm sure

[+Quarion] /me Smiles at +Tolero

[+Quarion] We ask that for the sanity of the myself, +Tolero and the yourselves, that you please refrain from casting buffs and spells during the event and listen politely to those who talk

[+Quarion] You can certainly chime in with any relevant comments you have, as long as you respect their turn. We're here to listen to you and have a good time, but we will end the event of things get out of hand.

[+Quarion] Also, when you've got the floor, or wish to comment on the topic that is being discussed please use /general to speak. All other chatter, should be kept in /say, /tell, or /party chat.

Falonn sheathes his weapons.

[+Quarion] REPEAT: Also, when you've got the floor, or wish to comment on the topic that is being discussed please use /general to speak. All other chatter, should be kept in /say, /tell, or /party chat.

[+Quarion] Also, please remember, that this event is designed for you to give us FEEDBACK. While I'll certainly answer any questions I can, thats not what I'm here for primarily

[+Quarion] We want to hear what you thinK!

[+Quarion] Lets get started. Tomacher Is our first speaker! :) Welcome!

Predancient says, 'hi tom'

[Totmacher] what kind of stuff can I ask?

[Totmacher] just anything?

[+Quarion] Remember, please keep general chatter to the /Say and /tell chat, unless you're discussing the topic at hand.

[Totmacher] well honestly I love live events

[Totmacher] and would love to see them prosper and grow

[Grimland] live events on our live servers could be better

[+Quarion] Tomacher, you can say what's on your mind, or ask what you like. Just keep it within the game rules :o)

[Des] events for more than just one raid of ppl

[Totmacher] but I think that they are constrained by maybe a dev running them, I loved festival coins and would like to see more events that are run in that vein

[+Tolero] Please refrain from casting spells. Keep conversation to /say /tell or /party, the /general should only be used by those who have the floor

[+Tolero] To have the floor to speak during this Town Hall, send a /tell to +Tolero reading 'raises hand.' You only need to send a tell once, and you will be called on in the order you are received. We will try to get to as many of you as we can.

[+Tolero] Tonight's activity is for the purpose of us hearing your concerns about DDO.

[Totmacher] where the choke is not a single dev and somehting everyone can participate in in a given timespan

[Glor] I find the live events difficult to participate in and want to see more like the treasure hunt to get the wayfinder septer.

[Vanash] i have to agree, the festivus event was fun

[Totmacher] like coins... they lasted a while, everyone got a little taste, and they were only bound by the time invested and open to everyone who wanted to play

Kiwee says, 'indeed, another festivus would be awesome'

[+Quarion] Thats an excellent point Tomacher! We're definately working on expanding live events, and we're currently working on getting the winter festival back :)

[Wizzly] i wasn't here for festivus, but more live events would be good imo

Barumar says, 'when IS Festivus coming back?'

[Totmacher] awesome, thank you! also I love crafting, any chance we'll see collectables rolled into crafting?

[Iann] I still have a few festivus coins in my bank account..<chuckles>

[Mystincloud] I also enjoyed Festivus. Loved the rewards too

Gleepwurp says, 'yeah more coins'

[Totmacher] so that they are half-useful

Waldorf says, 'Hurray for Festivus!'

[Totmacher] and that's all I got

[Dewk] Finally! A Festivus for the Restivus!

[+Quarion] We have an entire team devoted to Live Events now, so you should definately see that improving in the months ahead

[Gaarth] anything planned for hallowe'en?

[Totmacher] also shout out to my mabar peeps, RIP mabar we miss you :)))

[Kestryl] 'festivus was GREAT and I loved the battles in the tavern against torchaval -I want more things like that'

[Wizzly] glad to hear that q

[Totmacher] awesome

[+Quarion] As far as the Festival Jester goes, we don't have a complete greenlight on it yet, however if all goes well it will run for the month of December!

Slait says, 'nice'

Kiwee cheers at +Quarion.

[Totmacher] not to spam but : awesome, thank you! also I love crafting, any chance we'll see collectables rolled into crafting?

[+Quarion] Thanks for the questions! :) Predancient is next!

Predancient says, 'ty'

[+Quarion] I'd say its likely but unknown Tom

[Totmacher] thank you for your time

Predancient says, 'i wanted to ask about guild housing as well'

[+Quarion] My pleasure!

Laquido cheers at Totmacher!

Predancient says, 'i have heard about it'

[+Quarion] Just a reminder to keep general chatter to /say and reserve /general for discussing the topic at hand :) Thanks!

[+Tolero] Just a reminder that in order to use the general chat while you have the floor, type /general. Otherwise, please use /say, /tell, or /party

[+Quarion] Guild Housing!

[Predancient] yes

[+Quarion] Everyone's begging for that :)

[Predancient] i know any clue on it?

[Rowanheal] oh please give us guild housing :)

[Shaina] yes, we would love to see guild housing :)

[Draeko] guild housing should be interested i agree

[Magnus-Mabar] any ideas on how your going to implement guild housing if you choose to do so?

Halion grovels.

[+Quarion] We just rolled out housing to LOTRO, and we're going to be using that as a guinea pig so to speak. We want to study that and see how it works before we bring it to DDO

Alfredsartan says, 'guild banks would be better :)'

[Tydarius] yes guild housing plz

Jerrico says, 'how would that enhance the game though?'

[Kiwee] personally, I'd like to see plenty of other things before guild housing, but nonetheless it would be nice

[Quoi] guild housing is MUCH needed

[Dewk] I'd rather see druids and new classes before I get a new place to put the raid loot Ican't use....

[Wizzly] yes, guild housing would be nice. i personally would rather see prestige classes brought to pcs instead of just monmsters though

[Predancient] ok ty for ur time

[+Quarion] So that it's a quality feature. But I can tell you that the dev team is quite aware of the demand and hope to respond!

[+Quarion] No, Predancient, thanks for YOUR time!

Renigade says, 'this game has a giant problem with getting a money profit, just how much will this housing be.'

[Predancient] ty i will inform my guild :)

Predancient bows deeply before +Quarion.

Predancient bows deeply before +Tolero.

[+Quarion] Laquido is next! Whatcha have for us?

[+Tolero] Those who have the floor, please use /general to state your comments so we are all sure to see them.

[Dartazd] houseing not really a dd thing building a fort or temple or tower is more dd

[Leloric] why are we waiting on hand me downs from lotro arent we the big brother

[Laquido] I have loved the new gem and collectible bags

[Laquido] i was wondering if we would ever see a bag, or even a quiver for arrows

[+Quarion] Me too! I was so excited when I saw those coming out

[+Quarion] You would not BELIEVE how many requests for quivers we get!

[Rothame] ooo yes that would be nice i cant say how full my bag is of arrows all the time

Predancient says, 'yea'

Renren says, 'let them break housing there before they bring it here'

[Wizzly] i was under the impression that stacks of arrows effectively were quivers

[+Quarion] Thats another thing the Dev's are quite aware of.

[Jimbobjones] Please quivers!

Daerius says, 'or spell component bags :)'

[Vanash] and on that vein spell components and scroll pouches

[Kiwee] if not quivers, atleast stacks of 1k

[Waldorf] I can imagine asking about spell component pouches would fall under the same category

[+Quarion] Currently, I don't think there are immediate plans, but I have a good feeling about them.

[Laquido] ok and the second part to my question is since the big mod 5 is out will we see the fixing of ranged combat any time soon?

Kestryl says, 'i agree pouches for spell components would beawesome'

[Draeko] i think it would be so appreciated, i would apprecaite bags of holing, quivvers and crollc ases

Gleepwurp says, 'here here'

[Rothame] that would be nice

[Wizzly] sorry, havent played any ranged builds yet...what is wrong with ranged combat?

[Kalina] no scroll in a case should be usable on the quick bar

[Draeko] minus typos > <

[+Quarion] Codog has just had a lengthy discussion about ranged attacks on the forums! Check out the Dev Tracker to find his posts!

[Laquido] ok thank you quarion

Alfredsartan hearts Codog.

[Rothame] thnx quarion

[+Quarion] No problem!

Renigade says, 'did they fix the shoot and run? or is it still very feat heavy?'

Vlash says, 'They often 'miss', Wizzly.. And don't even get a die roll for it. Among other things'

Wizzly says, 'ah, thanks'

[+Quarion] Hiever, step right up!

Rowanheal says, 'codog has a huge thread on range on the ddo.com forums :)'

Vanash says, 'Q is right there is a long discussion with great feedback on the forums about ranged and TWF'

[Tazii] omg you guys look awsome

Dewk says, 'the lag is horrendous. Role playing is fun and all, but I love the efficienty of IRC.....'

[+Quarion] is Hiever here?

Kalina takes group shot from roof for ww.ddocast.com

Emmtee says, 'People have tried to start up FAQs every so often'

[+Quarion] is Hiever here?

Kraldor says, 'I was talking to him a second ago.'

[Hiever] I just wanted to say I am normally very harsh on the forums..but I am happy with the mod and ook forward to whatever you guys do come up with

[Hiever] good job all around

Predancient says, 'agreed'

[+Quarion] Well thank you! We certainly appreciate your compliments!

[+Quarion] Haphomet, what do you have to say?

[Haphomet] lots :)

[Shaprazor] I would just like to say I am new to the game, I want to say I like it so far

Torrentt grabs Dane and begins to dance.

Dane grabs Torrentt and begins to dance.

[+Quarion] Ouch!

[+Quarion] Shaprazor! Welcome!

