View Full Version : VoN 5 & 6 - Bugs, Solutions, and Raid Loot

10-19-2007, 02:51 AM
First I'd like to thank everyone who went on the VoN 5 & 6 run with Salean and my buddy Tegrat. We had a blast even with the delays, everyone was a pleasure to PuG with.

Second I'd like to mention the bug we ran into in VoN 5 and how we got around it (yes it's been bug reported). One of our rangers held both the voice and the ring, and fell into the lava. The ring dissapeared for a time. Appeared just as the GM contacted us (less than 5 minute turn around time - thank you Turbine). However after dismissing the DM because "everything was fine" we found none of the speaking stones would acknowledge us. We learned, prior to the 20 minute wait conclusion to our GM ticket, that you have to not only head back to master control but move every single one of the turnstiles from their correct position TO their correct position and basically reset master control and then proceed through all of the speaking stones in order again. I feel this may help someone.

Lastly our raid loot. 9 people in [on normal] (eleven origionally - two had work and wife aggro respectively) , 1 piece of raid loot. Helm of Mroranon (+6 wis helm) which was awarded to the raid leader (myself) and then rolled for by the two clerics in the group who needed it.

Congratulations go out to Kellenian (sp?) who won the roll and to Tegrat and Loup who tanked that big red witch to death, as well as to everyone who participated. It was a long run with the bugs we had to deal with and the simple fact that we wern't used to running together but we perservered. Thanks to our knowledgable guides Mel, Crazy, and the bard whose name I am too tipsy to remember.

See you in Stormreach.