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10-02-2007, 06:51 PM
We'll I'm new, (as some can already tell) but I just have a few questions before I spend the next few hours playing (:D). Are their are few words in particular one should know about while playing? In-game I believe, either two days ago or maybe a day ago. Someone sent me a tell if I would be interested in some type of run for some item. (Even now I STILL don't know what it is. ) The only thing I can remember is which quest it's in, which is given in the lechy -something- ( sp? ) So, I'm just curious are their various In-game words that I should know about before pressing on further into the game?

Also, I guess another question I had is when I do get into a group, being a fighter for now (Until I can get Drow unlocked then I want to proceed into trying rogue. ) Just most of the time how would I go helping the group I guess I should say? I know how a few fighters/warriors work in several games, but this is D&D and it seems different, so I'm wondering what differences are their, what should I mainly do and what should I refrain from doing? (Aside from rushing a mob, that could kill me in a second if warned properly or known ahead of time that I know :P).

10-02-2007, 07:03 PM
I'm guessing the first thing you were talking about was someone was asking if you wanted to get in on a muckbane run. Its a quest given in the leaky dingy. Its a common thing for low levels or bored upper levels to do. The leaky dingy is a tavern in the harbor area. There are several quest givers in there. The one that gives this particular quest is the drunk guy Dirk. Once you leave the bar the quest entrance should be marked on your map. The muckbane itself is a club that does a little extra damage to oozes and doesn't take much damage itself to be repaired. It drops sometimes from a named ooze that usually spawns after you complete the quest. Its name is Muck. Imagine that.

Advise for a new ftr.. Listen to the cleric. Try not to be on point in missions with traps. Be on point when the group gets mob agro. Use Intimidate. Shield block in doorways when the group is opening a room. Those are some things to get started on.

10-02-2007, 07:04 PM
I guess as a fighter what you should be doing to help a party while in a quest is well fight....that's about all I would expect from you. I would expect you to be able to do what you were hired for the party for. don't rush off without the group, play as a team. Try to make yourself as self sufficient as you can, for instance clickys, resistance items, healing potions and what not. When I cleric, I appreciate people who are somewhat self sufficient.

Are there things you should no like secret code words and "leet" loot that everyone wants. Yeah there is but they will all come with time, I only started 2 months ago, yet I now know about girds, and muckbanes and stuff. you will to, it'll all come with time, for now just tell whomever that your new, but if they would direct you to where you need to go, you'll help out as best as you can. My first question in a party usually is who gives the quest and where can I find them.

By the look of what you typed, I would guess your character was about lvls' 2-4. The "famous" leaky dinghy quest is "Dirk's got a Secret" enter the dinghy and the quest giver is on the right. The reason a lot of people run this quest is because a named ooze called "Muck" can spawn there. If he spawns so does a chest, and in that chest you have a chance of getting a Muckbane. Everyone wants and really should have a muckbane, as it's a great weapon when fighting oozes. You can also run the quest a few more times and try to get yourself a couple of them. As they sell pretty well on the AH. At lvl 2, as a fighter you can even solo the quest a few times, to get the feel of it, and of course go for the Muckbane.

Welcome to Stormreach, enjoy your stay, and don't forget to tip your cleric :)

10-02-2007, 07:11 PM
Thank you! that has helped me in understanding a bit more, I knew of the quest I just didn't know what the person was saying and if it was just a different way of saying, "Want to join this party to accomplish X?" As well, I hope at least my fighting will improve in the game, rather than just continuously clicking at anything that's moving.

Again thank you for the replies, especially want to say thank you on how fast they were posted, we'll with a few hours to kill time to get on :D.

10-02-2007, 07:16 PM
Don't be afraid to just say, "Hey, I'm new and I have no idea what you are talking about". In my opinion, it is much better than pretending you know what is going on and then doing something wrong.

A fighter is a good choice for a first character. All you need to do is run around and hit stuff. Again, tell them you are new and apologize in advance for any mistakes. Most people are very forgiving and helpful for new folks. Some people you run into will be trying to powerlevel out of the low level stuff as fast as possible and may choose to not "slow down" for you. Don't take offense. I find the game to be more fun if you take your time to learn your character and ask a lot of questions.

I didn't see a mention of a server on your post. If you are on Ghallanda and see any of my toons on, send me a tell. If I'm not grouped up I'll join you. Otherwise I can still help with some questions. I'm not the expert, but I remember what it is like. DDO has quite a learning curve compared to others. COming onto the forums is also a great plan.

Welcome to the game!

10-02-2007, 07:31 PM
Also, you should bear in mind that a lot of the low-level characters running around are low-level alternates on long-time players. Most players here are fairly welcoming to new players, but this does mean:

-They will use a lot of abbreviations and DDO-specific terms. This is not as bad as in some MMO's, and the voice-chat feature means that people have less reason to abbreviate in general, but don't be afriad to ask.

-They know the low-level quests very well, and will often rush through them at a pace that will be confusing, and ultimately not much fun, for newer players. Look for groups that are willing to go more slowly, and put into your LFG or LFM comments that you are new and prefer a slower pace.

-They are "twinked" with lots of gear from their higher level characters. This can make new players feel a little inadequate or ineffective, so don't get too discouraged if you're not keeping up in Kill counts or are taking damage too quickly compared to these others

Bear in mind that they just (a few days ago) added a "/glossary" command to help you with terms you might not know.

Otherwise, welcome, and have fun !

10-03-2007, 08:59 AM
Thank you for the responses as well DSL and JelloMold

The server I play on is Sarlona, I remember it being the first one on the list and really didn't know any information regarding the servers so I just jumped ahead and picked that one.

Though thank you again for the responses :D, hopefully I'll get enough time to even play in a group.