[Haphomet] I would like to see more contests (and good ones, not rewards for the past), I like the ToTW contest now but how about screenshot contest?

[+Quarion] Good to have you

[+Quarion] A screenshot contest is definately in the works!

[+Quarion] And I'm glad to hear you like the TotW contest. That was just a spur of the moment idea that Tolero and I had this week!

[Haphomet] I would also like to see more things for the 'community' of DDO. Fansite Kits, Guild Site hosting (would that be unprecedented?), PVP leaderboard that works, and the character sigs fixed

Rowanheal says, 'oh fankists please'

[Lilsneaky] contests and events just for noobs as well plz

[Shaprazor] I do have one gestion, I don't understand too much about leveling up and how to do it

[+Quarion] We'll definately be having more contests in the future. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear of them. Just PM me on the forum.

Vanash says, 'you send a tell to +tolero and politely raise your hand and wait to be called on'

[Wizzly] agree with haphomet

[+Tolero] If you're just joining us, here are a few reminders:

[+Tolero] Please refrain from casting spells. Keep conversation to /say /tell or /party, the /general should only be used by those who have the floor

[+Tolero] To have the floor to speak during this Town Hall, send a /tell to +Tolero reading 'raises hand.' You only need to send a tell once, and you will be called on in the order you are received. We will try to get to as many of you as we can.

[+Quarion] We're definately going to have a Fansite listing after the Forum upgrade tomorrow. Fansite kits are in the works too!

[+Tolero] Tonight's activity is for the purpose of us hearing your concerns about DDO.

[Haphomet] Then my question to the devs would be - why is nothing RARE anymore? Within 2 weeks of the new release, the best stuff was all over the AH, and everyone had it (no superior trade value)

Alfredsartan says, 'shaprazor - take a look at the forums - and ask for help in game'

[+Quarion] Thorsaxe-Adar, its your turn!

[Kraldor] Ethereal Bracers are hard to come by Haph

[Shaprazor] Thanks

[Haphomet] o.. ok.. I'm done :)

[Wizzly] haph, consolidation of the servers brought more farmers together = increased production

[+Quarion] Thanks for your time Haphomet :)

Alfredsartan says, 'which server you on, shap?'

[Kestryl] i think rare depends on howmuch you play

[Wizzly] plus, the loot is better at the high end so there's more reason to farm it

Renigade says, 'Please put your weapons away, for those who are having lag problems.'

[+Quarion] Is Thorsaxe in the house?

[Thorsaxe-Adar] I would like to know how you are going develop more content at all levels?

[Kestryl] if you play a ton- then nothings really that rare

[+Quarion] Thats a good, hard question :)

[Thorsaxe-Adar] without new content the game stagnets and we lose players

[+Tolero] Please refrain from casting spells. Keep conversation to /say /tell or /party, the /general should only be used by those who have the floor

[+Tolero] To have the floor to speak during this Town Hall, send a /tell to +Tolero reading 'raises hand.' You only need to send a tell once, and you will be called on in the order you are received. We will try to get to as many of you as we can.

[Totmacher] I think that's what normal, hard, elite was originally intended for

[+Quarion] Unfortunately, thats not something that I have solid answer to right now, but you can PM me on the forums and I'll discuss it

[+Quarion] But I can tell you this

[+Quarion] We're definately growing the dev team...hiring more. That means more manpower.

Tazii says, 'im just wondering are we going to have another upgrade'

[Tuvor] Yay!

[Slait] thank you!

Kraldor says, 'Hooray!'

[+Tolero] We will also be posting a log of this Town Hall meeting for anyone you knew who may have missed out!

[Rothame] whys it gota be just man pwer?

[Wizzly] thors, a lot of people come back though when new content is added

[Kestryl] YES!!!!!!!! more devs a GREAT thing

Gratch claps for more people-power

Alfredsartan says, 'ahem. people power'

[+Quarion] Jefro's next. Step up to the mic!

[Jefro] 1 sec

[Laquido] i see your growing the dev team, is this larger from the original team, or did some of the team leave over time and you are replacing them?

[Jefro] I once work for game publish that had a liscense to gameworld of WoTC, and when Wizards had new plans for that world liscense they stop renewal. With eve of 4th edition, are they pull this gameworld liscense?

[Slait] the work so far is good, but I think a lot of people are just underwhelmed by where the Devs efforts are going.

+Quarion pictures Jefro cooking dinner

Grayhawkem says, 'you guys all rock! this game will be as good as you all make it. Thanks!'

Kiwee laughs at +Quarion.

[+Quarion] Jefro, thats a good question, and the answer is no. We very much have the rights to the Ebberon setting.

Kiwee cheers at +Quarion.

Littlefuzzy cheers.

Wizzly claps.

Kwiskwis cheers at Renigade.

[Jefro] thank you I was just worried.

Kiwee says, 'yay for ebberon'

[+Quarion] No problem! Zyndris is next

Alfredsartan says, 'I'd ask about Atari, but of course they can't say anything.'

[Zyndris] Thank you Q

[Magnus-Mabar] on a related note, do you plan on updated the game to better match 4.0 or stay the course?

[+Tolero] To have the floor to speak during this Town Hall, send a /tell to +Tolero reading 'raises hand.' You only need to send a tell once, and you will be called on in the order you are received. We will try to get to as many of you as we can.

[Zyndris] I have one question

[+Quarion] Magnus, I'm not sure about that, but it has been a big topic of discussion around here. Keep your eyes peeled on the forums

[Zyndris] A lot of friends from the game have concerns over the amount of delays recently. With the larger staff, can we expect things to move faster, or is the current pace to be kept?

[Wizzly] yes, quality product is great, but time is a concern

[+Tolero] We definitely appreciate your cooperation tonight while people have the floor

[Slait] Isn't the dev team going to a quarterly release schedule?

Kiwee sighs at +Quarion.

Renren picks her nose with the tip of her shortsword and wipes it on the kobald

+Tolero waves to everyone.

[+Quarion] Thats an excellent question. The focus and purpose of the slower updates was to spend more time and improve quality. Recently we've seen alot of feedback asking for more frequent updates

Uamhas waves to +Tolero.

Kiwee waves to +Tolero.

Predancient waves to +Tolero.

Iann waves to +Tolero.

+Tolero claps.

Parsley waves to +Tolero.

Tazii waves to +Tolero.

Uamhas claps for +Tolero.

Predancient bows deeply before +Tolero.

Kos grabs +Tolero and begins to dance.

+Tolero bows deeply.

+Miranda waves to +Quarion.

[+Quarion] With growing the team, our focus currently will be releasing MORE content with each update, rather than speeding up the pace.

Alfredsartan says, 'I'd love to see side quests released, and leave the endgame arc for the module release'

[Wizzly] q, im all for quality product, and mostly am happy with the quality you all release, but more frequent updates would be great imho. maybe same content, but broken into smaller pieces for more frequent release?

[Zyndris] Thank you Q. I will be sure to update my guild

Alfredsartan cheers Shaprazor.

[Leloric] Kate mentioned a 10 week schedule is this still the plan

[+Quarion] But if you guys don't like that, after experiencing it, please do come to the forums and let us know (http://forums.ddo.com)

Tuvor says, 'I think they found that distracting from the focus on the module arcs'

[Kestryl] I have no problem with bigger updates less frequently

[+Quarion] My Pleasure!

[+Quarion] Borganian! Its your turn!

Barumar says, 'but then need to fix known issues faster than 2 to 3 months later!'

first of all i have to say all the new stuff so far awesome!!

Alfredsartan cheers at +Quarion.

Slait says, 'oops someone fell'

Kallelli says, 'what about the issues that already exist and have since beta ??? r they getting a make over?'

Draeko dances around.

[+Quarion] Im glad you like it! :)

[Borganian] but i myst ask a question..when /will we ever see a wider variety of weapons in ddo....such as halberds whips flails etc?

Tazii says, 'were did they go!'

Tazii says, 'ahhhhhhh'

Kiwee says, 'jsut look for turbine shields'

Tazii says, 'are they going to kill us'

[Wizzly] agreed. i want to see spears and halberds

[Magnus-Mabar] oh, and how about a scythe!?

[Rowanheal] as do I

[Slait] yes some eberron specific stuff would be nice

Uamhas cheers at +Quarion.

[Kestryl] whips whips would be AWESOME

[Kiwee] whips FTW!

[+Quarion] We've had alot of feedback about spears and halberds. We'll let the devs know you want them!

[Dewk] I like scythes. A LOT

Uamhas says, 'I would definitely vote for whips.'

Rothame bows deeply before +Tolero.

[+Tolero] A reminder that if you would like the chance for the floor, to send a /tell to +Tolero. If you've sent me a message once, I have you in the line, so thanks for your patience. There are a lot of you naturally.

Magnus-Mabar says, 'scythes are just wicked cool'

+Tolero bows deeply.

[Wizzly] scythes and spiked chains would be nice to

Uamhas hugs Lessah.

Vlash says, 'Scythes... New DPS.. Oye'

Tazii kneels before +Tolero.

Bloodwarrior waves to +Tolero.

Lessah Raises an eyebrow

+Tolero bows deeply.

Alapai says, 'Drow Scorpion chains and drow long knives from the pen and paper Eberron setting would rock.'

Dagazulf says, 'There was a post this week about weapons and attack chains, and how it is very animation intensive. was that Codog?'

Slait says, 'yep'

Tuvor says, 'yes'

Vanash says, 'aye Codog made that post'

Alapai says, 'and of course, the boomerangs.'

