View Full Version : Animal Companion Enhancements

10-05-2007, 01:34 PM
I'm going to keep suggesting this idea until it finally gets implemented. :D

Rangers should get animal companions. They get them in DnD, this is DnD Online, so Rangers in DDO should get animal companions. Now some of you will say "But Rangers get both combat styles in DDO! They don't need animal companions." Well to that, I say fooey! We actually already have a system to give them animal companions but let them keep their cool TWF and Archery feats. We just simply make getting an animal companion cost APs.

It's quite easy actually. Just base the enhancement line on the Iron Defender line available to WoM rogues and repair obsessed PCs. A ranger, or possibly others, could take the enhancement and then use it to summon their companions. If the devs desired, it could have the Animal Empathy enhancements as pre-reqs, but I don't feel that's really necessary.

At level 4, rangers should get access to the basic companion enhancement. It should probably cost 2 APs, and summon a CR 4 wolf (it would have evasion as well). At 8th level, they could unlock an enhancement for a more powerful wolf (~CR 8) for another 2 APs. Then at ~14th level, rangers could either choose to have an even more powerful wolf, or switch to a lioness (both ~CR 14). Like the iron defender line, each enhancement would be onto itself, and allow one to summon each version once a day.

The levels and CRs are just rough guesses. I went with such high CRs as to not make the companions completely useless by end-game, which unfortunately is what has kinda happened to the iron defenders.

By tying the animal companions to the enhancement lines, we can conveniently bypass the whole power problem because it's no more powerful than rogues with iron defenders. Hopefully by the next Mod, Rangers will finally get the animal companions they deserve. All the assets are there. All that remains is for the Devs to do it.