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09-27-2007, 03:52 PM
Im a VERY VERY nooby at making tanks... those who know halfjon cna tell =P it either my lack of uber weapons or lack of power, since i get killed ALOT in PvP, right now im gonna create a Halfling fighter.

Suggestions??? 32 point build possible but try ot add 28.
kinda want him to be Mobile, my good chum Bodycount says "be mobile it all about be mobile" Like ill go for Whrilwind and Cleave or something. Ty for your advice if you giving any =) Feel free ot help me In-Game too (Thelanis)

09-27-2007, 04:31 PM
Here is a great starting fighter build suggestion for you. I would not recomment mobility as it takes away too much from your full potential as a fighter (i.e. in my opinion its advantages don't outweigh the disadvantages of using all those feats)

Dwarven fighter - 28 point build - Great Axe Specialist

STR 16
CON 18
DEX 10
INT 10
WIS 10

Feats: level 1: Weapon Focus: Slashing
Two Handed Fighting
2: Power Attack
3: Cleave
4: Weapon Specialization: Slashing
6: Toughness
Improved Two Handed Fighting
8: Greater Weapon Focus: Slashing
9: Toughness
10: Improved Crit: Slashing
12: Greater Two Handed Fighting
Power Crit: Slashing
14: Greater Weapon Specialization: Slashing

Dwarven Armor Mastery I: 2
Dwarven Axe Damage II: 6
Fighter Critical Accuracy I: 1
Dwarven Spell Defense I: 1
Fighter Strategy Trip I: 1
Fighter Attack Boost I: 1
Fighter Toughness IV: 10
Dwarven Axe Attack II: 6
Dwarven Toughness IV: 10
Fighter Strength III: 12
Dwarven Constitution II: 6

Ending stats at level 14:
STR: 16 + 3 (fighter) + 3 (at levels 4, 8 and 12) + 6 (item) + 2 (tome, favor) = 30
CON: 18 + 2 (dwarf) + 6 (item) = 26

Hit Points:
112 CON
30 GFL
10 GH favor
32 Toughness
100 Toughness ENH
Total: 440 HP

As far as skill points: fighters dont really need them, just put one point in Balance and one in Jump every level and you'll be fine.

If you have a 32 point build at your disposal, use 4 points in DEX and find some Mithral Full Plate, otherwise standard full plate works well.

09-28-2007, 01:11 AM

Dwarven fighter - 28 point build - Great Axe Specialist


The OP stated he was interested in making a halfling. And really, if you're going to suggest a low AC 400+ HP dwarf who uses greataxes, why not just tell him to make a barbarian? ;)

09-28-2007, 09:10 AM
Just kinda winging it (I'm partial to Human fighters and Intimidate), so don't beat me up too bad :o ... but try this out.

Halfling 28pt Fighter - Pin Ball

Starting....(At 14 w/ items&enhancements)
STR: 15 (28) +1 Tome, Fighter Str III, +6 Item.
DEX: 13 (16-22) Depends, +1 tome, enhancements, +6 item.
CON: 15 (22) +1 Tome, +6 item.
INT: 12 (13) +1 Tome needed
WIS: 8
CHA: 8

I assume +1 tomes and +6 items are available. I don't play hard core, but I have multiple sets and many tomes from looting and raiding. Also, always carry barkskin, haste, and cure serious potions.

1: Toughness, WF: Slashing
2: Dodge
3: Exotic: Kopesh (good sword & board dps)
4: WS: Slashing
6: Mobility, CE (if int tome used)
8: Improved Critical: Slashing
9: Power Critical
10: Power Attack
12: GWF: Slashing, GWS: Slashing
14: Spring Attack


202 L14 w/ 16 CON
66 Toughness + Fighter Toughness IV
42 +6 Con Item
10 GH Favor
320 - 350 depending on if you can fit a GFL item in. 300+ prevents you from being a liability, even 280+ really... Add more with Madstone and rage potions.

I have yet to pull +5 Mitheral Full Plate, so I'll assume regular +5, and basic fighter items.

11 Halfling Base
13 +5 FP
3 Dex - Armor Mastery II
3 Dodge - feat and chaos guard
7/9 +5 Shield/Tower
3 Protect item
3 Barkskin Potion
43/45 Standing easy. Find +5 Mith FP (keep enhancements), a +4 protect item, a chattering ring, and turn on CE...

54 Standing, 56-60 blocking and depending on buffs and boosts. Higher around a pally and a real Bark Skin spell. VERY respectable AC.

To hit...
14 base
1 Halfling bonus
9 Strength
2 Fighter Feats
5 Weapon
31 Base - Add GH and haste - +36 to hit on first swing. -5 for CE or Power Attack. Basically, over 30, and you're set. You have Spring attack, so feel free to spazz out like a meth-head. Even higher with Madstone and a rage potion.

I love the fighter Haste enhancement line. Add the Haste spell, and fighter haste boost together and what do you get? Insane swing speed. It looks crazy when you do it.

You should be able to change this build up quite a bit with enhancements. Although, you'll probably need to respec a few times. The saves are kind of low for my tastes, but you should be ok with the right items/buffs.

This looks fun, I might have to build one...

09-30-2007, 01:54 AM
since i get killed ALOT in PvP, right now im gonna create a Halfling fighter.

Fighters aren't good PvP class. Unless you multi with paladin for crazy high AC. Tho even then, ur just a turtle, unable to kill much anyone.

Barbarian or Paladin fair much better.

09-30-2007, 11:45 AM
The OP stated he was interested in making a halfling. And really, if you're going to suggest a low AC 400+ HP dwarf who uses greataxes, why not just tell him to make a barbarian? ;)

Honestly, I don't see the pooint behind those 400+ HP low AC THF fighters. Just roll a barb or use your class efficiently. Fighters are made for multiclassing and AC/tactics. By making a no-brain-all-muscle fighter with god-know-how-much HP, you're amkinmg a gimped barb.

Just my opignion.

09-30-2007, 12:01 PM
I have exactly what you want....

32 build starting stats

16 Strength
16 Dex
14 Con
12 Int
8 Wis
8 Cha

You Need a +1 Int tome with this build in order to get combat Expertise, which is a prerequisite for whirlwind attack.

As for feats, you get 13 of them and have a few options but the ones I think you definately want with this build are listed here

Weapon Focus (can take at any level)
Greater Weapon Focus (can take at level 8 min)
Weapon Specialization (can take at level 4 min)
Greater Weapon Specialization (can take at level 12 min)
Improved critical (can take at level 8 min)

That's 5 feats
(the above can be for your preferred damage type, most likely slashing but it is personal preference)

Now you have 7 feats left, if you want whirlwind attack.....
Spring Attack (level 6 min I think on this one)
Weapon Expertise
Whirlwind Attack

That's 5 more feats, you have 3 left.

I personally would suggest power attack, cleave, and great cleave for these last 3.

With this build you'd be able to run around with nice aoe damage with these activateable attacks and have the option of goind sword and board or two hander depending on what you need. The AC would be good with mith FP and fighter armor bonuses to get even more dex bonus on your armor. If you want to focus a little more on saves you could swap some dex for some wisdom.

You'll have enough Int to get Tumble, Intimidate, and Jump, or I would probably suggest you sacrifice some jump toget enough tumble to be able to tumble and then max intimidate and umd so you can get into some racial restricted gear if you need to with buffs.