[+Quarion] Whats up Slait?

Dagazulf says, 'Sounded like tons of work.'

Lineer says, 'someone ask about a new City!!! Somewhere we can go besides Stormreach.. (sorry i'd probably be way to far back in line)'

[Slait] sweet I'm going to need a sec to type

[Totmacher] zombie shepherds have scythes, why cant we :((

[+Quarion] No problem!

Gumcast says, 'awesome looking shield Q has.'

[+Quarion] I have to say, I'm so happy you guys all showed up! Its great!

Tazii says, 'yeah'

Vlash says, 'Lineer... There isn't many 'cities' in Xen'dric... I can only think of two.'

Tazii says, 'what are they called'

[Draeko] Lineer that is the sands and the necropolis and the gianthold and the restless isles

Uamhas waves to +Tolero.

Alfredsartan says, 'we care a lot about DDO. :)'

Jerrico says, 'would someone please ask about the actual game play - the game has degraded to nothing but damage delivery as fast as possible - the game needs more combat strategy- explain to me why a vampire walk into a wall of fire? AI in the game needs to be #1'

Falonn thinks experience for PVP fights might be neat

[Grayhawke] Great to be here, make it more often

Tazii kneels before +Tolero.

[Slait] .. genral P&P D&D has a ton of standard equipment, spells, races, and classes. Eberron has even more campaign specific items. So far we've only had 1 new race, no classes, and a few standard spells. Is there any momentum behind providing us...

[Shaprazor] says/ is there ever going to be new towns besids Stormreach

[+Quarion] I think we will :)

Alfredsartan says, 'agreed I wish mobs tried to avoid pain more :)'

Grayhawke says, 'Why don't the monsters wield the stuff in the chests?'

[Slait] with more content from the gereral D&D catalog and more specifically fromt he eberron campaign

Lineer says, 'i'm talking about a whole new larger town like SR'

[Dirtydeeds-Fernia] general ya bring in tiamat

[Wizzly] agreed slait

[Slait] Is there anything you could tell us to keep people from thinking ... no its never going to happen??

Alfredsartan says, 'gray - universal RPG rules. ALways leave the PC stuff in the chest :)'

Lineer says, 'not jsut a quest setting. i, nor do i think many people consider those places Towns...'

Shaprazor says, 'is there ever going to be new towns besides stormreach'

[Slait] .. and I'm done

[Kalina] the pirate sorrowdusk area is underdelvoped town

[+Quarion] Well. I can tell you, that we certainly can't leave the game where it's at. We are working on new races and classes, of course, Monks.

[Grayhawke] Nice

[Vanash] from what I heard Mod6 is supposed to be out of this world, literally

[Rothame] yay munks

[Rowanheal] droools monks

[+Quarion] I think any MMO's goal is to keep expanding the world and what's in it.

Alfredsartan says, 'races!!!!'

Alfredsartan says, 'where's my kalashtar?!'

[Wizzly] and what about prestige classes for pcs?

[+Quarion] When that stops, then we're DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!

[Grayhawke] Druids?

[Rothame] half orvs?

Barumar says, 'when are Monks coming out???'

[Gaarth] I believe that was the incorrect number of O's

[Slait] the point is.. there is sooooo much source material.. and we've just scratched the surface

[Dirtydeeds-Fernia] ati-palidens

[Rothame] half elves?

[+Quarion] Mystincloud? Whats up with you?

[Grayhawke] Druids Pleease!!!

[Vlash] The whole 'Eberron-ness' of the current game feels more like a 'white wash' to fans of the settting.

[Totmacher] more feedback questions people, like what you would want to see, cause they would tell us if they had any new info about anything on the forums

Lineer says, 'so +Q is it safe to assume that sometime in the future there might be a another CITY we can travel too?'

[+Quarion] Mystincloud? Whats up with you?

+Tolero says, 'Kalasthar!'

+Tolero says, 'Sorry had to get in there too'

[Mystincloud] My question is on clerics.

Uamhas says, 'Kalashtar yesh'

+Tolero says, 'Since we're talking about things we want ;)'

[Slait] yea! clerics

Tazii says, 'can we have a gaint race'

Tazii says, 'we would be huge!'

Kiwee says, 'lol tolero wants kalashtar too, yay!'

Gumcast says, 'Hooray for clerics :)'

[+Quarion] Okie dokie. What about Clerics?

Drecko says, 'it's all about kobolds'

[Mystincloud] Is there a point where clerics will get more spell points or a better heal spell to better handle the hit points the fighter and barbarians.

Alapai says, 'Kalashtar and Shifters would be great additions, since they're standard races for the setting.'

Alfredsartan says, 'when can we play kobolds?'

[Draeko] hooray for Kalashtar!

Dewk says, 'I'd say the heal spell does a good job already.....'

[Wizzly] agreed mystin. their casting is in line with pnp, but hps in this game are far beyond that

Grayhawke says, 'if clerics were healers it wouldnt be a prob'

[Kalina] ya its called higher lvls mystincloud

Pirotase says, 'clerics just got more SP, heal crits etc'

[Dartazd] have seen clr heal for 750 dont know a fight or barb with that many hp

[+Quarion] Well, we do have a level cap coming, and hope that will improve your experience. Should you continue to feel that your Cleric is not getting the most bang for your buck, PM me on the forums :)

[Totmacher] the only reccomendation I have for clerics since you can't give them more spell points or better spells, is to give the TOP ones discounts at House J for wands and scrolls of healing and the like

[+Tolero] If you're just joining us

[Mystincloud] Currently, most of the fighters I run with are well over 400 hps and heals start at 150

Kwiskwis says, 'Changlings too!!'

Pirotase says, 'i dont see clerics havin ANY trouble keepin up w heals and maintainin hi DPS w DP and DF and BB and coomet'

[+Quarion] Or just come discuss it. Tolero is a wizard at collecting and aggregating feedback!

[+Tolero] To have the floor to speak during this Town Hall, send a /tell to +Tolero reading 'raises hand.' You only need to send a tell once, and you will be called on in the order you are received. We will try to get to as many of you as we can.

[Grayhawke] Great on lvl cap increase

[Branis] when on the lvl cap?

Kraldor says, 'Mod 6'

[Totmacher] like 400 House J favor & 14 bard or 14 cleric, gets heal scrolls at 200 gold or something

[+Tolero] Remember there are lots of you, and only two of us, so we'll move through as many as we can tonight!

[Des] discounts for buying wands you can cast would be great

Rowanheal says, 'mod 6 for lelvel cap as discussed by kate piaz on ddocast episode 36 :)'

[+Quarion] Alapai? Are you still here?

Grayhawke says, 'great job, it aint easy'

[Alapai] Yeah, I'm here.

Vanash says, 'i can show you what a capped cleric with top gear, and all healing enhancements heals for right now if you like'

[+Quarion] Great! whats up?

[Totmacher] discount on wands!! for high-level clerics, say with 40 points in heal or something

[Alapai] My question is: Are you guys working on plans to "fix" the rogue class? As a rogue player, I find it hard to get into groups, because most of the time, folks either don't worry about the traps and just soak the damage, or they have someone with (con't)

Dewk says, 'you'd have to be level 37 to get 40 pots i heal......'

[Alapai] 1 level of rogue who gets rid of all the traps. So folks just don't bother with looking for them for the party, while in p&p a rogue is often totally essential.

Alfredsartan says, 'we sure want ytou rogues for the pre-raid :)'

[+Tolero] Not a problem! If you've never used it before, to use the general chat, type /general and to use the say, use /say... remember that /general should be reserved for those who have the floor so we can all hear :)

[Slait] It seems to me that with all the new items introduced. most classes have gotten an increase except for a few. *rogues *ragers... and in turn been left behind

Gumcast says, 'agreed alap'

[Jastair] Yes very good point

[+Quarion] I know that that can be a problem. Theres a lot to do when it comes to balancing classes, and we're collecting feedback on that right now. I'll be sure to add that to the list!

Dewk says, 'in PNP a scout makes up for rogues :)'

Vlash says, 'Hehe... Definately need more deadly traps.. Ya know.. To suprise the Zergers:) Like being dropped into deep lava :)'

[+Tolero] You are also welcome to continue discussion in the /say, /tell amongst yourselves, or even form parties and use /party, incase we move past a comment you wanted to talk more about!

[Rothame] and attributes

[+Quarion] Forborn, Come on down!

Kiwee says, 'or eatten by a dragon'

[Wizzly] on rogues.....i would love to see random traps

Kalina says, 'or walls closing in and crushing you with spikes'

Dagazulf says, 'Truly random, very deadly, traps would be a really cool addition.'

[Wizzly] that would increase demand for them as well as make questing more interesting

[Slait] fighters and casters have +AC and +HP and +offense but rangers are limited to bows usually... and rogues are limited to low HP *usually*

[+Tolero] Also remember that we're calling on folks in the order we receive them in the line

Draeko says, 'i dont know what kils more then my ranger in the tor'

Rowanheal says, 'random traps would be super awesomely fabulous'

[Mierikki] get rid ofthe plat spammers

[Kestryl] my rogue usually has no trouble getting a party

Nuckles says, 'If your rogue is only good for traps, then he is only good for traps.'

[Cuppcake] most assuredly

Vlash says, 'Hey.. I -loved- the trap in.. Oh shoot.. One of the new quests in the necropolis. lvl 11 one.'

[+Quarion] Forborn, anyone seen Forborn?

