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10-16-2007, 03:34 PM
ok just wondering is there a specialty enhancment package for all classes or just a few of the basic or starter classes. i ask also if you multiclass can you have access to both specialties because i have a bard/sor and i really am just playing the sorcer part just got the bard for healling purposes and to fill in as a cleric substitute due to lack of healers available in the game ... and the bards specialties arent my forte so to speak

also is there a list for weapon/armor enchantments that anyone can figure out what level what item is or how the figure out the level of the item ... i ask because i have seen a ring with +2 attr bonus and a +7 skill bonus and the level is like 10 and then later i see a item with a +1 attr bonus and +10 skill bonus and its only level 9 or 8 .. does anyone find this odd and not right ... i mean we all know the things they do but i do find it hard when i have to make a choice of a lower attr boost because skills are much needs in the game, and i would like the attr boost because the higher the attr the better in some cases such as dex or str. but really how does the game figure out level and cost ... some prices are too high or shouldnt be that high. well if someone can tell me please let me know ...

email is nexusguardian@yahoo.com
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