View Full Version : Solstyse's helpful hints Part 1

10-06-2007, 05:48 PM
As I am waiting at work for my ride home, I figured now would be a good time to help out the community in their non DDO life ( reality ) This is part 1 stay tuned for more later.

Since Christmas season is fastly approaching, and as much cheer and gifts as that brings it also brings the most home break ins of the year. My job ( well part of my job ) is to break into house. It's a repo thing. So I have a pretty good idea how to do it, what stops people from doing it, and how you can easily secure your house for the holiday season. I will number them for ease of reading.

1. Check your locks. If they say qwuickset, nuset, USlock, wal-mart, bridge, duralast, dru-bolt, any any other such nonsense change them immediatly. These locks take me no more than 10 seconds to open with nothing more than a pair of channel locks. Instead go to your local hardware store and pick up either Schlagg, or Craftsman, perferably craftsman. these locks take an average of 5-10 mins. to open and that is with a hammer. : ) Changing a lock is pretty easy and if your in north eastern Ohio I will be happy to come do it for you, if not PM me and I will lead ya through it.
1a. Make sure to always lock your doors when you leave, not just the bottom lock ( please I can get into a knob lock with just my hands) but your deadbolt is your friend. If you n't have a deadbolt get one of those chain locks. Do not, I repaet do not get an exterior sliding lock as these only prevent someone from breaking in for maybe an extra 30 seconds. Chain lock is your second best bet if you do not have a dead bolt.
2. Windows are your enemy. Do not put anything of value in front of a window, unless it is furniture. Why? Easy access to just break the window grab and run. But if you put say, a book shelf half blocking a window that is too much hassel noise, and possiblity of hurting ones self for someone to use as an entry point. Couches are good, big TV stands are good, fridges, even the Christmas tree is excellent this time of year. And as stated in 1a always lock your windows, an open window is like asking someone to take your stuff.
3. Do not leave any thing light and hard outside, like a broom, a snow shovel, these things can and will be used to break out your window. Also on this note do not leave anything out that someone could climb, a left out pallet, a big tree branch a ladder. It is much safer to climb to the second story and break in, well not safer but you are less likely to be noticed.
4. Alarms, these ( unless they are the kind that notify the police AKA expensive) are little more than a nusance. Too the intruder and your neighbor. I have broken into a house and had the alarm go off for an hour and no cops ever showed up. The neighbors just yelled at use to shut the damn thng off. What is the best alarm.....a dog. If a buglar sees a dog 9 times out of 10 he will just move on. No one wants to get bit or barked at the entire time. Dogs slow you down and in a break in time is of the essence. Dogs are the best deturant you can get.
5.When you are done using something put it away. That PS3 you have take the time too unplug it when you are done and put it away. Shut your Computer monitor off when your done for the night. Keep a bathroom light on, but put things away. Do not leave your TV on while your away or asleep. Things that glow, electronics are the first thing a buglar will go for, ecspecialy if its light ( ala the PS3 ) it attracts their attention first. DOn't be too worried about your big TV it is too heavy and time consuming to carry. Be worried about your computer, video game system, wallet, jewlery some obvious some not so, your Ipod on your computer desk, the stack of video games on the floor, your DvD collection, but them in not so noticably places,anything small that can be carried in bunches or in a pocket, and then pawned is waht is usaly gone for first.
5a. Put things in unusual places. Where do buglars look for jewlery. In your bed room, or the bathroom in your bedroom, or next to a mirror. Where don't they look for it, in the kitchen, on top of the fridge, in a cabinet, in a drawer. If its valuable you don't need to "hide" it per say, just put it somewhere unexcpeted off the cuff.
6.The basement /attic is your friend. Alot of house have an extra door leading to the attic or basement. This is the ideal place to store all those gifts you bought for christmas. Nothing makes a buglar angrier than having to break into 2 doors.Most times they won't they will make a quick search of the house and leave with whatever. SO that nice necklace you bought for your wife, basement, that new TV you saved for for your day, Basement, The new computer monitor for your hubby, attic ( I switched it up on you there : ) Also a good place to put things,is in the kids room. Buglars aren't after Bratz dolls, or FF action figures. So they wil usualy skip these rooms all together.

Ok I can't think of anymore right now if I do I will add them. If you follow a few of these, you will never know that they helped. And thats the idea.

Thank you, and goodnight.