Rheebus says, 'I agree...random traps would make rogues much more useful'

[Forborn] thanks i was thing are they going to makr class weapons

Slait says, 'heck random anything would be an improvement'

[Rothame] yes class weps would be very nice

Kalina says, 'the rogue ability to lower spell resistance at high lvls is very usefull'

Grayhawke says, 'Glass weapons?'

Renigade says, 'i would like to know why the Divine vitality got reduced?'

[Slait] don't pallys have class weaps?? sort of?

Dewk says, 'the point is that no clas should be NECESSARY for a quest. gotta balance that when you want to put in mega traps just to have people drag rogues along.....'

Vlash says, 'Random -Dungeons- would make them more useful too Rheebus. Everything being total randomly produced.'

[+Quarion] Well, thats not something I've heard them talk about, but I can certainly bring it to their attention :)

Alapai says, 'My own rogue does more than just traps. But at the same time, that's all most people want a rogue around for. So when people always no exactly where the traps are, there's no desire for a rogue.'

[Rothame] yah they have the true alw and pure good weps...i guess they are "class" weps of a type

Grayhawke says, 'Vorpals are supposed to be Lawful!'

[Des] please do

[+Tolero] To have the floor to speak during this Town Hall, send a /tell to +Tolero reading 'raises hand.' You only need to send a tell once, and you will be called on in the order you are received. We will try to get to as many of you as we can.

Grayhawke says, 'sword of sharpness, chaotic'

Pirotase says, 'does ANY paladin use Holy Sword?'

[+Quarion] Nonrev, its your turn!

[Nonrev-Aundair] Thanks. I am told that DDO engineering is down to three people, and the current splash screen is the first without a promised new module. Isn't LOTRO hurting Turbine's commitment to DDO?

Draeko says, 'but thats not the games fault, thats the people who are runnin ghte particular groups'

[+Tolero] There are a LOT of you out here tonight - which is great! - but that also means a lot of people in line, so thank you for your patience!

[Slait] well said

Gleepwurp says, 'nope holy sword is lame unless it was a lower lvl'

[Rothame] yes whats with that...shouldnt u get DDo under first?

Zyndris says, 'Here! here!'

[Forborn] thats was my only qustion i had thanks

[Zyndris] Here! Here!

[+Quarion] Not at all! As I said, we're going to be hiring quite a few more team members. As far as the splash screen goes, that was ONLY because we switched gears.

Drakkos says, 'Monk? when are we getting the monk I missed most of this meeting?'

[+Quarion] I had a meeting about Splash Screens today. With Module 5 came the ability to change them on the fly

[Nonrev] OK. GL with the hirings.

Kallelli says, 'so we have that for three months ?'

Gratch says, 'Down with evil Hobbitzess... especially the fat one.'

[+Quarion] Before, we had to wait for a patch.

[Nonrev-Aundair] That was my only question. TKS

[Slait] OO OO .. can we get Screenshot contests for the Mod Updates from people testing on Risia??

[+Quarion] So now, you'll see several different screens between modules. For example, we have Halloween one coming up, and one to promote the forums and then one for the new referral program.

[Lothior] would have rather have been surprised by the splash screen changing every day without being told, that would have been cool

Rowanheal says, 'ohhhh a halloween one... they are making me very very happy'

[+Quarion] And of course, when the time comes we'll advertise the upcoming module too!

[Magnus-Mabar] new referral program?

Lineer says, 'yeah whats this new referral program.. Cats outta the bag Q'

[Kraldor] will it be like the one that was featured in LOTRO?

[Lothior] ooh, how bout user screenshot's on the splash screen :)

[+Quarion] Dmentia... step up to the podium!

[Ionaic] or a selection of splash screens and one is randomly displayed each login, that would be cool.

[+Quarion] Magnus: Yep! DDO will be getting the new Referral program soon.

[+Tolero] Please keep conversation to /say /tell or /party, the /general should only be used by those who have the floor

Gratch says, 'Wow... Q with improved evasion on the Referral Program details'

[Dmentia] i have a family member using my account on another server and he really likes monks, so im wondering when do monks come out

[+Quarion] Lothior: The screenshots for the splash screens are pretty controlled and some arent even real screenshots :) But we'll be allowing players to be in a screenshot very soon... Stay tuned to the forums for details

Drakkos says, 'Mod 6=lvl cap increase right? missed that part'

Vlash says, 'Psywarrior :)'

[+Tolero] Thanks much for your cooperation tonight. There are many many folks with things on their minds, and we're trying as hard as we can to get to you

Vlash says, 'Oooh.. Soulblades!'

Kiwee says, 'dmentia, thats against the toa'

[Thorsaxe-Adar] I would like to disagree, other than Inferno the new content is too easy and too boring

Kos says, 'the raid has proven difficult to me'

[Thorsaxe-Adar] can we take on the bouncers now?

Whelm says, 'Bummer, I already made a WF wizard with plans to multi-class into monk. I guess I could swap a feat.'

[+Quarion] Monks will come out when they're ready. We're really working hard on them! I suspect we'll have more news about them in a month or few.

[+Tolero] If you're just joining us, here are a few reminders:

[+Tolero] Please refrain from casting spells.

Alfredsartan says, 'it's plenty hard. we've just gotten pretty good at the game'

Vlash says, 'Alapai, Psi-forged feat still has the Composite body armor.. They can just store Power points in their body's crystals'

[+Tolero] To have the floor to speak during this Town Hall, send a /tell to +Tolero reading 'raises hand.' You only need to send a tell once, and you will be called on in the order you are received.

Alfredsartan says, 'news in a month! I'm as excited as a Stephen Colbert voter!'

Kos says, 'remember gus a class has to be built for 14 levels currently and 16 levels after cap hard thing to do'

[Dmentia] that was my only real question

Vlash says, 'Yeah.. Classes are going to be indepth coding.. Monk and druid are so special.'

[+Quarion] Thanks Dmentia :)

Wizzly says, 'agreed, otherwise you'll be remaking every level cap raise'

[+Quarion] Hiicks! Whats up with you?

[Totmacher] someone ask about a reasonable re-evaluation of favor rewards and progression. how exactly is favor gonna play out at 20? what is the favor endgame? would we see a more linear progression to favor and rewards other than the huge gap betweeen 400 and 1750?

[Hiicks] why is it that when i chase after a mob, i dont get any attack rolls. i mean my blade is swinging though it but i get no attack rolls,,makes me angry that mobs can hit us when we run but we cant hit them. also i luv ddo lots of fun here.

Alapai says, 'Oh. Right. Well, I would still say thaa WF monk can still get the AC bonus. After all, it's their bodies, not actual armor. More like a natural armor than a worn armor.'

[Hiicks] also what r u doing to stop people from selling items and plat for RL money -.-

Pirotase says, 'good question Hiicks'

Hiicks bows deeply before +Quarion

Hiicks bows deeply before +Tolero.

Lothior says, 'just wanted to say, i'm gonna read the rest of this on the forums, was great tho, have a good one all'

Des says, 'how do you ignore someone, never had to before'

+Tolero bows deeply.

[Pirotase] good questions Hiicks

Dewk says, 'alapi - it's classed as an armor bonus -- not natural armor -- to AC for a reason :)'

[Hunglow] was that it????

Rowanheal says, 'squelxh hunny'

[Wizzly] type /squelch name

[Gratch] weapons used to hit and spring attack used to be worth something... then the engine update of Mod... 3?

Rowanheal says, 'squelch even'

[+Quarion] Perhaps you're just unlucky? LOL No. Seriously. When I play, I rarely stand still and I can beat the heck out of monsters... If you're experiencing a bug, can you PM me more detail on the forums?

[Hiicks] no man i get n oattacks when i case stuff

[Pirotase] oh come on

[Dagazulf] everyone gets this bug! it's rampant!

[Kraldor] It happens to everyon Q

Grayhawke says, 'thats lag!'

[Shaina] yes it does

[+Quarion] Hmm

[Totmacher] what's the purpose of chaining attacks if you're moving all over the place???

[Pirotase] YES EVRYONE

[Brandt] yes

Coldin says, 'I love those logoed shields the Turbine staff has'

[Totmacher] our 4 attacks mean nothing to mobs that have ADD to the max

[+Tolero] There seem to be a lot of comments about the relationship between movement and attacks

[Pirotase] Its come up countless times in forums

[Tydarius] Good question part that is

[+Quarion] I'll have to check it out! Start a thread on the forums for me and I'll be sure to investigate for you!

[Grayhawke] Lag makes him miss, must be his end

[Thorsaxe-Adar] very common in cerualian hills

[Totmacher] I mean mobs get what, 5 5foot steps in a 6 second time frame?

[Pirotase] and we've yet to get any repsonse

[Totmacher] and can cast too

Kallelli says, 'yeah movement wile attacking is lousy'

Drakkos says, 'I want to be able to design my own attire'

[Hiicks] i dont use forums no much drame for me

Alfredsartan says, 'related to Codog's thread also'

[Totmacher] yet we have to stand still to cast our stuff

[+Tolero] I've noticed a number of them, and so they have not gone UNnoticed for sure on this end. While mobs have only their pathing and what they're programmed to do to go off...

[Hiicks] what ablout trhe dirty plat farmers


[Wizzly] agreed, in general enemy movement surpasses our own

[+Tolero] a live person is a little more... flexible... in the way they interact.

[Lineer] also how about mobs getting off attacks when you're 8-10 feet past their weapon reach....

