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10-01-2007, 07:53 AM
I want to build something with halfling dragon marks, as they sound useful and I've never made a halfling. So far this is my favorite one that I have come up with. I have not played a fighter/tank to high levels so any suggestions would be welcome. I am partial to TWF for DPS/versatility. I made this build with great saves, evasion and UMD so it is pretty versatile. He can also use a shield when needed to get pretty decent AC (probably good if you assume some hard to find gear).

Halfling Male Lawful Good Fighter 8/Pally 4/Rogue 2

Str 14 (26 =14 +3 Levels +1 Tome +2 Enh. +6 Item)
Dex 16 (26 =16 +1 Tome +3 Enh. +6 Item)
Con 12 (20 =12 +2 Favor Tome +6 Item)
Int 10 10
Wis 8 (14 =8 +6 Item)
Cha 14 (22 =14 +1 Tome +1 Enh. +6 Item)

Level Progression:
1 Rogue
2 thru 5-Paladin
7 thru 14-Fighter

UMD (Maxed)

3-Least Mark of Healing
7-(FB) TWF
9-Lesser Mark of Healing
10-(FB)IC Piercing
12-Greater Mark of Healing
12-(FB) Weapon Focus Piercing
14-(FB) GTWF

132(Levels) +20(Heroic) +10(Draconic) +30(GFL) +70(Con) +16(Toughness) +30(Ftr Toughness III)=308

5(4 Paladin) +26(Wis) +100(Magi) = 131

Fighter Strength II
Paladin Charisma I
Rogue Dex I
Halfling Dex II
Fighter Haste Boost I
Fighter Critical Accuracy II
Fighter Toughness III
Halfling Luck Will III
Halfling Luck Reflex II
Paladin Devotion I
Paladin Resistance of Good I
Fighter Armor Mastery II
Paladin Bulwark of Good I
Extra Dragon Mark IV

Base 10
+5 Mithral Chain 15
Fighter Armor Mastery 2
Paladin Aura 2
Protection +4 4
Sheild Spell (Wand) 4
Barkskin Pot 3
Halfling 1
Chaosgaurde 2
43 (46 Shield Equiped, 48 full barkskin)

Saves (Fort/Reflex/Will):
Base: 10/6/3
Paladin Aura: 2/2/2
Divine Grace: 6/6/6
Attributes: 5/8/2
Resistance +4: 4/4/4
Greater Hero: 4/4/4
Halfling Luck: 1/3/4
Total: 32/33/25

To Hit:
BAB 13
Str 8
Weapon 5
Halfling 1
Weapon Focus 1
Greater Hero 4
Divine Favor 1
TWF -2

Weapon 5
Str 8
Divine Favor 1
14 (10)

At 15 I can take empower healing for even better dragon marked heals and weapon spec at 16 with my next fighter bonus feat.

So with self healing, UMD for stoneskin, displacement scrolls, evasion, 300 hit points, and great saves he should be a pretty tough little halfling to kill. For offense with GTWF he should also be able to kick out some decent DPS or go for stat damaging, paralyzing, etc....

11-02-2007, 01:37 AM
I think it will be a good build. :p:p:p Marks of healing are a great bonus for a tank.

U should take the maximise feats at lvl12 and your mark of healing at lvl6 and lvl9 cause its really good to have 3 heal spells at lvl9 when your a fighter believe me (u dont NEED maximise on your marks until lvl12)....hehehehehe :D:D:D

Good luck with your little guy.