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10-05-2007, 11:43 PM
From Sigtrent's Build Request Thread (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=117232)

Jack the Ripper a Neutral Good - Human – Fighter 10 / Ranger 2/ Barbarian 2
Requested By: Pheanre
Presented By: Sigfried Trent

The request was for a 32pt DPS character of a race not beginning with the letter D. He wanted some self healing ala wands and the like. Kukri’s do have the nice crit range on them so DPS is certainly doable. They are fineable but dex does not equal damage most of the time. I decided to go for a very “Sig” kind of build and throw a little bit of everything in there that can pump out some damage.

Starting Statistics (32pts)
STR 16 – DEX 17 – CON 14 – INT 8 – WIS 11 – CHA 8

Feats: Weapon Focus Slashing, Toughness, Power Attack, Dodge, Two Weapon Defense, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Critical Slashing, Iron Will, Weapon Specilization Slashing, Greater Two Weapon Fighting, Greater Weapo Focus Slashing, Power Critical

Skills: Hide 4, Jump 4, Move Silently 4, Spot 4, Balance 2, Tumble 2

Enhancements: Extended Rage 1, Extra Rage 1, Barbarian Power Attack 1, Armor Mastery 2, Critical Accuracy 1, Item Defense 1, Human Str 1, Human Dex 2, Improved Recovery 1, Human Versatility 4, Barbarian Constitution 1, Ranger Dexterity 1, Fighter Strength 3, Fighter Toughness 4

Leveling Guide

1st Level: Ranger
Weapon Focus Slashing, Toughness : Hide 4, Jump 4, Move Silently 4, Spot 4, Balance 2, Tumble 2

2nd Level: Ranger
Hide 1, Jump 1, Move Silently 1, Spot 1, Balance .5, Tumble .5

3rd Level: Fighter
Power Attack, Dodge : Jump 1, Balance .5

4th Level: Fighter
Str +1 : Two Weapon Defense : Jump 1, Balance .5

5th Level: Barbarian
Jump 1, Balance 1, Spot .5

6th Level: Barbarian
Improved Two Weapon Fighting : Jump 1, Balance .5, Spot 1

7th Level: Fighter
Jump 1, Balance .5 (all subsequent levels)

8th Level: Fighter
Str +1 : Improved Critical Slashing

9th Level: Fighter
Iron Will

10th Level: Fighter
Weapon Specialization Slashing

11th Level: Fighter

12th Level: Fighter
Str +1 : Greater Two Weapon Fighting, Greater Weapon Focus

13th Level: Fighter

14th Level: Fighter
Power Critical

Build Commentary
This is definitely very focused on what it does. Lots of damage, shoring up defenses everywhere I can.

Number Crunching
Final Statistics (Assuming +1 tomes and +6 items as desired)
STR 30 – DEX 26 – CON 22 – INT 8 – WIS 18 – CHA 8

Melee Attack Base (+5 Kukri / +5 Kukri): BAB 14, Str 10, Weapon 5, Weapon Focus 2, Two Weapon Fighting -2
Main Hand: 29/29/34/39 1d4 + 17 (15-20 X2)
Off Hand: 29/34/39 1d4 + 12 (15-20 X2)

Melee Attack Insane Psycho Mode (+5 Kukri / +5 Kukri Raging + Rage Potion+GH+Action Boost and Power Attack): BAB 14, Str 13, Weapon 5, Weapon Focus 2, Two Weapon Fighting -2, Power Attack -6, Greater Heroism 4
Main Hand: 30/30/35/40 1d4 + 31 (15-20 X2)
Off Hand: 30/35/40 1d4 + 24 (15-20 X2)

Ranged Attack Profile (Silver Bow): BAB 14, Dex 8, Weapon 3 = 25 (Rapid Shot) 1d10 + 13 (19-20 X3) +2d6 (optional +5 Damage boost)

Hit Points: About 350

TWF Armor Class (Kunderak Delving Suit): Armor 10, Dex 8, Barkskin Potion 3, Deflection 5, Dodge 2 = 38

Fort Save: Excellent (20+)
Reflex Save: Good (15+)
Will Save: Passable (10+)

Combat Commentary
Defenses are about average, solid for a non-dwarven build. Throw on a shield and you could do a bit of tanking. Saves are ok, nothing amazing but they should get you by and those are without GH since this build has no way to self cast without Gird. Melee damage is pretty hefty if you totally crank it up with rage and human versatility. Even in base damage mode its pretty solid. You also get the bonus of being pretty handy with a bow if you like that sort of thing.

11-02-2007, 07:49 PM
Sigtrent that was pretty much what I wanted. It was a concept build that I wanted to play for fun. I was going for the character Alice from resident evil and that seems like it is almost perfect match. I know that a drow or a dwarf would be better min max wise but I already have those characters and was going for the look of Alice and I could not get a drow or a dwarf to look like she does in the movies. Thanks for the help I would have replied earlier but I could not find where you posted it I never checked the first page of that thread I just kept checking general class discussion lol. Anyway thanks for that I will most likely have another character for you to build something that would complement this one so I can play that one why my brother plays this one.

11-10-2009, 06:08 PM
Hey, I was taking a look and seeing how this build worked out and it's pretty fun so far. However, I'm starting to get the money that will let me buy some better gear and really started thinking about your choice for Kukri / Kukri as the two weapons. Wouldn't a keen longsword be a better choice? It has better damage and has a good crit range, since that's why you seem to be going for the kukri's, and for the off-hand, the kukri does seem as a nice choice. So what are your thoughts?

Apparantly sigtrent 'retired', so this question is up for anyone. With this build, what weapons would be the best combo to do the maximum DPS possible? It just doesn't seem that a kukri is the weapon of choice simply because of it's base 1d4 damage