Alfredsartan says, 'give them baths, turbine!'

[+Tolero] So we will watch this very closely if people are experiencing a problem with 'phantom attacks' so to speak

[Alfredsartan] all of that is lag

Jerrico says, 'somebody please address AI - monsters need to be smarter - the game needs to be harder'

[Pirotase] seing as how the recent metamagicks have made casters even stronger, the Phantom attacks have effectively "NERFED" meleers

[Grayhawke] Tolero, that is lag from his end doing that

Rowanheal says, 'pink armor ftw'

Kallelli says, 'IF ?????? do we report this every time it happens then ????'

[Slait] its been a problem for a while now.. the carrier signal between server client delays the attack so it doesn't hit

Gleepwurp says, 'the ai is screwed up as it is'

[Pirotase] yes a long while now

[Pirotase] we had pinned our hopes on mod5 fixing it

[Vlash] Also probably has to do with what Codog was talking about with the movement and arrowshots... The program not registaring the monster as 'there' when we swing.

[Totmacher] yes, live people have both network lag and graphics lag. spring attack is not useful if it takes 3 feats to get!

[Pirotase] at least I had

Kwiskwis says, 'I don't know if this counts os on topic, but what about getting hit without error, while 20 feet below water, from kobold alchemist fire?'

Gleepwurp says, 'low intel mobs swarm now'

[Hiicks] thanks can u now tell me what u doing about peole that sell plat and spam us tells and mails

[Slait] lag can cause a bunch of problems when trying to attack toward enemies

[Magnus-Mabar] it seems like when you attack the script reads it at a certain location and doesn't follow you when moving foreward

[+Tolero] Personally I've been a big fan of whirlwind attack. If I'm not sure how close I am, I just spin in one big arch to hit as many as possible ;)

[+Quarion] As far as the plat farmers go, we've just gotten some more tools to fight them and ban their accounts. Last week we banned about 3000 accounts for it. Also, I'm personally going to root for more spam blocking features

[+Quarion] So that its much harder for them to make money, thus less of a reason to be here.

[Pirotase] Cleave is also affected by the phantom attacks

[Hiicks] as long as your working on it im happy thanks for your time

[Slait] larger weapons are easier to hit running enemies with. shorter ones.. not so much

[Vanash] an auto report spam button on mail would go a long ways in that fight Quarion

[Des] make it where you can't mail until lv 5 would slow them down

[Wizzly] a mass delete button on mail would be nice to help with spam mails

Graystane says, 'Whahoo.. any possibility of getting a spam button to report a plat mail from the mailbox?'

[Slait] are most of the accounts trial accounts??

[Totmacher] the simplest way to restrict plat farmer tells is to cap the max number of e-mails you can send out per hour, to like 30 or something

[Lineer] like a button on your e-mail screen that says "SPAM" then it auto generates a harassment ticket. for that account name

[Glor] Spam seems to have gotton worse with the new MOD when it was promised that MOD 5 would improve these issues

Whelm says, 'definitely about auto report on spam.... current tools are not useful'

[+Quarion] Emmtee, what do you have to say?

[Vlash] I've tried Whirlwind attack, Tolero... Same thing.. If you are moving, you just don't hit.

[Slait] I'd hate to see somthing like the trial get abused.

[Emmtee] Hi Guys.

[Totmacher] you limit the number of e-mails sent per time, you limit the platfarmers in that they have to get new accounts

Nuckles says, 'Why don't you just prohibit trial accounts from using the mailbox?'

[+Quarion] Greetings!

Alfredsartan says, 'hi merlask!!!'

Cuppcake claps for +Quarion.

+Tolero says, 'Hi! Glad so many came out!'

[Grimazz] I always liked the suggestion of no outgoing mail till lvl 3 or so

Laquido cheers at Emmtee.

[+Quarion] While Emmtee is typing, what do you guys think of a checkbox in your settings that says "Allow PM and emails only from people on my friends list"?

Vanash says, 'no Asp here for you to attack MT, lol'

[Spankies] can we just remove mailboxes from trial versions?

[Totmacher] NO

[Rothame] i love it

[Shaina] that would be nice

[Totmacher] NNO BAD IDEA

[Totmacher] BAD IDEA

[Dane] YES, Q

[Wizzly] i like it q

[Gleepwurp] yes!!!!

[Mystincloud] Love it!

[Totmacher] really bad idea

[Zyndris] GREAT IDEA Q!

Laquido says, 'GREAT idea!!!'

[Kestryl] not bad idea

Nayan says, 'yes please!'

[Des] bad

[Rowanheal] I would love that


[Grayhawke] Great!

[Ionaic] As long as its optional.

Methlar says, 'that would solve some of the SPAM problems'

[Uamhas] great idear

[Dane] Or just your GUILD!

Alfredsartan says, 'as an option, sure, great idea'


Nuckles says, 'Quarion, i think that's far too much secretarial work.'

[+Quarion] With Module 5, we implimented the feature that doesnt allow trial accounts to send email.

Kallelli says, 'bad idea'

[Whelm] that would need to include guild members too. - BAD idea. some randome mail is good.

[Kestryl] but add guild to the list also

[Mythical] fantastic Idea

[Wizzly] yes, as long as its optional

Laquido says, 'you can have it checked or unchecked, so its up to you!'

Graystane says, 'Guild and friend list..'

[Dewk] terrible idea. how do I send plat to the cleric who blew money on scrolls for a quest?

[Deseray] good ideia

[Cuppcake] i would

[Renren] i like the guild ideal

[Slait] oooo... how about separate for each??????????

[Thorsaxe-Adar] dislike that one Q

[Dagazulf] sure, if it's a toggle setting, i dont' see why not. :)

[Gumcast] I like it

[Glor] Good option but I wouldn't use it, it causes more problems then solves

[Vanash] I think the best bet Quarion is a button next to delete called spam that auto deletes that mail and generates a report

[Mynna] bad idea because you would need to go in and change your settings to include every new guild member

[Totmacher] cultivating e-mail using your friends list is a bad IDEA

[Borganian] as long as you get a message asking if you want to recieve a message..kinda like a filter

[Totmacher] without a global friends list

[Gaarth] would prefer keywords I could block inside mails

Nuckles says, 'Thanks Quarion'

[Des] would like it if more options than just friends, guild... alt's guild also... etc

[Jastair] just limit mailing numbers by trial accounts

[Vlash ] Too restricting, Q.. I get mail from guildies, who I don't keep on my Friends List

[Totmacher] you'd need to add every person you know to your freiends list

Graystane says, 'of friends/guild/alternates'

[Gratch] If you just gave us a few filter words we could add on the character creation screen to block all toons in game mail and /t's that contain those words like trade... and mmo... there's 99&#37; of it.

Beherit says, 'has anyone axed about advertising?'

[Ionaic] i would imagine it could make getting a party harder however.

[Emmtee] OMG I can't talk. You've filled up my question time with your question!

[Dewk] all a plat farmer has to do is add everyone to friends list before spamming

[Dewk] not really effective at all

[+Tolero] Go ahead Emmtee, we're here!

[Wizzly] ah yes, i didnt think about guild members.....hmm.......i dunno now

[Slait] GO Ahead Emtee

[+Quarion] This would certainly be optional. Defaulted to off. it would be a checkbox.

Pirotase says, 'You heard the Man, Phantom Attacks POST ON FORUMS'

[Whelm] best idea is REPORT AS SPAM with a single click on a piece of mail.

[Emmtee] Nah, I don't really have a question anyway. I asked all my questions on the Forums. So just keep up the good work!

[+Quarion] You havent used up your time though Emmtee! Tell us whats on your mind.

Nuckles says, 'Not bad then Quarion'


[Nevall] I started as a trial account but am a paying customer but it still says I'm a trial account so email would be limited with your module 5 update... how can that be fair..??

[+Quarion] Okay Emmtee! Thanks for your time!


[Emmtee] Oh and add grappling, I hear the D&D players love it!

[+Tolero] Make sure that if there is a topic that you want to keep discussing, keep it to /say to be polite to those who have the floor

[+Quarion] Kos is next!

[Pirotase] FOM>grappling

Laquido says, 'YEAH MMA grappling style!!'

Vlash blows a fuse at the mention of Grappling.

[Zyndris] Umm...he said a checkbox

[Rowanheal] grappling would rock

Kiwee says, 'just dont grapple the trolls'

[Vlash] Not sure Grappling would rock..

Grayhawke says, 'Kos?'

Dewk says, 'as an aside, I believe grappling is getting an overhaul in 4.0. Cause it's broken in 3.5 :)'

Gratch says, 'I want bullrush... the minos have it... :('

[Vlash] They'd have to throw in size charts.. and soond all your halflings would be suffering weapon eny

[+Quarion] Is Kos around?

[+Tolero] Remember not everyone is a fast typist so we like to try to give you time to type your comments... So we know you're out there, you can even just say hello while you type your comment!

Kos says, 'im here'

Asgeirr says, 'you have the floor'

Grayhawke says, 'use general now kos'

[+Quarion] Gleepwurp is on deck after Kos! Go ahead and start typing your question

[ Gleepwurp ] howdy

[Akigam] Go Kos

[Kos] im here sorry was trying to keep up in the stream of info

Kalina says, 'make all aoe spells harm players too no more stading in firewalls so cheap'

Alapai says, 'without an Improved Unarmed Strike or the Improved Grapple feats, grappling would be nasty and not in a good way. Bull rush, on the other hand, would rock.'

