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10-17-2007, 01:19 PM
The trees in the orchard were planted with care in hope that on their bows, sweet fruit would soon ripen.
Careful grafting of strong roots and attractive and fruitful branches were married together to create a tree that could survive, live long and be productive.
The soil was fertile, the water plentiful and the sun shined all day.
The Arborists weeded the orchard and nourished the trees, dreaming of a near future when all could take pride in the bountiful harvest they would have.
All seemed well. Time wore on. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months and the arborists took time to take care of other things, knowing the careful planning they had done would make sure the fruit arrived.
The first fruit produced seemed small. Not quite what was hoped for.
The arborists decided to continue to keep the orchard going in hopes of a better next harvest.
They pruned here and there, pushing the trees to grow in a more productive way, allowing air flow through the branches, sunshine to the leaves. Time again passed. The arborists decided they could take time to plant other things. They had hopes of planting an even larger orchard on another hill and spent much of their time there, preparing the soin and selecting the trees and planting and caring for them.

But something happened in the first orchard. Trees tend to grow wild without care. Too much water caused thin branches to grow up from the roots, pulling nutrients from the original branches. These new shoots where strong and fast growing, requiring far more than the original branches did. The grew tall and blocked out the light. They pushed the fruitful branches out of the way and took over the tree.
When the Arborists returned, some saw that their trees had been taken over by the roots, some saw it as massive growth and beneficial. There were disagreements over whether trees were better bigger or better fruitful. Care was not given to the orchard. Pests intruded. The new braches produced even less fruit and took up much more room.
The arborists finally decided to thin out the orchard. The new branches were gangly and unproductive and it was hoped by removing some of the trees and giving the remaining more room to grow that a good harvest would finally be produced.
Trees were removed from the orchard, but they were missed.
The new branches proved to be weaker than the original and many fell off without the support of the removed trees, letting the original, grafted ones receive light and nourishment. Fruit was again being produced.
Many more days went by. Seasons changed. The arborists returned infrequently to the orchard. Their time was better spent in the new orchard which was fulfilling their hopes.
Pests invaded the new branches. The type of tree these branches came from was more resistant to diseases of the roots than those of the branches. The old branches, once again receiving sunlight and nourishment flourished slightly but this was just a short boost. They needed more care. They needed attention. Slowly as time went by, some more of the old branches withered and died, leaving only a few trees left. Weeds grew in the orchard. Vermin burrowed among their roots.
Fruit rotted on the branches before ever ripening...Leaves fell out of season.

Though this story is veiled it holds truth.
If you do not tend to your orchard, you will not have a orchard.
Take care that what you planted is what benefits from your care and is not taken over by neglect.

Ambrosine~~Druid of yore.

10-17-2007, 02:48 PM
Ambrosine~~Druid of yore.

How are we to believe your tale when you are not even in game yet ?!?!?

10-17-2007, 03:35 PM
Life is not a game...
I existed long before there was a game and I will exist long after you are dust...
Now, go water some flowers...Don't pick THEM!!!

For those that started their lives after ther creation of the game DDO, those with less than 2 years of life...
Druids have been around a lot longer than you think. Just because they are not in this game...or any game does not mean they don't exist and never did. The game takes from DnD which took from the third planet from the sun Sol's mythos and fiction. Few of the things that exist in the game were original inventions created by Gary Gygax and his kin. Ambrosine...Is likely to use some of her more unusual skills on you...She drank a lot of unlabeled potions in her youth. Spent much of her life in the form of a centaur...