View Full Version : Move the secondary mail window away from first

10-13-2007, 08:38 PM
Im sure that most everyone is as sick of this as I am. When you click on a mailbox to open your email window, the first window appears onscreen. When you double-click on an email in that window, a secondary one opens up partially over the first, blocking mouse access to any emails past the 3rd i think. Now, with your inventory panel also open to drag items, these three window appear over the top of eachother. One must manually drag each window around on the screen each time you open and close an attachement window. I know it sounds petty, but when you're mass attaching or detaching items or money, it takes so much effort and time to re-align the windows every time that it gets frustrating.

All that needs to happen is to make the secondary window appear somewhere off to the side of the main email window. It dosent matter where. Since the main email page usually pops into the upper left corner, i open my inventory panel, drag it into the lower left corner, and leave it there. The secondary email window can pop anywhere else on screen i dont care, just not partially covering the main widow. Just a thought to help save time and my carpal tunnel. LOL