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09-27-2007, 03:45 PM
Im thinking of Re-Rolling a Wizard when i get my main wizard the favor for 32-point.

I might og on the line and say a Drow with;

8 str
18 dex
8 con
20 int
8 wis
8 cha

Enchantment Focus
Necromancy focus
gsp Enchantment
gsp nercomancy
If there more feats to add, go for it, if i added to much, delete some.

Mostly Charms and summons in early levels, Pk, Finger, and Banshsment ill choice for my insta-kills. I willadd cc's and buffs. Charms will go to Ooze puppet (i might not use it its kidna lame) Dominate, Charm monster, MAYBE mass suggestion, Possibly Symbol of persaution (hate that they all save at once sometimes, "attack! run away!") Control and command undead (command cause of fast cooldown, control for best charm) Summons, ill try for mith defender, efeerti, fiendish troll, and create undead.

MY main has lots of goodies once he reaches 13 or so, like +3 secpter of potency VI, +3 spell pnentration VII. a Pearl of Power X. Ill be set.
I MIGHT fo Sorc but im unsure i might need help with ethier 20 Int, or 20 Cha for sorc since sorc seems more powerful, plus sicne (i think) once you lvl to 14 you only get 3 lvl 7 spells i cant seem to fit Control Undead, Summon, Finger and banishment =P.

10-02-2007, 10:04 AM
sounds like fun but i dont think you will have enuff hitpoints for the high level content for a drow i would bump the dex down to 14 -16 w/ +2 drowelf enhancment , drop int to 19 eat a +1 tome grab a +6 int item (+6 int goggles are the easiest +6 stat item to get) = 32 int ,and put the rest into con and make sure you have a heavy fort item on at all times -heavy fort and 200+ hitpoints will keep you alive and also drow start with a 10 cha so umd might be an option also

10-02-2007, 12:35 PM
Drow can't have 32 points, and also can't have 8 charisma. You're gonna need to rework your stats.