[+Quarion] No problem!

Vlash says, '*mutter* Don't get me started on DnD 4.0.. Dang marketing ploy if I ever saw one.'

[+Quarion] Gleep, right after Kos its your turn

+Tolero dances around.

[ Gleepwurp ] i would like to see clickys for summon monster for one

Dewk says, 'only if the mobs get the opportunity to step aside of the bull rush :)'

[Totmacher] don't think they have the graphical assets for grappling. unless they used the /hug animation. that would be awesome

[Gleepwurp] oops

Grayhawke says, 'hold up gleep'

Totmacher hugs tolero, provokes an attack of opporunity

Grayhawke says, ':)'

Renren says, 'you know if you have a question you can pretype it in guild highlight it then copy and paste it into general when its your turn'

Kiwee says, 'summon clickies exist, they are end items for tangleroot and thernal i believe'

Slait says, 'night'

+Tolero has combat reflexes, and takes that attack

Vlash bets +Tolero has Combat Reflexes too.

[Littlefuzzy] and Stk

Vlash says, 'Dang.. She beat me to it'

Laquido says, 'lots of end rewards have clickies'

Rothame hugs +Tolero.

[Chunkss] pretty restrained

[Totmacher] man knew I should've taken Improved Hug :((

Gleepwurp says, 'looking for higher lvl ones unbound'

Kiwee grabs +Tolero and begins to dance.

Wizzly says, 'how do you copy and paste?'

Slait says, 'kos's turn?'

[Rothame] com on guys stop usin general plz

Gleepwurp says, 'who has floor?'

[+Quarion] While Kos is typing: Gleep, I'll add the request to the list! :)

Whelm grabs +Tolero and begins to dance.

Kiwee says, 'kos'

[+Tolero] Kos you still want your say?

Vlash says, 'Use your windows cut and paste shortcuts'

Shaina says, 'control c to copy, control v to paste'

[Kos] i know things are alot of work is there a way to add halforcs into the game anytime soon ive been wwaiting on them since launch

[Rothame] thats a very good question i would love half orcs

[+Quarion] We've had TONS of requests for Half Orcs...a nd I know they're in production!

Iann says, 'and half elves too'

Kiwee says, 'and kalashtars!'

[Rothame] YAY

[+Quarion] When, I don't know for sure :)

Uamhas says, 'kalashtar!!'

Vlash says, 'mmm.. Half-orc Monk'

[Totmacher] I got grappled by +Tolero and all I got was this lousy robe of power I

Whelm says, 'I want my druid'

[Borganian] Gnome where are the gnomes???

[Kos] one more question

Pica-Lhazaar says, 'remember they have the orc double axe on acution slot'

Whelm grabs +Tolero and begins to dance.

Renren says, 'highlight the text by click and dragging then press and hold control while pressing C to paste hold control and press V'

[Kos] are gms limited in what they can do to help us with in game idssues?

[+Quarion] Jerrico is up! Followed by Kraldor

Slait says, 'you mean double mace pica?'

[Gleepwurp] id like to say i love the live events but need more info on what to do

Alapai says, 'Kalashtar and Shifters, ftw! Though I'd love half-dragons, but they're uber-powerful.'

Kalina says, 'and while you at it ad 10-20xp debt more multiclassing unless favored class'

Jerrico says, 'am i up?'

Gratch says, 'Eladrin to Aisle 7, Customer needs assistance, half-orc druids or somesuch, Eladrin to Aisle 7 please.'

[Gleepwurp] i still have question

Nevall says, 'what about the slayer, explorer and rare encounters lvl caps..??'

Kallelli says, 'gleep was not answered'

[+Quarion] Kos, thats a sticky question. There are limitations on what they can do policy wise, and tool wise, but recently, that has been improving leaps and bounds

Grayhawke says, 'Thanks, and hello all. I am the founder of the legion of doom. I am honored to play this game that I have played since my childhood.'

[+Quarion] They're main focus is making the customer happy, as it always has been, and now they've got better ways to do so.

[Kos] the reason i ask i ran a 106 min run in ghost of perdition and wasnt able to get chest cause of bug

[Magnus-Mabar] would be awesome to have a list of what they can and can't do so players won't send in useless tickets

Whelm says, 'good idea magnus'

[Wizzly] agreed magnus

[+Quarion] Gleep, whats your question?

Slait says, 'what is the point of the "Double Mace" entry in the auction house???? its been there since mod 3.....'

[ Wizzly] spiffy idea

[Totmacher] poor gleep

[Vlash] Good Magnus

[Gleepwurp ] a lot of stuff is broken say like gola fan vid glitch are you going to fix it new players have no idea whats up

[+Quarion] Jerrico's up next, followed by Kraldor! Lets try pre-typing if we could so that we can get through as many people as possible :)

Kiwee grabs +Tolero and begins to dance.

[Totmacher] we should have the stormreaver and 11 of his buddies come raid us here, I'm sure he could throw a mean dance sphere and pk us just like we do to ellies

[ Gleepwurp ] also need faster responce time from gms 45 min sucks

Kos salutes +Tolero.

[Baja-Ghallanda] what is the expectation of time we should wait for a gm responce in time of trouble?

Pica-Lhazaar says, 'i have to run will someone ask my question if i dont have a chance i just want to know if they plan on upgrading rangers to be able to compete with melee, either by giving th e4 attacks or by giving bows that are class restricted to ranger with uber stats'

[Wizzly] agreed, although some few times i get quick respsones

[+Quarion] One of our focuses during the longer development cycle is to fix more bugs. We'll triage to get the worst ones first, so hopefully...

[+Tolero] If you're just joining us....

[Gleepwurp ] also i would like to see unholy weapons come back for pvp if nothing else

[+Tolero] To have the floor to speak during this Town Hall, send a /tell to +Tolero reading 'raises hand.' You only need to send a tell once, and you will be called on in the order you are received. We will try to get to as many of you as we can.

Vanash says, 'Pica look up Codogs thread in the forums'

Kiwee wonders if +Tolero likes Tasty Ham.

[Des] never had long waits on tickets, but they aren't helpful when they get here

Pirotase says, 'Pica check out Codgos repsonse, i believe that was answered'

Pica-Lhazaar says, 'thanx'

Pica-Lhazaar says, 'will do'

[Kestryl] some are some arent

[+Quarion] Calling on Jerrico? Jerrico in the building?

Jerrico says, 'i would relly like to address the AI issue - I feel the game has really degraded in strategy - why do intelligent monsters walk into firewalls? Why dont monsters make better attacking decisions? Why do intelligent monsters like vampires walk into firewals'

[ Gleepwurp ] thanks for the floor love the game as i play 8 hours a day

[+Tolero] Make sure that if you would like to keep talking about a subject we've moved past, to use /say, /tell, or even form parties to use /party and continue the conversation!

[Gaarth] yes, mobs should run out of firewalls really

[Kestryl] some DMs will fix stuff then the next time it bugs the next DM wont

[+Quarion] No problem! Thanks for being here!

[Thorsaxe-Adar] agree with Jerrico's sentiment

[Wizzly] here here jerrico. took the words out of my mouth

[Grayhawke] same reason players go into enemy firewalls

[Rheebus] jerrico is using the say channel

Jerrico says, 'i would like to see monster casters charm in game players - can you imagine how difficult it would be if players actually attacked their own paerty members'

[+Quarion] Remember to use /general to talk to me. :) I can't see /say currently.

Delija grabs +Tolero and begins to dance.

[Grayhawke] he's in say

Jerrico says, ''i would relly like to address the AI issue - I feel the game has really degraded in strategy - why do intelligent monsters walk into firewalls? Why dont monsters make better attacking decisions? Why do intelligent monsters like vampires walk into fir'

[ Vlash ] Say): Jerrico says, 'i would like to see monster casters charm in game players - can you imagine how difficult it would be if players actually attacked their own paerty members'

Kallelli says, 'type / general'

Methlar says, 'that might cause problems with PK'ers'

[ Wizzly] jerrico is voicing concern over moster ai

[Asgeirr] Jerrico says, 'i would relly like to address the AI issue - I feel the game has really degraded in strategy - why do intelligent monsters walk into firewalls? Why dont monsters make better attacking decisions? Why do intelligent monsters like vampires walk

Whelm says, 'you can hit the up arrow to get the text back and then change the say to /general'

[Wizzly] why they run into fw, especially intelligent ones such as vamps

Vlash says, 'Oh gods.. I caused a spam attack!'

[+Tolero] Now fortunately I'm able to see the /say, and I can relate this to Quarion, but I can take a stab at some aspects of it

Pirotase says, 'Jerrico prefix your typing w /GENERAL'

[+Quarion] Well, unfortunately, AI can never be perfect. We did recently switch to Kynapse for that, and I think that may need to be tweaked. I do think that Kynapse has improved AI quite a bit, but there will always be holes.

[+Quarion] But I'll be sure to bring this up in our next dev meeting!

Gleepwurp says, 'the ai is bad right now cloudkill a stupid one and he swarms thats just wrong'

[+Quarion] And thanks for the pastes!

[+Tolero] We are always striving to improve the AI of our creatures. For my part, the other night I had a creature play ring-around-the-pillar with me so he could cast on me and I couldn't get to him!

Whelm says, 'charmed player is a great idea if used sparingly. no one wants to get killed by their party'

[Thorsaxe-Adar] in Mod 5 all those quests got LOTS tougher if the creatures stay out of the firewall

[Wizzly] lol tolero

Delija grabs +Tolero and begins to dance.

