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10-10-2007, 04:26 PM
This is a suggestion for raid loot that is a combination between the way it is now and pre-mod 5.

Have the number of items that drop be from 1-4 depending upon the number in the party and the difficulty.

1-9 people in the party then one item drops on Normal
10-12 people in the party then two items drop on Normal
+ 1 item for Hard difficulty
+ 2 items for Elite difficulty


If you have 12 people in a raid on Elite then you will get 4 named items in the chest. This is 2 for having 12 people and 2 for Elite difficulty.

The second part to this idea is that the items in the warded chest are displayed in a window with a list under each item. Party members put themselves in a list to roll for an item. You can only be in one list. The raid leader should have a button under each item that generates a random number from 1-100 next to each player's name. The highest roll for each item wins. This would automate the system that used to be in effect before mod 5.

This would encorrage people to raid in large groups, allow people to roll on items that their character can use, and there would always be at least one named item in the warded chest. There would be higher chance for rewards for higher difficulty and no grinding through raids 20 times.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

10-10-2007, 06:13 PM
Kargon first impressimion are... this would make kargon try to solo/duo evermary raid on elite. instamant 3 items all for kargon if kargon know partnamer not need them any more. Kargon would again avoid full raids if kargon could possimably find a charactermermer build that can solo/duo them on elite or at least hard.

as for secomond part... basicamally if say a wisdom 2 tome and a wisdom 6 hat drop from dragomon, and the clerimic are only wisdom charactermermer, then cant ever get both items if rest of party not want them (or alreadamy have both)?

10-10-2007, 07:17 PM
Then if you add the stipulation that the number of items that drops is always less than or equal to half of the number of people that are running the raid the only way that you would be guarantied loot is to solo it on hard or elite.

This is how it would work:

1-3 people get 1 item dropping no matter what the difficulty
4-5 people get 1 item on normal and 2 items on hard or elite
6-9 people get 1 item on normal, 2 on hard and 3 on elite
10-12 people get 2 items on normal, 3 on hard, and 4 on elite

I think that is better.

10-10-2007, 10:22 PM
I disagree with this suggestion, simply because it advocates returning to a guaranteed drop system, which is exactly what the game had before, and is what the developer's don't want.

10-10-2007, 11:14 PM
You are right that my idea needs an element of randomness so I think it needs some tweeking.

Difficulty Bonus:
Normal 1 loot item
Hard 1 or 2 loot items
Elite 1 - 3 loot items

Full Group Bonus:
1 loot item for having a full group of 12 people.

Difficulty(1-3) + Full Group(0-1) = 1-4 unique raid loot items per raid

By this system there would always be at least one item dropping on each raid. There is an element of randomness that increases your chance for raid loot by running the raid on higher difficulties. It would also encorrage running raids with a full group.

I think my second idea should stay as is so the players can roll for items they want and not roll for items they can't use. This would ensure that people get bound items that their character can use and I think would be fun.

10-11-2007, 06:56 AM
Yeah, I dont like it - but it has some advantages. Ive seen a 12 man titan elite get 5 items, it cant be ALL bad.

On the downside, my sorc himself has 3 run full man elite Reavers with 0 items on all three runs... on a 4th run, 1 item fell. Of course Id like to up teh percents... but maybe just if you have 12 people, a guarantee of 1 would stop a lot of these, 'We got 0!' complains... lord knows, most of my runs have been 0 loot runs, and thats the most frustrating part!

10-11-2007, 11:21 AM
I am throwing out some ideas on how I think the raid loot system can be improved. I like the idea that there would always be at least one raid item in the warded chest. It takes a lot to get to the point where you are opening that chest and rather disappointing if there is nothing for anyone.

Encorraging full raid groups will help the casual player and the puggers because raid leaders will do what they can to fill the group if it means one more item in the chest.

Automating the rolling for loot and letting the raid leader manage the process would be an improvement in my opinion. I liked rolling for loot. There were many times that I didn't roll on anything because I just couldn't use it and that was cool with me too. I felt involved and it added to the fun.

10-11-2007, 11:42 AM
Well so far the biggest problem I have seen with the new system is...

1) no raid loot drops. Happened on 5 runs with me already.
2) the grind to 20 does not produce the entire list of possible loot, and if you have ran it 20 times chances are you already got one of the items you wanted (then out of the rewards list you get items you already have or cannot use) Happened to 3 of my characters already.
3) cleric gets true seeing goggles, barbarian gets torc. cleric and barbarian trade. The other 10 people in the party goes home empty handed without the option of rolling for said loot. Happened in a dq run and similar situation in a Titan run and Reaver run.

I don't like the new system it does not reward the group for its efforts, only the individuals who are fortunate enough to get a drop.

I like this idea you are working on better.

10-11-2007, 11:44 AM
Only thing they might do is provide a complete list of raid loot for the 20th completion reward. Hardly game breaking and at least you would KNOW you're going to get something you can use.

10-11-2007, 11:51 AM
When you take away the randomness of the number of drops and start at anything but zero, raiding imo would go right back to shortmanning.

I also really like the idea of pulling and having control over my own drops. I think the change to this was very intentional to promote a fair chance of everyone landing raid loot, not just the leader and his cronies.

The only way to improve this system imo would be to offer a full list of raid loot at the 20 run mark. To do it that many times and still end up with junk is just terrible. Like not getting the tangleroot sp trinket after 6 runs terrible(X1000:)) This should absolutely be changed.

Other than that I cant see how they would change anything without severely comprimising what they were trying to do in the first place.