View Full Version : Customer Service Forum(encrypted)?

10-14-2007, 07:53 AM
Would it be possible to have a customer service page for reporting and tracking your in-game help tickets...so we can follow them through to resolution?

I mean, report a problem IN game and once the ticket is created and a number is generated, why not have a portal for players to log in with their turbine account and register the ticket # so they can ‘track’ progress in real time. Anytime a CSR logs in and looks at the ticket to help resolve it, it would show it. If/when it’s passed off to the 2nd level or closed or what not, again, it'd show up.

This would also allow some ‘conversation’ between the ingame gms and the client(player). I honestly don’t need to know WHAT they are doing to resolve my problem(s), all I'd like to know is that they're doing SOMEthing.

I’ve said numerous times, when you call ANY customer service rep(AT&T, Comcast or whatnot) they always say, “let me type in the details of this call so if you happen to call again with a similar problem the next rep will see what we’ve done.” Assuming that this same thing is done with our ingame tickets, it would be nice to see a report of this somewhere.

A simple thing like this could help with the “I waited 4+ hours to talk to a senior GM!!!” kinda thing. Right now it’s SOOOOO easy to feel like we are being blown off when we report a help-ticket.

An additional ticket tracking device would be very welcomed to some(and its an IT thing NOT a dev thing...so surely this wouldn't affect game development at all).

Just a thought...thanks for reading.