View Full Version : Feat Exchane Bug

09-28-2007, 01:01 AM
Bug report submitted, but if others could test to see if it was just me.

*New change allows you to trade feats to acquire multiple toughnesses.

Thought that, perhaps, I could use this on one toon to trade out one of many toughnesses that he took. Previously, I could only swap out the level 1 toughness, which isn't quite as useful as trading out the level 12 toughness. When attempting to respec - the client crashed. As stated, bug report was submitted, but if anyone else with multiple toughnesses wants to test it themselves... curious if it's just me or a 100% bug.

My toon involved was a halfling 10rogue, 3barbarian, 1fighter on Ghallanda.

*Edit: upon restrospec, the actual crash might have been caused by the display message for how recently I had last respec'd a feat also, instead of what was listed above. Both possibilities - let me know what you all find.