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10-02-2007, 09:31 AM
Dear Coin Lords,

It has been some time since my last request. I thank you for delivering the shipment of Adamantine to the City for weapons and armor.

I am writing you today to file an official complaint against several individuals who seem to be regularly visiting locations without armor. Coyle, Deward, and others seemingly are just relying on magic, which is in no way any sort of protection.

Therefore I hereby ask that you require all NPCs in dangerous locations to have armor appropriate to their level before allowing them to leave for quests. Either that or tell them they are to accept items/armor from us and wear it.

Why is this an issue with me? Last night we were sent into protect Deward, and rescued him. However soon as we arrived a flesh renderer ripped through his chest in approximately three seconds and if not for our helpful cleric would have died. {IE he died and we had to do the quest over again}

There are others bearing mention such as Guard Duty where we must buff everyone present to extremes for them to merely survive the quest. I'm not asking for everyone required to wear +5 mithril full plate (though it'd definately help), merely that they be required to be equipped.

The dangers of them being killed versus the reward of protecting them is still extremely unbalanced. There are many adventurers who will not do various quests, because they feel they have to babysit the adventurers who will aggro anything that comes into view. I would rather be able to carry spare equipment and at least have them survive, then have a calamity happen. {Read as doing missions over because the npc we have to protect is about 1/10th the equivalent level, has no equipment, and always zergs head, really really sucks}

I sincerely hope you'll consider this matter and take steps to consider the adventurers who risk their lives. They may die because one warrior is too headstrong to wear armor.

I look forward to seeing your reply. Thank you for taking the time to read my request.

Alexio DeAmore - Level 14 Wizard

IE - We need to make NPCs we have to protect in missions at least equal the dungeon level. They have to actually wear armor and other equipment (like proof against poison) so they don't actually die in 3 seconds. They are too easy to kill and we fail a quest. I have always commented that I find it strange that Coyle is in a level 10 quest with either 0 defensive spells or no armor. I don't make it past a level 2 quest if I don't have those on.

We either need to be able to raise NPCs if they die, or they need to avoid combat and not zerg when they see a monster. Otherwise we have to block them (which I assume you didn't intend), or bug them. Our tactics are useless when if a NPC is going to ultra-aggro anything they see. Think Coyle/Pirates on Guard Duty.

Repeating quests because a NPC died is not fun. Imagine if you had to repeat Stormcleave because a player died anywhere in there. People would stop running it. Babysitting NPCs in quests is the lowest, most horrible thing there is in RPG games. Especially when the NPCs can't even hold their own. It's like tying our hands behind our backs because developers can't think up anything more interesting to do for a quest.

Thanks for listening.

10-02-2007, 10:27 AM
Whenever I enter a mission that requires the NPC's to live I cast all the buffs I can on them before I even buff the party.

If you dont you risk starting all over.

It is amazing how none of the NPC's are related to a specific class. It would be neat to run a mission in which the NPC was a level 14 Caster and started casting Nukes on top of mobs which drew the aggro.

Granted right now they all engage in melee, but I think that would add a neat flavor.

10-02-2007, 10:33 AM
Coyle is some sort of Battle mage... Armor is not appropriete to his build.

Deward is a Miner... and a Supervisior or manager at that.. Why would he be wearing Full plate to do his job?

Getting these guys where they need to go isnt all that hard.. Especially now that we can buff em. Keep em well behind the group and make sure you kill the things that can kill them.

10-02-2007, 10:44 AM
Safty First.

10-02-2007, 11:01 AM
Since the ability to heal them came along, the only quest I have had a real problem with has been Guard Duty. for some reason those sailors became suicidal after they learned they could be healed.....It is very difficult for a lvl appropriae party to be sure of success in that quest.....especially on elite.
Higher level groups should have no problem once you have access to mass healing spells, but there are so many of those stupid sailors running every which way it is just luck i fyou complete it or not. Most of the time you can complete it, but it is not really controllable which is why i complain about it.

10-02-2007, 11:17 AM
Since the ability to heal them came along, the only quest I have had a real problem with has been Guard Duty. for some reason those sailors became suicidal after they learned they could be healed...hehehe. But, if you block the lower gangplank, they ignore the gangplanks and dive right off the sides of the ship. They hit the water, teleport back to the home ship, and repeat ad nauseum. It's really quite hilarious. :D