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10-05-2007, 09:24 PM
The Sovereign Knights

Language: English
Primary Time Zone: GMT -5 [EST]
Focus: Questing and Light Raiding
Role Play: Minimal
Server Name: Khyber
Recruiting: (Actively looking for new and veteran players looking for a casual fun guild)
Races Accepted: All
Classes Accepted: All

Sovereign Knights Charter

The Basis of Sovereign Knights is, like many other guilds, to have some fun. That's all. The guild is not a power guild, but it certainly doesn't disallow the more "Power Gamer" types from becoming a member. It is, however, geared more towards a casual setting, alllowing all members to have fun while they play without being pressured.

Members or those who might be considering joining our ranks are expected to be mature. The purpose of the guild is to provide a casual and fun environment for the players.


Because of my desire to get new members as quickly as possible, those interested in joining will find that getting into the guild will be especially easy for the time being.

To apply for membership, simply visit the sovereign knights website HERE. (http://sovereign-knights.com/Index.html)

From there, click on the membership link and simply follow the directions there to the message boards.

Structure – Ranks

Guild leader: Wyllim - Cleric 9
Syllvian - Drow Bard/Rogue***NOTE***

I started Sovereign Knights after returning to DDO after a long time away to find the guild I belonged to disbanded. I had hoped to find out where some of those members had gone to but had no luck. I am open to others willing to create this guild with me and make it thier own as well.

- OR -

I am not opposed to joining another guild either on Khyber or even a new server. I'm just looking to find a new home if any will have me......... or create one from scratch with a group of like-minded companions. You will most likely find me around as Syllvian. Thank you for your time :)