[Totmacher] the fact that the AI has attention deficit disorder and wanders every .5 seconds is just wrong, don't the ai get a full round of attacks too?

[+Tolero] But that doesn't mean we should just be content, so we will be certain to keep your feedback rolling in to the devs in regards to our AI and ways to make it better

[Mythe-Riedra] hehe ive doen the ring around the pillar.. it was fun actually

[Wizzly] well unintelligent monster shouldnt avoid firewalls and such, theyre automatons

Vlash says, 'THat would rock, Whelm'

Jerrico says, 'monsters should attack casters first - it only makes sense the players do'

[+Quarion] Kraldor! Your turn! Then we have Kestryl next

[Kraldor] Right now we are stuck with what our character looked like from creation. Can we expect haircuts and similar things anytime soon?

Wizzly says, 'no jerri, players SHOULD. i find they often dont'

[Kraldor] 'And on that topic, will it be possible to change our armor styles? I know that alot of people here have probably pulled an atrociously ugly set of +5 Mithral Full Plate that they would have liked to change.

Vlash says, 'Jerrico: Not to the point of ignoring the tank that is actually hitting an doing damage to him.'

[Kiwee] also, tiaras dont work on female humans, it's too low down

[Kallelli] here here

[+Quarion] I think you guys would see more options during creation before you'll see the ability to change your current look, but we certainly wont turn away feature requests!

[+Quarion] Jump right in whenever you see a feedback thread on the forums regarding character appearance!

[Kraldor] And what are the stats on those suave Turbine shields?

Kiwee says, 'seriously, my tiara makes me look so odd'

[Totmacher] in terms of customization, what about making the raid loot look different as it progresses in level. we have near-artifact level items that look like they were pulled out of waterworks? +1 acid longswords look the same as ML 14 gear

[+Quarion] Uber!

Whelm says, 'appearance change to items would be good to introduce with crafting'

[ Conn] +1 on changing the armor, I am wearing some ugly +5 Mithral FP myself

Kwiskwis says, 'can I get a Turbine shield?'

[Tydarius] hes right i agreee that they need to change the ability to make your char yours and not like everyone else

Rowanheal says, 'pink armor ftw'

Whelm says, 'gak!!'

[Kiwee] can i trade tasty ham for turbine shield?

[+Quarion] :) As far as armor goes, there are always requests for dying colors and changing armor. We always pass it along :)

[Wizzly] agreed tydarius

Cuppcake says, 'pink!'

Vanash says, 'OMG I knew that was coming Rowanheal'

Gumcast says, '+1 on armor'

Vlash says, 'No Pick!'

[Kraldor] Sounds good.

Vlash says, 'Want Pink? Play a Warforged!'

[Kraldor] one last thing.

Whelm says, 'fashion poice to the harbor, stat!'

[Leloric] how uber can it be for a lev 1 to use

[+Quarion] Kestryl, what can we do for you:? On deck: Ionaic

[Schmitty] so instead of passing ideas along, why don't y'all. . . .

[Kraldor] Is Fly too game-breaking to ever be put in as a castable spell?

[Kestryl] Overall I love the game and I really like the new mods --one question I have is about scaling the raids --are they going to remain level appropriate or get harder to allow them to still be run by capped characters as we level up

[Alapai] Maybe something as simple as the first time you equip anew armor/shield/robe/whatever, you get a pop-up that lets you pick one of a handful of options for the appearance?

Kiwee says, 'the vorpal sickle of haggling is ml6'

Cuppcake says, 'when i play WF i never get WF docents'

[Totmacher] yeah but what about having SHINY armor, like the holy effect? at least out of the abbot. I mean the litany of dead doesn't even appear, and it almost made a lich ascend to godhood

[Totmacher] at least have a glowy effect of some sort

Slait says, 'what class cuppcake?'

[+Tolero] Remember folks to keep those conversations to /say /tell and /party to be polite to those who have the floor. If you would like to be in line to have the chance to speak, send a tell to +Tolero

Vlash says, 'Probably Kraldor.... Imagine flying over all those nasty areas in Von2.. Not to mention not ever falling off'

Cuppcake says, 'any LOL'

[Kraldor] yes, and Ioun Stones should be visible

[Vanash] and not take a trinket slot

Vlash says, 'Cuppcake? Do you play on Sarlona? I'll start mailing them to you'

Whelm says, 'it's the famous cupcake! :) and just say no to pink docents'

Slait says, 'WF casters get them alot.. when you enable rewards based on class/race'

Kraldor says, 'And have their stats be insight bonuses..'

[Wizzly] like that idea alapai

Haphomet says, 'new character Generator released!! :)'

Cuppcake says, 'predominantely on ghallanda i swear i never get pink docuents'

Cuppcake says, 'uh docents LOL'

[+Quarion] I think one of the focuses of the devs will be to come out with a range of content for everyone. As far as raids go, I don't have an immediate answer for this question. its a very good question and I will ask Kate tomorrow! PM me on the forum

Whelm says, 'my um... paladin did... *cough*'

[+Quarion] Whats up Ionaic? (On deck: Renren)

[Kestryl] cool I have no problem with them scaling up aslong as there is level apprpriate stuff as well

Vlash says, 'I tend to find them alot on my Mithral Body WF.. Maybe that has something to do with it'

Kiwee says, 'pink mithral o.O'

Vlash is ashamed to say yes...

[Ionaic] Are there any plans currently to look into a retail Expansion? and will turbine be offering a multi-game pass at any point in the near future?

Slait says, 'Melee WF get mostly weaps and therefore very few docents'

Cuppcake says, 'i've made mithral composite, adamantine all the same i get pink DOTS i dont want pink dots lol'

Zarantyr says, 'can someone bring up more raids like TS where we dont need pre reqs?'

[+Quarion] OOOOH! Good questions!

Whelm says, 'more DOTS!'

Hunglow says, 'How about multi-user accounts. I have kids and they like to play but paying for multiple subscriptions is expensive.'

[Slait] Myself and otherpeople would definately pay for an expansion

Whelm says, 'yes on expansion.'

[+Quarion] As far as the expansion goes, I think we'd all love to have one. Right now, our focus is to expand the player base, and maybe, just maybe we could do one later, but alas, there are no solid plans for one now.

Whelm pulls out wallet

Kiwee says, 'i will quit if they release a paid expansion before level 20 or core classes/races'

Alapai says, 'Sharn expansion ftw!'

Trysten-Xoriat grabs +Tolero and begins to dance.

[Ionaic] and as an addition, any chance of AC2 on such a multi-game pass =p

[Wizzly] agreed kiwee. no paid expansions before core is done

[+Quarion] We have some ideas, but thats all that they are. As far as the multi-pass goes, we have discussed it, so it might be coming in the future, but no solid decisions have been made. But they are thinking about it :)

[Gratch] especially if said expansion gets Atari marketting support and brings in player base.

Whelm says, 'Spelljammer expansion!'

Zarantyr says, 'I also want to see a mass guild mail'

Slait says, 'Poor turbine seems to get the shaft from Atari'

Methlar says, 'the special edition gives running boots for each character created by it, maybe something like that would work'

[Kallelli] if it had enough content and added features i and many more i know would buy

[Ionaic] Ah, thanks for your time and keep up the good work.

Asgeirr says, 'expansion sponsored by Nike?'

[+Quarion] Renren, what have you got for us? And then Wizzly is next

[Renren] Psionic classes at some date, and when we can look for the next level raise?

[+Quarion] No problem Ionaic!

[Slait] 15-16 is mod 6 right?

[+Quarion] The next level cap will be in the next update!

Hunglow says, 'Spelljammer would be awsome with the ability to travel to the Realms, Dragonlance or Greyhawke.'

[+Quarion] We're raising the cap to 16

[Des] YES!

[Renren] sweet what about the possibilites of psionics?\

Methlar says, 'Fantastic!'

[Branis] when Q?

[Cuppcake] why not 17? givem em more time to level so they don't get bored

[Kiwee] surely psionics are needed for adding kalashtar :p

[+Quarion] Psionic classes have been discussed recently, but I hear that would be pretty difficult to impliment. So we'll see!

Coldin says, 'I don't see why. Wouldn't power points be close to the sp system anyway?'

[+Quarion] Wizzly's up! Followed by Des!

[Wizzly] yes, g'evenin. first, i'd like to say that i really enjoy the game and think that, for the most part, y'all do a great job.

Kiwee says, 'yea, but the limits are different'

Whelm says, 'I need to go but I'll look to the forums for a summary. Thanks for the good chat and thanks Tolero and Quarion for this great way to communicate with you.'

[Wizzly] id like to extend the topic jerrico brought up....

[Vlash] On Psionics: Why would it be difficult. They already use a 'point' based system.

[Wizzly] i would very much like to see ai improved and appreciate the info that y'all are working on it

[+Quarion] For those of you still with us, I invite you to follow us after the meeting to the Wayward Lobster for a Town Hall Parade. The drinks will be flowing!

Hunglow says, 'Why not Evil alighnments?'

[Totmacher] cool

Whelm says, 'BTW I love the new raid loot system, I want 20 hotbars implemented, and the cost for low level empowered healing is too high.'

Kiwee says, 'aww, dont tell me it's almost over'

Torrentt cheers.

[Akla] you bet

Draeko says, 'i dont know vlash, ask when it's your turn, they say it's difficult, why push it?'

