View Full Version : 1st Dragonslayer of Ghallanda says g'bye!

10-13-2007, 01:06 AM
Just wanted to say farewell to all the people I have played with over the past 2 years.

Overall, it has been a fun ride playing with OTGers and even bad pugs. I'd have to say that of all the games I've played since 95' this one felt the most relaxed because of its generally mature player base. This game is fun and a game with lots more potential (which I hope you all will receive). I'd recommend this game to any1.

Ghallanda is rich in history and has had its bunch of personalities too from guilds like Broken Alliance, Drow, Eternal Mercanaries, OTG, etc., and players like Baddy,Venoms,Fixes,Oken,Omni,Obmi et.,

I've seen a lot and met a tone of people and would just like to say thx for all the memories.

As I leave, I leave you a list of all my alts which at some point some a lot of you have played with at one time or another.

Swifter.. 1st Dragonslayer of Ghallanda soloed Velah with 6 min left with a +3 cold iron returning axe and had 8 seconds to spare. 5th server overall to finish. Then we walked over to the vamp and killed him hard/elite 1st server overall!

Grinz -lvl14 1st cleric to lvl10 (second overall, healer to first person who reached 10 1st) -retired

Abombanation -lvl14
Avengelyne -lvl14
Cruc -lvl14
Crucified -lvl14
Crucifix -lvl14
Cthreegeekio -lvl13
Medicmon -lvl14
Robbling -lvl14
Beardedlady -lvl14
Putrescence -lvl14
Razzz -lvl14
Lowbies- Crossover,Crub,Crud,Crul,Crur,Crus,Cruw
Others retired Hoarde,Celestrial,Cheezmo

Special thx to Holykiller and the boyz from EM and the boyz from Crazy Canucks (a guild I stumbled on that's from my home town).
Great bunch of peeps that filled the hours when none were on.

10-13-2007, 04:16 AM
GL to ya man, always hate to lose players that have been around forever. Maybe you will find your way back somtime.

10-13-2007, 05:44 AM
Good luck with whatever you do!! Sorry to see ya go.

10-13-2007, 07:53 AM
Bets on whether the forum nazis get him banned before he leaves? :p