View Full Version : The Alliance is Recruiting!

10-03-2007, 08:29 AM
The Alliance is recruiting new members!

Here is a little background on our guild:

First and foremost, the purpose of our guild is to have fun. The Alliance is a guild of gamers who enjoys each others fellowship. We respect each others contributions to the game and guild, and expect that they enhance our own experience. The Alliance members are expected to be mature and courteous. He have a fairly tight-knit group and are looking to expand on that. We run the gambit between the most casual of players to some of the most hard-core on the server.

If you are interested, our recruitment process is fairly simple. First, visit our website www.theallianceddo.com (http://www.theallianceddo.com)

Once there, submit a request for account registration and fill out the guild recruitment questionnaire. Once your questionnaire has been submitted, the officers will review it and bring you into a group to get to know you a little. If everyone gets along, the officers will bring you into the guild.

Shortly thereafter, you will be emailed an activation link for the website to activate your account.

Each new member is subject to a 30 day probationary period.