[Wizzly] in addition, id very much like to see the reduction of arbitray immunities of enemies

[+Quarion] We'll have some surprises there waiting for you :)

[Slait] nice

[+Quarion] I will certainly add your name to the list :)

[Wizzly] i dont like being railroaded into avoiding certain things b/c it was designed to be done a ceertain way

Gumcast cheers.

[Emris] Finally done with the patch =/

[+Quarion] Thats understandable. Whats the point of Strategy, if it doesnt work?

[+Quarion] Or rather theres only one strategy that works.

[Wizzly] exactly. id like to, eventually, see the end of red/purple/etc nmamed monsters

Coldin says, 'uh oh...it's starting the rain!'

Coldin cowers.

[Totmacher] whoever is asking the next questions, please please please ask about dq and dragon keying. some of us do these things weekly and view them as a huge timesink for marginal rewards. with the buff of these raids, I feel we won't even be doing them anymore in

[Totmacher] favor of titan or reaver

[Wizzly] give them strategy, ability to buff themselves etc. then we can attempt dispel and play the way we want to

Slait says, 'as far as I know.. psionics mixed with traditional P&P is far from "balanced" I think most of the difficulty comes from having to design a balanced system from scratch'

[Emris] what do I need to do to be able to ask the devs/Q a question? Is there a list?

[Magnus-Mabar] pretty soon you'll be beyond them anyway so I wouldn't worry about it to much

[Wizzly] finally, id like to express some displeasure over having things taken away from us once theyre given. fp evasion, gh xp/favor, etc

Kiwee says, 'of course, if they arn't, vol is'

[Totmacher] demon queen and titan keying should be at the top of anybody's list for people with more than 3 14th level alts

[+Quarion] I'll be adding your comments to the list! Thanks!

[Des] since PnP is about making adventures, I was wondering about a construction kit for DDO like there was in Elder Scrolls: MorrowWind.

[+Quarion] Des! What do you have to say? On deck is Vanash is after him!

Vlash says, 'Slait : Could be the whole idea of coding a second 'magic' system into the game itself. That would be daunting.'

[Des] player made content would expand the game so much

[Des] even pure graphics program

Slait says, 'With traditional magic, the system is there for saves, sp cost, etc.'

[+Quarion] I do know that we're discussing user-created content quite a bit :)

[+Quarion] Turbine in general is very interested in that aspect

Slait says, 'Psionics have a whole different system'

[+Quarion] But alas, thats all the information I have on that :(

[Wizzly] oooooo, intriguing q. piqued my interest there

[Des] thank you, and not asking about DQ Dragon timesinks, I like them

Asgeirr says, 'woot bring back the MUDs'

[+Quarion] My pleasure! Now on to Vanash!

Vlash says, 'No not really, Slait. Same saves,and all... Expanded Psionics in 3.5 was really -much- more balanced.'

[Slait] sounds cool.. contests to determine new content would be cool.

[Vanash] howdy, my question is about bank space, can we get alternate ways to increase our current 3 bank slots other than house k favor. Some have been sitting with too limited space for a while

[Gratch] User Dungeon Creation Contest????

[+Quarion] When the time comes Gratch, you know I'm all over that!

[Grayhawke] more bank space

[Vanash] I do not make characters as mules so I would like to earn a way to have more bank storage

[+Quarion] I love having contests!

[Magnus-Mabar] more space = good

[Wizzly] agreed vanash

[Slait] Gratch.. isn't that what makes P&P so great?

[+Tolero] Ditto.

[+Quarion] Well this is another highly requested feature.

[Slait] a one location (You have to walk there) Larger bank would be nice

Grayhawke says, 'ATM's?'

[Vanash] also account based tabs would be nice too

[+Quarion] We'll certainly take note of your request :) Currently I know they are working on the bank, and they may look towards expanding it afterward!

[Tydarius] yeah u know we all see the extra bank spaces when u first access it where are thay after over a year ?

[Kiwee] maybe having to go all the way back to khorvaire for the big bank

[Totmacher] I don't wanna become a bullet point on a Power Point slide at a Friday meeting that everyone's trying to skip to go to Happy Hour!!! :(

Draeko says, 'how about sotring money in the bank?'

Slait says, 'Does anyone else think that being able to recall at any point or /deathing makes questing too easy? I demand people walk to exits'

[Vanash] meaning any characters on your account could have access to limited items in the bank slot wise

Draeko says, 'currency, interest, the lot!'

Pirotase says, 'they should just eliminate CP and SP'

[Cuppcake] storing money in the bank is a good idea

Slait says, 'or take a DD'

Pirotase says, 'since its a 2^32 limit'

[+Quarion] I'd like to thank you guys for coming out. Unfortunately, we've run out of time, but if you'd like to follow me to the Wayward Lobster, parade style, we've got some fun waiting for you there

Kiwee says, 'in game credit card companys, lol'

[Wiskeytangoo] guild banking would be the next great thing any plans on that,what is the time fram on the next mod.what about evil aligments.and i would like to some short dresses for the gals

[Slait] can we do this again sometime?

[Morgel] Tonight is the first time I have seen over 20 people logged into Risa in over 5 months.There have been many things that have popped up on recent updates that could have been caught if Risa was really used in large numbers. Will you please bring back accel

[Cribs] How about letting thives use thier pickpocket skills in town against other players;one try an hour, or a day, or 3 days with 1 item of choise removed for a sucsesfuly roll of target invintory?

Hunglow says, 'How about renting rooms with a personal trunk or space to store things that u would rent at an inn?'

[+Quarion] If you have any feedback, please share now! We're recording the log!

Mockduck says, 'thanks!'

[Totmacher] please look into demon queen and dragon keying!

[Elvith] will we ever see Khorvaire.....yes or no??...Xendrik and Stormreach is only a small part of the story.

[Shallz] with regards to clerics turning ability could we get a definitive answer on what stacks with regards to both hd and cleric turn level and undead mobs hd adressed

[Glor] Are there going to be any updates before MOD 6 like other mid-mod updates. I also would love to see random Mimics in the game, talk about add some fun elements into the normal routine of the game.

[Totmacher] this is high-level content for players

+Tolero claps.

[Morgel] Will you please bring back accelerated leveling to Risa full time? It is the ONLY way you will get enough people to try all the various combinations necessary to catch more of those bugs that are making into the production servers now. You have already sa

[Gratch] Any chance you could make that spiffy new forum poll a weekly thing during the mod6 dev phase and let us pick a Monster, a Spell, a dungeontype, etc from the devs list of considered for development?

[Shallz] and are there plans for a pvp like quest where pcs fight mobs in a pvp gladitorial style situation with diffrent ranks as you progress and if not, why not. would be relatively easy implememntation and a change of pace from pvp


[Totmacher] please don't neglect this and standardise it for the reaver

[Jastair] what about inflated AC and to hits

[Morgel] I have a throwing weapon Spec'ed out Ranger. If I can not use manyshot with anything but a bow then why can I not trade out manyshot? He's still a Ranger using projectile weapons.

[Totmacher] so it's like the reaver

[Des] we need better drop rate on raid, or at least minuim drop of one for raid loot

[Morgel] and a question from my guild leader who is still loading up Risa - Rogues going to get more love on robes?

[Slait] the current probs could be fixed with a little more testing

[Pirotase] WHat about Tuffer QA and real life QA for mod5 raid puzzles, Risia only seems as a way for guilds to get Dev Help on how to beat the raid when it goes live


[B]A few moments later...

Switching to channel: The Wayward Lobster.

[Grayhawke] Evil toons!!!!

Kiwee says, 'beholders!'

[Totmacher] INTENSE

[Coldin] I'd like to see animal companions sometime in the future

[Baja-Ghallanda] help stoned

[Slait] it HURTS

[Wizzly] grrr, i cnt cast offensive spells

Kiwee says, 'cube!'

Rowanheal says, 'the cube hurt me LOL'

10-24-2007, 10:18 PM
Ty for posting the unedited version!

10-25-2007, 09:33 AM

[Wizzly] in addition, id very much like to see the reduction of arbitray immunities of enemies

[+Quarion] We'll have some surprises there waiting for you :)

Boy Quarion wasn't kidding was he *chuckles*

10-25-2007, 09:41 AM
Boy Quarion wasn't kidding was he *chuckles*


There's just always a better way to go about things. Immunities feel like bad DMing.

10-25-2007, 10:16 AM
Boy Quarion wasn't kidding was he *chuckles*HAH!

10-25-2007, 10:35 AM
Thats a lotta stuff. Thanks for taking the time to post all that for those of us who couldn't make it!

10-25-2007, 11:13 AM
Boy Quarion wasn't kidding was he *chuckles*

You, sir, win the internet.

10-25-2007, 11:18 AM
Nice uncut version, i missed all of the /say chat cause i had turned it off to keep the spam low.

10-25-2007, 12:38 PM
Thanks for the wow, completely complete transcript +Tol/+Quar. (Watchout, the mighty TolQuar will soon invade a town near you with big pointy teeth... and manicured talons.)

Hey, I didn't think all our snide comments in "say" would get recorded. That's why I put most of mine in general... as long as they were semi-on-topic.

Hmmm... this guy I'm quoting below seems to have good ideas. Yeah... Yeah... I think so too.

[Gratch] Any chance you could make that spiffy new forum poll a weekly thing during the mod6 dev phase and let us pick a Monster, a Spell, a dungeontype, etc from the devs list of considered for development?

Those of us with multiple personalities would like multiple votes please.