View Full Version : Is it a bug or intentionally made?

09-29-2007, 08:31 AM
Hello, yesterday night me and my friends completed The Reaver's Fate quest first time after module 5 is released , It is my 34th completion of quest according to the /quest completions, According to module 5 you are supposed to get a reward of your choice when you complete it 20 times, i believe it is designed to reward players who run a raid plenty of times and still couldn't get the item they wanted.

For my part, i didn't get any reward of my choice because it is my 34th run not 20th, but if i had the reaver's fate 19 times completed before module 5 i would have get the 20th run reward, so am i being punished by raiding 33times instead of 19 times?
this applies for demon queen as well i completed it 20times on my toon so someone who run demon queen 5times only is closer to get what they want than me.

I couldn't figure it out if its a bug or intentionally made and if its made that way there is a big logic problem

09-29-2007, 09:19 AM
They already posted it as intentional.

Think of it this way - everyone is in the same boat. Nobody knew where they were at and everyone is a maximum of 20 raids away from the extra loot - some are less.

As for me, I'll add that my account namesake, for example, (Riorik) had precisely 20 Raid completions for Reaver - and that was after *freezing* all raiding of the reaver on this character the second they announced the change. If I'd have known, I'd have easily run another dozen on this character and been that much closer. I actually had 3 characters that cross the 20 pt threshold on different raids over that time period. Sucks - still have a few that are less than 2-5 away though so I'm not completely hosed.