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10-08-2007, 10:57 AM
Ok, so I have had this belt in the bank for a couple months. I've just now started looking to make a build to utilize it. What I have figured so far that I want to get out of it is this...

Need to be high AC build other wise no reason to use it
Using it on a fighter to only save 6AP doesn't seem to be worth-wild to loosing a belt slot
A pure build would be nice in anticipation for level cap increase

With those things in mind I have been looking towards ranger or paladin. Paldin was my first choice but the stat spread on the class just seems too difficult at getting a high enough dex required to getting the best possible benefit from the belt, was thinking dwarf pally needing 26 dex for the +8 dex bonus on a mith BP. A human pally would be a consideration because the 20 dex could be much more easily achieved for a +5 dex bonus and an extra feat, but it would also take away from the purpose of the belt in max/min of AC.

So today I have just starting considering Dwarf Ranger but again I'd be pushing the stats with a needed dex of 30 utilize a +10 dex bonus on mith breastplate.

How well can a sword/board ranger tank?
Any thoughts or ideas concerning this belt? I thought it was a great item but I'm finding it hard to get the belt into a build to gain the best possible outcome.

Incase someone doesn't know what it does:
Daggertooth Belt - Belt, +3 Con, Enhancement: Fighter's Armor Mastery 2(adding +2 to dex bonus of armor)

10-08-2007, 01:20 PM
the builds i was going to use mine for

human 11 ranger/3 pally.

starting stats 16/16/14/8/9/13 final 28/26/20/8/16/20

saves 33/33/25 with +2 luck.

fully geared out you could get a 60 AC sword and board for 20 seconds with HV5.

or a human battlemage 2r/4p/8sorc
starting stats 16/16/13/9/8/14 final 28/24/20/10/14/24
saves 33/34/30 with +2 luck

fully geared out you can get the same AC with help. more likely 55 without help.

10-08-2007, 05:21 PM
I like the Idea of a sorc splashed with 3 levels of paladin for the saves. Never thought of it myself. Pondering what sort of AC / HP I could end up pulling with that. Hmm off to the generator.

10-24-2007, 09:14 AM
I like the Idea of a sorc splashed with 3 levels of paladin for the saves. Never thought of it myself. Pondering what sort of AC / HP I could end up pulling with that. Hmm off to the generator.

If you are going for a high save sorc, why not just get a +5 resistance item? I mean, all sorcs carry an item to increase constitution, just add a dex item and wisdom item to the resistance item and you have reasonable saves.

Or heck, build a drow, take the spell reisistance and the resistances to enchantment.

L14 sorc gets 5 more spells than L11, most importantly 1 L7 and 2 L6, and also an L5 and an L4. Not to mention the 3 levels of DR and all the mana.

I can't imagine building a sorcerer and giving up 5 really powerful spells (and two entire spell levels!) just to increase your resistances a bit.

To me the choice between:

250 Mana (approx)
3 DR
Finger of Death
Flesh to Stone
Dominate Person
Phantasmal Killer


+10 to all your resistances,
fear immunity
disease immunity
Paladin Aura
lay on hands
Healing wands with no fail

is pretty easy. The top list is extremely powerful, the bottom list is nice, but not needed.

IMO, adding Pally to your sorc gimps it.

10-31-2007, 08:31 PM
wf wiz/fighter

if its purely defensive, you could have

15 base
8 dex( 5 mithral, 2 belt, 1 mithral fuidity=fighter feat)
6 docent(silverflame or emerald claw)
7 Mith HV shield
5 protection
3 natural
1 haste
3 chattering ring
2 chaosguard
1 dodge
51 AC, 55 with a pally friend, 57 with ranger, 59 with recitation, 64 with CE, 66 with fighter AC boost.

Though i dont think anyone has every actually assembled a caster like this, its a rather funny idea.